Rhetorical and Assertive

Rhetorical and Assertive

Solve the following sentences of Rhetorical and Assertive

1] I wasn’t a bad doctor. (Make Rhetorical Question )

2] Nothing is more agonizing to the active man than enforced idleness. (Make Rhetorical Question )

3] I’ve never made a pasture.

4] Dora had never received such a gift. (Rhetorical Questions)

5] She had no finery except her wedding ring. 

( Rhetorical Questions)

6] Did this make the child John feel heady? 

(Assertive )                                

7] Could there be any sacks left anywhere in town? (Assertive)

8] Do we have enough for our needs? [Assertive Sentence]

9] Would it not be our responsibility to wear mask? (Assertive) 

 10] Can we ever forget those school days?

11) Who can hold it for me? ( Assertive )

12) Who is free from sin?

14] How could I call him only a half? ( Assertive)

15] Why can’t we produce good toys in India? ( Assertive)

16] Which medical college would accept a blind student? ( Assertive)

17] What was wrong? (Assertive)

18]  I could talk about Chaitanya’s problem calmly. ( Rhetorical)                               

19]  It will not be a one full or a one half word. (Rhetorical )                                  

20] But how can any child be angry with Ajji for long? [Rewrite as an assertive sentence]                               

21]  Who was a wise man? (Assertive)                               

22] What more could they ask for? [Make a statement]

23] There were no poor people to be seen anywhere. [ Rhetorical Question]

24] Do we have a  courage?                                 

25] No one can tolerate such an insult.                              

26]  Copying the West is not the answer to our problem. (Frame a rhetorical question) 

27] How can I use your telephone without your permission?

28] There is no room for secrecy or hiding under Bapuji’s leadership. (Frame a rhetorical question)

29] Is that fair? (Rewrite the rhetorical question as a statement)

30] It is true that a player does much for the country. (Rewrite using a rhetorical question)

31] Is he then to be denied opportunities to educate himself? (Make it assertive)

32] It was an immediate sensation. (Make it a rhetorical ques.)

33] Have they brought about much of a change in our social thinking and in our living? (Remove the rhetorical que)

34] 1s it wise to quarrel on the festive day (Make it assertive

35] Wasn’t it their stronghold?

36] Shouldn’t we be just as worried by the low grade food? (Make it assertive)

37] Have we become mute witnesses to this tamasha?

38] The poor chap was always sulking- (Make it rhetorical )

39] We have not become mute witnesses to a taciturn tamasha

40] How could he give a flat no to a boy like Dave? (Make it assertive)

41] The engagement with a scientific problem is the most meaningful aspect of a scientist. (Rewrite as a rhetorical question)

42] No one would read it. (Make it a rhetorical question)

43]Her family and their well-being were her highest priority (Make it a rhetorical question)

44] How can any child be angry with Ajji  for long (Make it assertive)

45] What more could they ask for? (Make it assertive)

46] It sounded like a lot of fun. (Make it an interrogative sentence)

47] Who would put up with a delay in his sowing? (Make it assertive?

48] Sell-esteem is the most important value in life.

(Make it a rhetorical question)

49] A poverty-free world would be economically much more stronger than this.                           

50] Are we born only to follow other?  (Interrogative sentence)

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