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    Rewrite the sentence using proper preposotions - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    a] A preposition is a word or phrase that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence.

    b] There are different types of prepositions, like in, at, on, of, to, by and with.

    c]  The word preposition came because we notice that ”the place” of the word appears in the sentence ”preposition of the related noun ”

    Uses of Prepositions 

    1] Use of On

    – On is used before day, date, certain side (left, right), speaking or writing topic, a floor in a building, or public transport, television, radio, Touching on a surface of any thing (not enclosed).

    1] There will be test on Sunday.
    2] I will speak /write on the development of the villagers.
    3] My brother is on the right side of the Prime Minister.
    4] We shall leave for Nagpur on 22nd of Jan.
    5] You can hear my speech on the radio.
    6] My apartment is on the fourth floor.
    7] I forgot my phone on the bus.
    8] I left the keys on the table.

    2] Use of Upon

    – Upon is used when anything comes moving on another surface.
    1] The cat jumps upon the table.
    2] The students jumps upon the bench

    -used to say that someone or something is very close or has arrived
    1] The police officer was suddenly upon us.
    2] The Examinations are nearly upon us. [ the examinations have nearly begun]

    — used when something is repeated many times
    1] Mohan wrote pages upon pages [many pages]
    2] My brother studies for hour upon hour. [for many hours]
    3] Thousands upon thousands of people visited the Raigad..

    – used upon functions like ‘after’
    1] Upon hearing the result, the students rushed out of the class.

    3] Use of  between.

    – Between is used when anyone or anything is ”in the middle” of two.
    1] Rohan was standing between his father and his mother.
    2] The gap between the rich and poor is harmful for the society.
    3] Himalaya is between India and Tibet

    – in the period of time that separates two different events:
    1] We shouldn’t eat anything between meals.
    2] There is a break of five minutes between the sessions.
    3] The bank is closed for lunch between 1.30 and 2.30.
    4] Nitin visits his grandparents every year and sometimes in between.
    5]Trade between the two countries India and Maldives came in danger. (their trade with each other)
    6] There is a great deal of similarity between Mohan and his mother (they are very similar).

    -A discussion, argument, or game between two or more people or groups of people:
    1] The negotiations between the farmers and the government have broken down.
    2] Today’s match is between India and Bangladesh

    4] Use of among.

    – Among is used when a person or a place is surrounded by more than two people or things’.
    1] France is among the countries of Western Europe.
    2] The teacher is among the students.
    3] I was standing among the group of my childhood friends.
    4] The tiger was hidden among the trees.
    5] He announced the news among the villagers.
    6] The ball was hidden among the leaves.
    7] Corona spread quickly among the members of the community.

    – When people do something among themselves, they do it as a group (without involving others.)
    1] The students are always quarreling among themselves. [are always quarreling with each other]
    2] They were unable to agree among themselves.
    3] We were joking among ourselves.
    4] There is much anger among voters. [many voters are angry]

    — used to describe someone who is unusual or excellent in some way
    1] Nana Patekar is an actor among actors. [he is a great actor]
    2] He was a giant among men. [he was very famous, powerful, successful, etc.]

    5] Use of through.

    – through is used when there is a movement from one side to another but “in something” or into one side and out the other side of.
    1] Vipin entered the classroom through an open window.
    2] You have to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.
    3] the bullet went straight through him.
    4] Kiran Purandare went through the forest/trees.
    5] The Yamuna river flows through Delhi.
    6] Water flows through the pipe.
    7] She looked through the
    8] He hit the nail through the wood.
    9] Cold air was getting in through a crack in the wall.
    10] People usually come in through the side door.

    — used to describe movement within a place or an area of land, air, etc.
    1] We spent three hours walking through the mall. [walking to various places in the mall]
    2] The snake slithered through the grass.
    3] birds flying through the air

    – without stopping for (a traffic signal, a stop sign, etc.)
    1] Ashok was caught while driving through a red light.

