On Saying Please Vocabulary

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Difficult words and Related Pictures

Offence  – Crime

 Complainant –One who makes complaint (शिकायतकर्ता)

Concession – privilege / छूट/ अधिकार

Declined – rejected/ अस्वीकार करना

 to comply – follow/ आज्ञापालन करना

 Hurled – threw/धक्का देना

Carrying a comment on manner too far – excessive demand

Discourtesy – rudeness

Excuse – allow/ permit

ASSAULT AND BATTERY.- An attack which includes not only threats but also the actual use of violence/ हमला)

Burglar – thief

Knock him down (नीचे गिराना),

Acquit – release, make free/ छोड़ देना, निर्दोष ठहराना)

to retaliate – take revenge, बदला लेना

 Reasonable –sound

Assailant – attacker/ हमलावर

Commands – Certain order

Attempt – try

 to legislate – make a law

 Sanction – allow

Offence – crime

Reasonable – moderate/ proper

liberty – freedom

 to box people’s ears (fight with the fists/ घूँसा मारना )

Behaviour – nature (व्यवहार)

the scowl – a facial expression of dislike or displeasure ,गुस्से से देखना)

be idle – inactive/ silent, we would raise the hand

uncivil – bad  

I may please -I may feel

retaliation -take revenge, बदला लेना

Haughty – having a high opinion of oneself and often A low opinion of others/ घमंडी

Boorish – rude

Penalty – fine/ दंड; जुर्माना; सजा

Written down – become famous

 Ill-mannered fellow- bad person

 Compel – force

Attune – understand

sensibilities – the ability to experience deep feelings

wax – remove  

Moustache a strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip

ringlets (घूँघराले बाल )

laceration – damage/ hurt

 compensation – money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury:

Allowance – fee, payment, भत्ता

Intellectual – mental

 damages in these matters.

Damages – amends

Negligible – neglectful/ तुच्छ; नगण्य)

Probable – likely

Hurt – damage/चोट

 slur – insult, बदनामी; दाग

social standing – socially / social image

kick – a blow with the foot

shins  – The front part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle

legal redress – justice, समाधान.

The pain – ache/ दर्द

pass away – stop

  a wound – injury on the heart, घाव; ज़ख़्म; चोट)

self-respect – dignity. आत्म-सम्मान

Vanity – pride, अस्मिता)

Poison -spoil/ खराब करणे

 Denied – not got

 Brooding – thinking

restoring – getting

Equilibrium – balance/ calm mental state/  plural noun: equilibria).

catching – attrctive)

bad temper – mood स्वभाव

bad manners (आदत).

Bullied – threaten, धमकाना; सताना)

page- boy (helper) . 

really (actually)

getting back (reply)

Employer (boss)

henpecked (dominated)

insolent (rude)

ill-humours -bad nature).

stream (flow)

the calendar ( the year).

martyrdom (torture शहादत)

morose (bad) 

guardian (protector संरक्षक)

 private manners (personal life).     

No Decalogue (Ten Commandments given in the Bible, दस धार्मिक उपदेश)

offences (crime)

administer (manage/run/व्यवस्था करना)

governed (control/ नियन्त्रित करना)

social civilities (politeness/ शिष्टाचार),

tilt (turn/ एक तरफ झुकना)

bound (tied)  to  endorse (agree/ support) 

the  verdict (judgment/ निर्णय; फैसला)

sympathy ( companion/pity/ सहानुभूति; हमदर्दी )

compels (obligate / मजबूर करना)

social practice (Pattern/ आदत)

sacred (spiritual /पूजनीय)

enjoins (tell/command/लागू)

acknowledge (admit/ स्वीकार करना; मान लेना)

courtesies (respectful remark शिष्टाचार)

intercourse (conversation) 

friendly co-operation (दोस्ताना),

an easy give- and- take, (good-natured exchange (as of ideas or comments)

superiors (senior)

dictating (order हुक्म चलाना; आदेश देना)

inferiors (Junior).

vulgar (impolite/ असभ्य)

resentment (anger/ नाराजगी)

feature (present/tell/  पेश करना)

discriminating (differentiate/ दोष दाखवनारा शब्द)

rebuke (blame/oppose/ डांट-फटकार)

disposed (likely /willing/  प्रवृत्त)

the ordeal (test / कठिन परीक्षा /परख)

specimen (people/नमुने)

regards (consider)

enemies (foe/ दुश्मन; शत्रु)

creatures (people)

chief (main/  प्रमुख)

aggressive manner angry

fancy (imagine/ like)

public owes (be obliged repay /expect/  आभारी होना; ऋणी होना)

insisting ( take a firm stand/ ज़ोर देना)

standard (level)  

civility (good behavior) 

pleasant (joyful)      

unfriendliness (bad thinking/गलत सोच)

class (society/community)

tribute (appreciation / प्रशंसा; आभार)

conscious (aware/ realize/ अवगत)

discovery (finding /feeling)

arouses (evoke/create).  

annoyed (irritated / परेशान)

knave (cheater/ धोखेबाज़)

eyed (looked)

coldly (displeasure)

stale (common/ general/बासी; पुराना)

get.’’ (get you down)

the necessity of going back (need to go back home),

inconvenience (trouble/hassle/ परेशानी; तकलीफ़),

engagement (meeting appointment).     




The end 

(these words are for two marks)


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