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    Q. 1. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (12) 



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    Vocabulary (Difficult words)

    Big Insights (Insights – clear or deep perception of a situation/ गहन जानकारी)

    Revolution (Change)

    Pursuits (following/ hobby),

    360 degrees (totally/completely/ comprehensive).

    Monitored (keep an eye on)

    Analysed (study / examine).

    billions (एक अब्ज)

     trillions millions (दहा लाख करोड)

    Millions (दहा लाख)

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    massive (big)

    incomprehensible (puzzling/ unknown).

    correlation (related)

    market trends (tendency)

    advanced (higher/ progressive)

    by miles (largely)

    Location Tracking (Travelling) :

    GPS (Global Positioning System)

    radio frequency identification sensors (RFID)

    prone (sensitive)

    transit (travel/transport),

    logistics (the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers)

    risks- danger

    reliability–credibility/ faith (विश्वसनीयता)

    Patterns- scheme   

    the globe- world.

    Forecasting –predict

    impending (approaching/ near)

    natural calamities (disaster/दुर्घटना; विपत्ति; आपदा)

    combat (encounter/ fight)

    predict (foretell/ पूर्व-सूचना देना)

    conscious (aware/ जागरूक).

    Gadgets – tools

    ailment (disease /illness),

    outbreaks (eruption)

    epidemics (महामारी)

    precautions – a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous

    individuals (person)

    analytics  – विश्लेषण/information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics

    sector (the commercial activity of providing funds and capital)

    force (cyber)

    spikes (sudden increase)

    suspicious (doubtful/संदेहजनक)

    natural language (computer coding)

    algorithms (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer/design/ system)

    permutations (variation)

    A gigantic (vast/big)

    tremendously (largely)

    embedded (fixed/ installed)

    quarters (our home).

    minutely (sharply).

    giant (huge/ enormous),

    transactions (business/deal).

    demographics (human age)

    algorithms (design/ system)

    focuses (concentrate)

    content (information)

    engagement (involvement/ investment )

    segment (divide)

    engaging (pleasant /attractive)

    inundated (prosper/develop)

    transformed (totally changed)

    customized (make according to requirements)

     Dynamic (effective)

    comprehension (knowledge/ज्ञान)

    designed (creating)

    an access (obtain/gain)

    gauge (Guess/test)

    operational (functional)

    enhance (improve)

    pitfalls (problem)

    geographical phenomena (a remarkable development/ changes)

    optimum (best/ outstanding)

    Lesson - 1.4 Big Data Big Insight

    There is a revolution (Change) in the lifestyle of people which has been affected by Big Data.  Our food habits, our health care our travelling, our scientific pursuits (following/ hobby), you name it and everything has changed 360 degrees (totally/completely/ comprehensive). The massive data available with us can really work wonders. Friends, do you know what happens when we like a post on Facebook or share a post on WhatsApp, visit any website, make online purchases, or watch videos?  Yes, whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored (keep an eye on) and analysed (study / examine). So a huge amount of data is collected. Let me give you an idea of how huge the data might be. Big data can be petabytes or Exabyte’s of data consisting of billions (एक अब्ज) to trillions millions (दहा लाख करोड)  of records of millions (दहा लाख) of  people- Read More

    All from different sources, for example web, sales, customer contact centre, social media, mobile data and so on. The data available to industries and companies is enormously increasing in volume, variation, velocity, veracity and value.


    Brainstorming (Questions and Answers.)

    (A1) (1) YouTube has many videos on various things. Listen to the uses and health benefits of ‘Lemon’ and share them with your friends.
    Lemons can be used in various food and drink preparations. From a simple fresh lime juice to a lemon pie, it’s an ingredient that comes packed with a tangy (strong /acidic) taste. Some of its health benefits are:
    1. it detoxifies the body (रासायनिक तत्त्वों का असर कम करना)
    2. helps in weight loss
    3. promotes heart and kidney health
    4. Improves digestion
    5. a good source of Vitamin C thus boosts immunity.

    (ii) Write true or false.
    1] The massive data available with us can really work wonders.
    2] Whatever activity done, online is neglected totally.
    3] The Data stored in our cellphone is called small Data.
    4] Big Data can be gigabytes of data consisting.
    5] Weather patterns give us pre-warnings of the natural calamities.By

    Answers Show the answers

    1] The massive data available with us can really work wonders. – true
    2] Whatever activity done, online is neglected totally. – false
    3] The Data stored in our cellphone is called small Data- true
    4] Big Data can be gigabytes of data consisting.- false
    5] Weather patterns give us pre-warnings of the natural calamities- true 

    (iii) Big Data has affected our.Screenshot (398)

    (iv) Complete the following sentences.
    1] When we like a post on Facebook or share a post on WhatsApp, visit any website, make online purchases, or watch videos, ————–
    Ans: It is recorded, monitored and analysed.
    2] It’s not the amount of data that is important but ————–
    Ans: what the organizations do with the data is what matters.
    3] Big Data has been useful in identifying and tracking the exact location of a place —————-
    Ans: With the help of GPS and Google Maps.
    4] The smart watches, other wearable, health apps in our phone detect ——
    Ans: our heart rate, monitor the patient’s sleep pattern, keep a record of his exercise.
    5] Big Data can even predict possible spikes on servers so that ———
    Ans: banks can manage transactions accordingly.