    – by using (someone or something)
    1] The Prime minister through interpreters.
    2] I learned about this job through her. [=she told me about this job]
    3] The British ruled Indians through fear. [=by making Indians afraid]

    – by doing (something)
    1] He learned to cook through [=by] watching his mother in the kitchen.

    – from the beginning to the end of (something)
    1] He slept through the movie.
    2] Many students work through the summer.
    3] We left halfway through [in the middle of] the lecture.

    6] Use of over.

    – Over is used to show anything at the unlimited distance without touching (on)
    1] The sky is over our head.

    – before age, rule, getting higher college essay writing services
    1] My grandmother is over 99
    2] The British ruled over us.
    3] Mr. Rane got over the college essay writing services in our office

    — used to describe something that is done while some activity (such as a meal) is taking place
    1] I plan to meet with my friend over lunch. [=while we eat lunch together]
    We sat over our tea [=drinking our tea] and talked.

    7] Use of above.

    – Above is used to show at a higher place, but at limited distance without touching the head, name in list.
    1] The farmer looked at the branches above of the mango tree. [=overhead]
    2] Read the above passage points
    3] His name is above the other.

    8] Use of At

    – At is used before time(at 2pm), festival(at Holi), in village (at Lohara), near anything (at the table), looking (at the window), indicate a rate (at five rupees), mealtimes and breaks(at breakfast time, at lunchtime, at dinner time, at break time), other time ( at night, at weekends/the weekend), specific place (at the home, cafe, at the stadium)
    1] Students are looking at the black board.
    2] My mother is at the kitchen table.
    3] The Prime Minister will come at 2 pm.
    4] We shall meet at Holi.
    5] He lives at Lohara.
    6] I have bought this book at 20 rupees.
    7] The teacher called us at 9 o’clock on July 24.
    8] She’s a nurse and she works at night.
    9] We are meeting at the cafe.”
    10] The football game is at the stadium.

    9] Use of  Since

    -Since is used to show the perfect duration (specific starting time) since 2022/ since Monday/ since 2 pm
    1] He has been working here since 2015
    2] Reuben has been here since Sunday.

    10] Use of -for.

    –for is used to show the unclear time, for somebody
    1] He has been learning for long time.
    2] They have been speaking for two hours.
    3] This book is for my brother.
    4] They fought for the nation.

    11] Use of -of.

    -of is used to show belonging to somebody; relating to somebody, coming from a particular background or living in a place, in space or time.
    1] We cannot explain the love of a mother for her child in words.
    2] The role of the teacher is very important.
    3] I drank three cups of milk
    4] I had four hours of sleep.
    5] My brother got married in the summer of 2023.
    6] It is the final result of the debate
    7] They are the women of Indian race.

    12] Use of -off.

    -Off is used to show falling from, remove anything from, not functioning, away from work or duty, 
    1] The warrior fell off the horse.
    2] Take your leg off my hand
    3] She has off today.
    4] Take your coat off.
    5] The water is off today.
    6] Make sure the TV is off.
    7] Switch off the lights
    8] I’ve got three days off next week.
    9] All books have 10% off here.

    13] Use of – To.

    -To is used to show- in the direction of something; towards something, to indicate limit or end, for time period, located in the direction, Time for something.
    1] We are going to the entrance of the building.
    2] Please, send this book to me.
    3] The Prises rose to 100 rupees.
    4] I work 9 to 6 /Monday to Saturday.
    5] There is huge mountain to the north my village.
    6] How long is it to lunch?

    14] Use of – before.

    -Before is used to show- in front of/ before any event, earlier than somebody/something.
    1] March comes before April.
    2] Mr. Mohan doesn’t work here before 6 pm.
    3] Rajan was brought before the officer.
    4] The Minister arrived before the people.
    5] His name is before mine on the list.

    15] Use of – beside.

    -beside is used to show- next to or at the side of somebody /something,
    1] When I was ill, my mother sat beside me all night.
    2] There is a big stone beside the school.

    16] Use of – besides.

    -besides is used to show- in addition to somebody/something; apart from somebody/something,
    1] Besides working as a software engineer, he also writes novels in his spare time.
    2] We have lots of things in common besides music.

