HSC Result -2023

सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांना हार्दिक शुभेच्छा दहावीचा निकाल उद्या 2 जून रोजी जाहीर होणार. इतर माहीती करीता व निकाल पाहण्याकरीता दिलेल्या लिंकवर क्लिक करा. https://arsodenglishclasses.com/ssc-result-2023/ इतरांना पाठवा. The Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2023 is eagerly awaited by students across the state. Conducted by MSBSHSE, will be out online, on 25/05/2023 at 2 pm HSC चा निकाल आज […]

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The Bombay High Court has dismissed a petition filed by the Board seeking relaxation in 75% marks criteria for engineering admission

Bombay High Court Upholds 75% Marks Criteria for IIT-NIT Eligibility Bombay High Court Upholds 75% Marks Criteria for IIT-NIT Eligibility JEE Main 2023 Bombay High Court Verdict: The Bombay High Court has dismissed a petition filed by the Board seeking relaxation in the pass percentage while upholding the requirement of 75 percent marks for admission […]

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JEE Information JEE (ADVANCED ) परीक्षा पात्र सर्व गुणवंत विद्यार्थी यांचे अभिनंदन .. 1) या दोन्ही सेशन मध्ये एकूण 11,13,325 विद्यार्थी यांनी परीक्षा दिली . 2) या मध्ये 30.44 % महिलांनी परीक्षा दिली .( 3,38,963 ) 3) जनरल गटातून एकूण 4,12,112 विद्यार्थी (38.04% ) एकूण पात्र percentile 90.77 (एकूण पात्र विद्यार्थी 98612 म्हणजे जनरल विद्यार्थी […]

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Why We Travel
Why We Travel -Words

Lesson | Difficult words | Pictures | Videos We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those […]

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In to the wild
Personal Response for in to the wild

Questions and Answers 1] Have you lost in the dense forest? write your experience in 50 words.  Ans: One Sunday, my sister and I had gone for tracking with our friends, but we were found ourselves lost in the midst of a dense forest.  Our mobile phones had also no coverage, that left us completely […]

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No sooner — than

Test on "No sooner-----than" Welcome to your No sooner ---- than 1.  When he came upon another policemen lounging grandly in front of a glittering theatre, he caught at the immediate straw of disorderly conduct. 2.  When the astrologer came to know that the man whom he killed is alive, he felt that he was […]

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Big Data Big Insights Words
Big Data -Big Insights words

Big Data - Big Insights Difficult words, pictures and others Age Calculator Age Calculator Enter your date of birth: Calculate Big Insights (Insights – clear or deep perception of a situation/ गहन जानकारी)Revolution (Change)Pursuits (following/ hobby),360 degrees (totally/completely/ comprehensive).Monitored (keep an eye on)Analysed (study / examine).billions (एक अब्ज) trillions millions (दहा लाख करोड)Millions (दहा लाख) massive […]

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The Cop And The Anthem
The Cop and The Anthem- words

Difficult words , Video and Pictures strolled – (walked)asphalt – a mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel, used for surfacing roads, डामरAvenue – Road  Vest -(waistcoat / जाकीट)trim (nice)lady missionary- (nun)Thanksgiving Day (The fourth THURSDAY of November).Roasted – grilled / भाजलेलेMallard (wild)Cheese- दुधापासून तयार केलेला पदार्थcall forth – (take)winter island.-  (jail)Set foot […]

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New , 2023 (facebook Post (landscape))
On Saying Please Vocabulary

Difficult words and Related Pictures Offence  – Crime Complainant –One who makes complaint (शिकायतकर्ता)Concession – privilege / छूट/ अधिकारDeclined – rejected/ अस्वीकार करना to comply – follow/ आज्ञापालन करना Hurled – threw/धक्का देनाCarrying a comment on manner too far – excessive demandDiscourtesy – rudenessExcuse – allow/ permitASSAULT AND BATTERY.- An attack which includes not only threats but also […]

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An Astrologer’s Day vocabulary

Difficult words and Related Pictures Midday – (12 noon) Equipment (instruments), which Obscure – difficult to understandResplendent – glowingSacred – holy,पवित्रVermilion – a brilliant red colour, कुंकू, Sparkled – shineAbnormal gleam-  attractive glow Outcome -result/effectProphetic – accurately predicting/telling what will happen in the future.Comforted – relaxedEnhanced – increase/add toWhiskers (मूंछ) Half-wit’s eyes – half openSparkle […]

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