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    Rewrite the sentence using Voice - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember


    Examples of Voice.

    1] Pardus carry away livestock from villages. 
    Ans: livestock is carried away 
    from villages by  Pardus    

    2] Madegowda is employed by the Bison.

    Ans: The Bison employs Madegowda    

    3] Animals are paying me back. 

    Ans: I am being paid back by animals.    

    4] The behaviour of the first introduction to essay generator is being documented by him 

    Ans: He is documenting the behaviour of the first introduction to essay generator

    5] I have lost almost 80 percent of a season’s yield of sugarcane. 

    Ans: (Almost) 80 percent of a season’s yield of sugarcane has been lost by me   

    6] All the research on the animal has been done through camera traps by him
    Ans: He has done all the research on the animal through camera traps.    

    7]  I found a bright red soil trial. 

    Ans:  A bright red soil trial was found by (to) me.    

    8] Some were lit up by old cycle lamps.

    Ans: Old cycle lamps lit up some.

    9] The surroundings were reminding me.

    Ans: I was being remained by the surroundings.      

    10] Tracking an animal also teaches you life lessons. 
    Ans: Life lessons are also taught to you by tracking an animal


     You are also taught life lessons by tracking an animal.

    11] Many things have been taught to me by the forests.
    Ans: The forests have taught me many things  (to me)

    12] Resentment among locals towards the animals is created by this.
    This creates resentment among locals towards the animals.

    13] All this upheaval was created by only one animal’s presence- a Leopard
    Ans: Only one animal’s presence- a Leopard created all this upheaval.

    14] I can guide visitors. 

    Ans: Visitors can be guided by me  

    15] You may do what you like.

    Ans: What you like may be done by you.

    16] I will not open my mouth.

    Ans: My mouth will not be opened by me.

    17] He will have left his village without any previous thought or plan.  

    Ans: His village will have been left without any previous thought or plan by him.  

    18] Black bow had been presented to him by a lady missionary.

    Ans: A lady missionary had presented (him) black bow to him.

    19] Take the next train and be gone.

    Ans: Let the next train be taken and gone.

    20] We carry values and beliefs 

    Ans: Values and beliefs are carried by us.

    21] I’m not speaking pidgin English

    Ans: Pidgin English is not being spoken by me.

    22] This sense of availability is giving an appearance

    Ans: An appearance is being given by this sense of availability.

    23] This strange scene would have drawn the right conclusion

    Ans: The right conclusion would have been drawn by this strange scene. 

    24] It has created new “traditional” dances in Bali

    Ans: New “traditional” dances in Bali have been created by it.

    25] We can become a kind of carrier pigeon. 

    Ans: A kind of carrier pigeon can be become by us.

    26] You can teach them 

    Ans: They can be taught by you.

    27] people cannot put a name or tag to us. 

    Ans: A name or tag cannot be put to us by people. 

    28] We cannot consider them for the patrons 

    Ans: They cannot be considered for the patrons by us.

    29] Few of us ever forget the connection between ‘travel’ and ‘travail.

    Ans: The connection between ‘travel’ and ‘travail is ever forgotten by few of us.

    30] This has immensely helped the logistics companies.

    Ans: The logistics companies have been immensely helped by this.

    31] Huge amount of Data is continuously being received from them.  (Begin with “We—–“)

    Ans: We are continuously receiving huge amount of Data from them. 

    32] Big Data has enabled smooth functioning of these agencies and institutions.

    Ans: Smooth functioning of these agencies and institutions has been enabled by Big Data.

    33] Banking and Finance sector is using Big Data to predict and prevent cybercrimes 

    Ans: Big Data are being used to predict and prevent cybercrimes by Banking and Finance sector 

    34] The SEC is using network analytics and natural language processors. 

    Ans: Network analytics and natural language processors are being used by the SEC. 

    35] The Data enables a sportsperson to study his performance.

    Ans: A sportsperson is enabled to study his performance the Data.

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. The place was lit up by shop lights.

    #2. I will prepare some nice stuff for her.

    #3. I will not open my mouth.

    #4. The evil had enslaved him.

    #5. I charge only three pies per question.

    #6. Some other way of entering the limbo must be devised.

    #7. Rub it on your forehead.

    #8. The life style of people has been affected by Big Data.

    #9. The astrologer had transacted his business by the light of a flare.

    #10. The power of his eyes was considerably enhanced by their position.

    #11. He had tumbled the degraded days.

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