Rhetorical and Assertive

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    Make the sentence Rhetorical / Assertive – 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] A rhetorical question is a question asked to make a point, rather than get an answer.

    2] A rhetorical question is a figure of speech which is an interrogative sentence.

    3] A rhetorical question: Begin the answer with Helping Verb, then write sub (Not) and write remaining sentence at last give question mark. (?) 

    Sub +

    4] Assertive Sentence : Make the vice versa: Change words order. 

    5] Use the following words instead of using ‘not’.

    New (1)

    6] Remove Wh- word and make assertive of the remaining sentence.

    Examples of Rhetorical and Assertive Sentences

    1] He’d never visited. (Rewrite as a rhetorical question)

    Ans: Had he ever visited?

    2] You can never quite find. [Rewrite as a rhetorical question]

    Ans: Can you ever quite find?

    3] This colour scheme never failed.

    Ans: Did this colour scheme ever fail?

    4] It was a remarkable place in many ways.

    Ans: Was it not a remarkable place in many ways?

    5] Will you ever see any more of him?

    Ans: You will never see any more of him.

    6] Would it ever do if we were at liberty to box people’s ears?

    Ans: It would never do if we were at liberty to box people’s ears.

    7]  Do I intend to suggest a rebuke to conductors generally?

    Ans: I do not intend to suggest a rebuke to conductors generally.

    8] Who can break this law?

    Ans: No one can break this law

    9] Why should I leave home again?

    Ans: I should not leave home again.

    10] No court could administer a law. (Rhetorical Question)

    Ans: Could any court administer a law?

    11] Why can’t we make our India superpower?


    12] Would our fists be idle?


    13] The law cannot become the guardian of our private manners.


    14] No Decalogue could cover the vast area of offences.


    15] There is no law that compels us to say “please”.


    16] How can a letter contain it?


    17] No one has had the experience.


    18] I haven’t a copper on me.


    19] Could I pay the fare?


    20] Do we have courage?

    ¤Read More Exampleshttps://arsodenglishclasses.com/persuasive-essay-about-zoos/

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. It was a remarkable place in many ways. (Rhetorical)

    #2. No court could administer a law. (Rhetorical)

    #3. The astrologer never opened his mouth. (Rhetorical)

    #4. Would it ever do if we were at liberty to box people’s ears? (Assertive)

    #5. We cannot consider them for the patrons of a McDonald’s outlet in Rio. (Rhetorical)

    #6. Would never a policeman lay hands on him? (Assertive)

    #7. Could Mabel tell her? (Assertive)

    #8. I have enjoyed myself enormously. (Rhetorical)

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