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Big Insights (Insights – clear or deep perception of a situation/ गहन जानकारी)

Revolution (Change)

Pursuits (following/ hobby),

360 degrees (totally/completely/ comprehensive).

Monitored (keep an eye on)

Analysed (study / examine).

billions (एक अब्ज)

 trillions millions (दहा लाख करोड)

Millions (दहा लाख)

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massive (big)

incomprehensible (puzzling/ unknown).

correlation (related)

market trends (tendency)

advanced (higher/ progressive)

by miles (largely)

Location Tracking (Travelling) :

GPS (Global Positioning System)

radio frequency identification sensors (RFID)

prone (sensitive)

transit (travel/transport),

logistics (the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers)

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risks- danger

reliability–credibility/ faith (विश्वसनीयता)

Patterns- scheme   

the globe- world.

Forecasting –predict

impending (approaching/ near)

natural calamities (disaster/दुर्घटना; विपत्ति; आपदा)

combat (encounter/ fight)

predict (foretell/ पूर्व-सूचना देना)

conscious (aware/ जागरूक).

Gadgets – tools

ailment (disease /illness),

outbreaks (eruption)

epidemics (महामारी)

precautions – a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous

individuals (person)

Big Data Big Insights Words
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analytics  – विश्लेषण/information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics

sector (the commercial activity of providing funds and capital)

force (cyber)

spikes (sudden increase)

suspicious (doubtful/संदेहजनक)

natural language (computer coding)

algorithms (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer/design/ system)

permutations (variation)

A gigantic (vast/big)

tremendously (largely)

embedded (fixed/ installed)

quarters (our home).

minutely (sharply).

Screenshot (226)

giant (huge/ enormous),

transactions (business/deal).

demographics (human age)

algorithms (design/ system)

focuses (concentrate)

content (information)

engagement (involvement/ investment )

segment (divide)

engaging (pleasant /attractive)

inundated (prosper/develop)

transformed (totally changed)

customized (make according to requirements)

 Dynamic (effective)

comprehension (knowledge/ज्ञान)

designed (creating)

an access (obtain/gain)

gauge (Guess/test)

operational (functional)

enhance (improve)

pitfalls (problem)

geographical phenomena (a remarkable development/ changes)

optimum (best/ outstanding)

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