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When he came upon another policemen lounging grandly in front of a glittering theatre, he caught at the immediate straw of disorderly conduct.

When the astrologer came to know that the man whom he killed is alive, he felt that he was how to write common app essay of his guilt.

When Sir Anthony Absolute bullied Captain Absolute, he bullied his man, Fag

As soon as I jumped on to a bus, I found that I had left home without any money in my pocket.

When the light appears on the screen, he will place the Disk in Drive.

When we like a post on Facebook or share a post on WhatsApp, visit any website, make online purchases, that online activity is recorded.

When a campaign is created for leads, you will get different results.

As soon as one of them is inserted in the sentence, other should be removed.

Many animals make alarm calls when they see a predator.

When he’s away from the jungles of Nagarhole, officially called The Rajiv Gandhi National Park, he’s leading photography safaris in Africa

When you go to a McDonald’s outlet in Kyoto, you will find Teriyaki McBurgers and Bacon Potato Pies.

When Mr. Narayan Murthy left Patni to start Infosys, I started heading Patni’s software division occupying the same chair.

I learnt a lot of things when I was running these large companies.

As soon as I had reached the platform, the train left.

She fell down in one place when fellow-pedestrians rushed instantly

My wife enters the kitchen most morning. She finds them running away.

As soon as the train had gone, I found myself alone on the platform.


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