Not only –but also / as well as

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    Rewrite the sentence using proper Not only -- but also - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1Two points are mentioned in the sentence.

    2] Use not only before the first point and but also before the second point.
    3] Like not only — but also , both –and, either —or is used.
    4] As well as is used to join two points

    Examples of  Not only — but also.

    1] The sports company not only sponsors players but also invests in sports development programs. (affirmative)
    2] The social green organization not only raises awareness about environment but also takes practical conservation actions to save it. (affirmative)
    3] The online platform connects people as well as provides skill-sharing opportunities. (As well as/ both–and)
    4] The academic institution and social organization values academic excellence to encourage creativity in the students. (Not only–but also/ as well as/ both–and)
    5] The art gallery not only exhibits renowned artists but also supports emerging talents. (As well as/ both–and)
    6] The medical research advances knowledge as well as has real-life applications. (Not only–but also)
    7] The project team both collaborates effectively also maintains a positive team spirit. (Not only–but also/ as well as)
    8] The travel destination not only offers stunning places but also best cultural experiences. (As well as)
    9] The volunteer program benefits the community and enriches the volunteers’ lives. (Not only–but also/ as well as/ both–and)
    10] The books and blogs provide practical advice to promotes positive techniques. (Not only–but also/ as well as/ both–and)
    11] The innovation solves existing problems and opens up new possibilities. (Either –or)
    12] The fashion designer not only creates stylish clothing but also champions sustainable fashion. (As well as/ both–and)
    13] The event not only celebrates diversity but also fosters understanding. (Affirmative)
    14] The technology conference not only features industry leaders but also encourages young entrepreneurs. (As well as)
    15] The fitness program both improves physical health and boosts mental resilience. (Negative)
    16] The wildlife sanctuary not only protects endangered species but also conducts research for conservation. (Both–and)
    17] This app not only tracks expenses but also offers financial advice. (As well as)
    18] The historical documentary educates viewers preserves cultural heritage. (Not only — but also)
    19] The nonprofit organization not only advocates for change but also mobilizes grassroots actions. (As well as/ both–and)
    20] The food festival not only showcases delicious dishes but also promotes local culinary traditions. (As well as/ both–and)


    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. The book is not only informative but also beautifully illustrated. (Make Affirmative)

    #2. he technology provides both convenience and enhanced security. (negative)

    #3. The virtue and the charity support local communities. (Not only --- but also)

    #4. The festival offers either music performances or art exhibitions. (as well as)

    #5. Besides Rain, the weather forecast predicts strong winds. (Not only --- but also)

    #6. Besides vegetarian dishes, the restaurant's menu includes vegan options. (Not only --- but also)

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    l Next Paper Will be on Sunday At 4 pm l
    l Next Paper Will be on Sunday At 4 pm l

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