    17] Use of – Under.

    -Under is used to show- a college essay writing services that is below something, below the surface of something; less than; younger than, affected by something, control, according to an agreement, a law or a system. 
    1] The boat lay under several feet of water.
    2] The farmer sat under the tree.
    3] Nobody under 18 is allowed to play this online game.
    4] I’ve been feeling under stress lately.
    5] The people present in the meeting under 500.
    6] A man was arrested under the Mental Health Act.
    7] Is the mobile phone still under guarantee?

    18] Use of – down.

    -Down is used to show- to or at lower place/ college essay writing services.
    1] He looked down at the river
    2] She bent down to pick up her phone.

    19] Use of – Within.

    -within is used to show- during a particular period of time, before a particular period of time has passed, inside something/somebody (area), inside society, organisation.
    1] The police arrived within minutes of the call being made.
    2] They must receive a reply within five days.
    3] Kasab was buried within the walls of prison.
    4] We have to make a lot of change within our society.

    20] Use of – across.

    -across is used to show- from one side to the other side of (something), on the other side of (something)
    1] We saw them walking across the street.
    2] He was seated across the table from me.

    21] Use of – By.

    22] Use of – from.

    20] Use of – Into.

    Examples of Prepositions.

    1] We have to rewrite the introduction ——— my essay.
    2] Mohan left his bag — the Lab.
    3] Did the principle send that letter — my father?
    4] They are cooking — ten guests.
    5] Heena did not eat lunch —- her boss.
    6] I have lived in Yavatmal —– 2015
    7] They will be in Mumbai —– 3 weeks.
    8] She will finish her homework — 6:00.
    9] The officer will collect contribution —– January —- June.
    10] We works here part time —- the summer.
    11] She will be a doctor —– 2 years.
    12] The bird flew —- the house.
    13] The plates were —– the shelf above the bowls.
    14] We have to walk — the hospital and then turn left.
    15] Raju threw a coin —- the river.
    16] We are going — the college.
    17] There is a holiday —- May.
    18] Rohan swam ——- the river
    19] I was born —- July 7th, 2010.
    20] The farmer is —– the tree.
    21] The car passes —— the tunnel.
    22] She gave the answer — you so you are not allowed.
    23] It is a present —- my family.
    24] I was born —– the Great War ended.
    25] I learned a complete grammar —- the first lockdown.

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. They rode their mountain bikes --------- the woods.

    #2. The cat walked ------ the street.

    #3. The bird is flying ------ the clouds.

    #4. The soccer ball hit the wall ------ the house.

    #5. The red rose is ----- the white flowers.

    #6. The guard is sitting ---- the gate.

    #7. You must finish your homework------- going to play.

    #8. She sat ------- her friend in class.

    #9. The plane is flying ----- New York ---- London.

    #10. Rohan jumped ----- the pool.

    #11. The color ---- the sky is blue.

    #12. The rainbow arches ----- the hills.

    #13. The light passes ------- the window.

    #14. He gave a gift ----- his sister.

    #15. The bridge goes ---- the river.

    #16. The cat jumped ---- the kitchen counter.

    #17. The river flows --------- the two mountains.

    #18. The answer lies ------- the pages of the book.

    #19. The rabbit disappeared ------- the dark hole.

    #20. The submarine dived --------- the ocean surface.

    #21. The cat is looking ------- the mousehole. -------- long time.

    #22. The river flowed through the ------- canyon.

    #23. The secret garden is hidden ------- the castle walls.

    #24. The hot air balloon floated ------the treetops.

    #25. The two friends sat ------- each other on the park bench.

    #26. The cake was baked ----- my grandmother, and it filled the house with a delicious aroma.

    #27. My grandfather took his jacket ------ the hook.

    #28. The cap fell ------ the pen, causing ink to spill onto the paper.

    #29. We sailed ------- the lake, feeling the gentle breeze and reveling in the tranquility of the water.

    #30. The cat leaped -------- the fence, gracefully landing on the other side of the garden.

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