    (v) Write, What keep a track of the user behavior and transactions.
    1] Facebook,
    2] Google,
    3] Twitter
    4] Other online giant.

    (vi)Big Data is increasing in the form of five V’s they are..Screenshot (400)

    (A2) (i) Make  point wise  notes  from  the  lesson  regarding  the  uses  of  Big  Data  in the  following  application.  Do not write complete sentences.
    Location Tracking –
    (1) Get real time traffic data on congestion  
    (2) Get updates on route closures and one way 
    (3) Understand accident prone areas 
    (4) Identify and track exact location.   
    Health Care Industry –
    (1) Smart watches and health apps collect data to offer personalized solutions 
    (2) Doctors diagnose diseases faster, find, cure as well as maintain patient records 
    (3) Prevention of disease outbreaks and epidemics  
    (4) Pharmaceutical companies can create better medicines.  
    Education Industry –
    (1) Provides information about the study patterns of students.  
    (2) Helps to develop different study material for different students  
    (3) Helps in understanding student’s choices and difficulties  
    (4) Improves the operational effectiveness of educational institutions
    (ii) When you are asked for personal details on social media, what precautions will you take? Discuss in pairs and write down.
    Ans: When I am asked for personal details on social media I will take the following precautions: I don’t believe any other person or my e-friends blindly. I would not share my password/pin even to the closest people. Because I know ‘Password should not be ‘passed’. 
    As well as I will do the following measures
    1] I shall verify whether the website is real and not a fraud. 
    2] I shall never share my personal details like address, phone no: etc.
    3] I shall sign out of my accounts.
    4] I shall change my privacy settings (regarding who can see my posts)
    5] Hackers can get a chance and use unused accounts to get access to our personal details. I shall close/ delete such accounts.
    6] I shall not accept friend requests from strangers.
    7] I shall install an ad blocker to avoid all types of advertisements. 
    8] I shall not click on unknown short links.
    9] I shall set a strong password.
    10] I shall not download anything or click on links that seem suspicious.
    (iii) Do you think all the data we receive is used for positive things? If ‘No’, make a list of the negative things which can be done with the help of Big Data.
    Ans: Not total, but I feel that some of our data is put to negative use. A few of the negative things that can be done with the help of Big Data. The following negative things can be done with the help of Big Data.
    1] for the cyber crime
    2] invasion of privacy, 
    3] exposing intimate details about someone’s life, 
    4] phishing ( जालसाजी /Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details and sometimes, indirectly, money) by an electronic communication. 
    5] spamming (unwanted commercial bulk e-mail) and

    6] Financial frauds.

    (iv) What is cybercrime?
    Ans: Cybercrime means illegal activities carried out using computers or the internet. This includes hacking systems to steal information, spreading viruses and committing fraud. Cybercriminals often target personal data, financial information, or business secrets. They can disrupt services, steal money, and cause significant harm to individuals and organizations. Protecting against cybercrime involves using strong passwords, updating software, and being cautious with online interactions.

    (A3) Guess the meaning of the following idioms and phrases and use them in sentences of your own. One is done for you.
    1] One-size-fits-all – suitable for or used in all circumstances.
    Example: The wrist watches have adjustable belts, so one- size-fits- all
    2] ‘Once in a blue moon’- seldom/ very rarely.
    Example: My friend lives in America who calls us once in a blue moon.
    3] ‘One man army’- someone who can do each and every kind of work.
    Example: My Primary teacher would act as a one man army who would teach all the subjects alone and complete official work also.
    4] ‘Once bitten twice shy’- being careful after an unpleasant experience.
    Example: Rajan had not kept his word last time, so today his mother is not ready to hear him again—once bitten, twice shy.
    5] ‘One up on’- to have or get an advantage over someone
    Example: He and his brothers are always trying to get one up on each other.

    (A4) (i) Do as directed.
    1] Advertisers are one of the biggest players in Big Data. (Change the degree)
    a) Begin the sentence with ‘Very few ’
    b) Use ‘bigger than’ and rewrite the sentence.
    Ans: Comp: Advertisers are bigger than most other players in Big Data.
    Posi: Very few players in Big Data are as big as advertisers
    2] No other diagnosis is as good as the diagnosis done with the help of Big Data.(a)Use ‘best’ and rewrite the sentence.(b) Use ‘better than’ and rewrite the sentence.)
    Ans: Sup: The diagnosis done with the help of Big Data is the best diagnosis.
    Comp: The diagnosis done with the help of Big Data is better than any other diagnosis.
    3] These internet giants provide the greatest data about people.
    (a) Begin the sentence with ‘No other… ’
    (b) Use ‘greater than’ and rewrite the sentence.
    Ans: Comp: These internet giants provide greater than any other data about people.
    Posi: No other data about people provide as great as these internet giants

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