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    Rewrite the sentence using can/could/be able to/be unable to   – 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    Be = am/is/are (present tense) and was/were (past tense) 

      Can – am/is/are able to

      could – was/were able to

       can not/could not (negative) –  be unable to (affirmative) 

    Note: use am/is/are able to instead of can and Use was/were able to instead of could.

    Be A

    Solve the following examples

    1] She could see flies crawling slowly out of a saucer of milk with their wings stuck together. (Use – Be able to)


    2] I can buy some jaggery and coconut tomorrow. (Use – Be able to)


    3] Ican imagine that lift-man, (Use – Be able to)


    4] he can have the for asking. (Use – Be able to)


    5] The law cannot become the guardian of our private manners. (Use- Be able to)


    6] I couldn’t pay the fare. (Use- Be able to)


    7] The king is able to do nothing wrong. (Remove – Be able to)


    8] Wordsworth was able to gather lessons of wisdom. (Remove -Be able to)


    9] We cannot get them back by invoking the law. (Use- Be unable to/affirmative)


    10] He could not rest till he left it behind a couple of hundred miles. (Use- Be unable to/affirmative)


    11]  Why can’t we produce good toys in India?  (Use – Be unable to)


    12] How can you be otherwise with Saturn where he is? (Use- Be able to)


    # More Examples of “Be able to” –

    List of 1000 Verbs forms - Click here

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. He could not rest till he left it behind a couple of hundred miles. (Use- Be unable to)

    #2. She was able to face the whole horror. (Remove - Be able to)

    #3. The king is able to do nothing wrong. (Remove - Be able to)

    #4. If only he could reach a table in the restaurant unsuspected, success would be his. (Remove - could)

    #5. She could not be fashionable. (Use - Be able to)

    #6. You can’t get out of it now. (affirmative)

    #7. You can also track the condition of the goods. (Use - Be able to)

    #8. I could memorize long lists of numbers. (Use be able to)

    #9. Could Mabel tell her if Elmthorpe was ever let for August and September? (Use be able to)

    #10. She could see little bits of her yellow dress in the round looking-glass. (Remove could)

    #11. She could not wring out one drop more. (affirmative)

    #12. We can become a kind of carrier pigeon. (be able to)

    #13. People cannot put a name or tag to us. (Be unable to)

    #14. I can remake myself for better, as well as, of course, for worse. (be able to)

    #15. we are born again, and able to return at moments to a younger and a more open kind of self. (Remove be able to)

    #16. If only he could reach a table in the restaurant unsuspected, success would be his. (be able to)

    #17. He will be able to communicate well in English. (Use can)

    #18. I could tell instinctively that the Leopard had moved away. (be able to)

    #19. You can plan your own route according to the travel time and the transportation of goods. (be able to)

    #20. We can study global warming. (Be able to)

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    Congratulations. You have scored more than 70% marks. Arsod Sir


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    Needs to pay attention to the proper use of be able to sentences. Arsod Sir

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