Simple / compound / complex sentences

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    Rewrite the sentence as simple/ compound /complex - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    a] Simple Sentence : The sentence contains single subject and single verb is called simple sentence.
    Example: The policeman refused to accept Soapy.
    b] Compound Sentence : If two different simple sentences are joined using and/ but is called compound sentence. In the compound sentence, there are two verbs , but subject may be single.
    Example: Soapy left his bench and strolled out of the square.
    c] Complex Sentence: The sentence contains who, which, that, though is called complex sentence. In the complex sentence there are two verbs, but subject may be single.
    Though he is poor, he is happy.


    Examples of  Simple/ Compound /Complex.

    Sentences of It is/was + who/which/that.

    Make – Simple.

    A] Sentences of It is/was  + who/which/that.

    Simple: Remove It is/ was + who / which / that and begin the answer with subject.

    Complex: Begin with It is/was and after subject write Who (for person) / which or that (for other) and rewrite the remaining sentence as it is.  

    1. It is the Dr. Mohan who saved my life during the Corona.
    2. It was the heavy storm that caused homework pay damage to my city.
    3. It was the adventure that taught me valuable life lessons.
    4. It was the book of Swami Vivekananda that changed my life.
    5. It is the movie on Indian farmers which won many national and international awards.
    6. It was the most delicious meal which My mother had prepared today.
    7. It is the Indian company that produces only high-quality products.
    8. It was the decision that we have taken for unexpected consequences.
    9. It is the accused whom a very famous lawyer helped in the high-profile case.
    10. It was the beautiful melody that the musician played on the piano.
    11. The social media platform connects millions of people worldwide.
    12. The medicine cured my illness.
    13. The restaurant serves the best meal in town.
    14. Our website provides accurate information on the topic.
    15. The project manager ensures the successful completion of the task.
    16. The team leader should motivate everyone.
    17. The program coordinator handles all the logistics.
    18. The volunteer group made a homework pay impact on the society.
    19. The documentary raises awareness about an important issue.
    20. The Indian CEO made the company profitable.
    21. Mr. Godbole wrote the best-selling books.
    22. It was Saint Tukaram who established scientific beliefs in the society.
    23. It is the app of police department that helps women in their critical condition.
    24. It is the law that protects the rights of senior citizens.
    25. It is my new phone that everyone is talking about.
    26. It was the online game that destroyed the lives of many students.
    27. Mr. Godbole wrote the best-selling books.
    28. P. T Usha broke the world record.
    29. The new policy promotes environmental protection.
    30. The journalist exposed the corruption scandal.
    31. The charity organization that provides aid in disaster-stricken areas.
    32. P. Gopichand won the gold medal for India.
    33. The website offers a wide range of educational resources.
    34. Rajesh fixed my car in record time.
    35. The entrepreneur founded a successful startup.


    Sentences of Who/which/that

    Simple: Remove who / which / that and make noun (use -ing) of the next verb. 

    Complex: Use Who (for person) / which or that (for other) before the ing (noun) and write verb form according to the tense. 

    1] The team that won the championship exhibited remarkable determination throughout the season.
    2] The intricate pattern on the butterfly’s wings, which helps it blend into its surroundings, is a marvel of nature.
    3] The new smartphone, that boasts impressive processing power, is the latest innovation from the tech company.
    4] The endangered species which live in the dense rainforest faces a critical threat.
    5] The ancient civilization, building the majestic pyramids of Egypt remains a mystery to modern historians.
    6] The talented musician, composing a new song has won numerous prestigious awards for his work.
    7] The novel captivating readers worldwide explores the complexities of human emotions and relationships.
    8] The advanced AI system, utilizing machine learning algorithms, is revolutionizing the field of robotics.
    10] The majestic waterfall that cascades down the mountain attracts tourists from all over the world.
    11] The diligent student earning the highest grade in the class spent countless hours studying and researching..
    12] The beautiful painting, which hangs in the gallery, was painted by a famous artist of my town.
    13] The leader who inspired the people with his speeches was elected the Prime Minister.
    14] The breathtaking landscape stretching for miles is an oasis of tranquility among the city life.
    15] The new product, which boasts technology, has become a game-changer in the market.


