Use of No sooner –than/ hardly —when

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    Rewrite the sentence using No sooner than/ Hardly --when - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember


    1] Instead of As soon as / When begin the answer with “No sooner ” – Write Helping verb (am/is/are/have/has/had or do/does/did) write Sub + main verb. instead of comma use than and rewrite the second sentence as it is.

    2] Instead of As soon as begin the answer with “Hardly ” – Write Helping verb Had write Sub + main verb V3. instead of comma use when and rewrite the second sentence as it is.

    2] Instead of No sooner did begin the answer with “Hardly had ” write Sub + main verb V3. instead of than use when and rewrite the second sentence as it is.

    No Sooner T

    Solve the following examples

    1] When a campaign is created for leads, you will get different results. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    2] Many animals make alarm calls when they see a predator. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    3] When the light appears on the screen, he will place the Disk in Drive. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    4] When the astrologer came to know that the man whom he killed is alive, he felt that he was private essay writers of his guilt. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    5] When we like a post on Facebook or share a post on  WhatsApp, visit any website, make online purchases, that online activity is recorded. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    6] As soon as I jumped on to a bus, I found that I had left  home  without any  money  in  my  pocket. (Hardly —- When)

    Ans :

    7] As soon As Sir Anthony Absolute bullied Captain Absolute, he  bullied  his man, Fag. (Hardly —- When)

    Ans :

    8] No sooner did Mr. Narayan Murthy leave Patni to start Infosys than I started heading Patni’s   software division occupying the same chair. (Hardly —- When)

    Ans :

    9] When he’s away from the jungles of Nagarhole, officially called The Rajiv Gandhi  National  Park,  he’s  leading  photography safaris in Africa. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    10] When you go to a McDonald’s outlet in Kyoto, you will find Teriyaki McBurgers and Bacon Potato Pies. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    11] I learnt a lot of things when I was running these large companies. (No sooner  —- than)

    Ans :

    12] When he came upon another policemen lounging grandly in front of a glittering theatre, he caught at the immediate straw of disorderly conduct. (No sooner  —- than)


    # More Examples – Click here.

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. As soon as the soup cooled down, they enjoyed it. (No sooner --- than)

    #2. The crowd was captivated by the singer's voice as soon as the program started. (Hardly -- when)

    #3. No sooner did the mail arrive, they checked the packages. (Hardly --- when)

    #4. As soon as the dishwasher finishes its cycle, my mother unloads the clean dishes. (No sooner --- than)

    #5. Students returned to their classrooms. The assembly ended. (Hardly ----when)

    #6. As soon as the lift door closed, she pressed the button for her first floor. (No sooner --- than)

    #7. As soon as the rally was stopped, the traffic started moving again. (No sooner --- than)

    #8. As soon as the announcement was made, we began preparations for the event. (No sooner -- than)

    #9. No sooner did the sun rise from the mountains than the temperature increased significantly. (Hardly -- when)

    #10. As soon as the kettle whistled, he poured boiling water into her cup. (No sooner -- than)

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