    Sentences of and

    Simple: Begin the answer using – Ing (making noun) to the first verb Remove “and” give comma then write first subject and rewrite the second sentence as it is. 

    Compound: Begin the answer with the subject, remove – Ing (noun) of the first verb and write it in the proper tense.  Use “and” to join two sentences removing comma then rewrite the second sentence as it is. 

    1] Soapy left his bench and strolled out of the square
    2] The chef prepared a delicious meal and won the hearts of customers.
    3] She finished writing her novel and left for a walk.
    4] We went on a road trip and explored various picturesque locations.
    5] Learning to speak Spanish fluently, I traveled to Spain to practice.
    6] Launching a new product, the company gained widespread popularity.
    7] Conducting different experiments, the scientist published their findings in a research journal.
    8] Suhana studied hard for her exams, and she aced them all.
    9] Hiking through the dense forest, we reached the mountain summit.
    10] Jagdish bought a new car, and took his friends for a joyride.
    11] The rain poured down heavily and made the city sea.
    12] Working together diligently, they won the championship.
    13] The children played in the park and laughed gleefully.
    14] The artist painted a beautiful landscape, and displayed it in an art gallery.
    15] John finished his homework and went out to play with his friends.


    Sentences of Though / Although/ but /yet

    Compound: Remove Though and join the sentences using but.

    Complex: Begin with Though and remove but from the sentences.

    1. Mohan studied hard for the exam, but he didn’t perform well.
    2. Though the team practiced tirelessly, they couldn’t win the championship.
    3. The weather was bad, yet they decided to go on the hike.
    4. Though the movie received mixed reviews, it became a box office hit.
    5. Mrs. Radha had a sore throat, yet she managed to give a remarkable speech.
    6. Though my friends were tired, they stayed up all night to help the flood victim.
    7. The restaurant was crowded, but we found a table for two.
    8. Though Mohnish was injured, he insisted on finishing the Yavatmal Monsoon marathon.
    9. My sister was afraid of heights, but she climbed to the top of the mountain.
    10. Though we were late, we continued the party until the early hours.
    11. Tarun was offered a higher salary, but he chose to stay with his current job.
    12. Though all the classmates had disagreements, they remained best friends.
    13. The traffic was heavy, but they reached their destination on time.
    14. Though the water was ice cold, the boys went for a swim in the lake.
    15. The dog was small, but it bravely protected its owner.


    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. It was a sunny day that made us happy. (Simple)

    #2. The cat chased the mouse. (Complex)

    #3. It was the poem, the Money that inspired me to follow the simple life. (Simple)

    #4. It was the teacher who explained the lesson well. (Simple)

    #5. It was a delicious meal that we had for dinner. (Simple)

    #6. It is the car that he drives to work. (simple)

    #7. A big dog barked loudly on the road.

    #8. It is a problem that needs to be solved. (simple)

    #9. It was the rain that canceled our plans.(Simple)

    #10. It is the flower that smells so sweet. (simple)

    #11. It is the bird that sings outside my window every morning. (Simple)

    #12. The rain made the grass wet. (complex)

    #13. The car broke down on the highway. (complex)

    #14. It was the recipe that I followed to make the cake. (simple)

    #15. It was the concert that we attended last night. (Simple)

    #16. The brave firefighter rescuing several people from the burning building received a medal of honor. (Make complex)

    #17. The delicate flower which blooms only once a year is a symbol of beauty.(Simple)

    #18. The scientific theory, that challenges conventional wisdom, has sparked intense debates within the academic community. (simple)

    #19. The ambitious project, aiming to colonize another planet, is a testament to human exploration. (Complex)

    #20. The thrilling adventure novel which transports readers to distant lands has become a bestseller. (Simple)

    #21. My brother practiced the guitar daily and became a skilled musician.(simple)

    #22. He offered a variety of pastries and sold all the stock to the customers.

    #23. Preparing for the interview, she confidently answered all the questions. (Compound)

    #24. The engineer designed an innovative gadget and became popular in the industry. (simple)

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    l Next Paper Will be on Sunday At 4 pm l

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