An Astrologer’s Day vocabulary

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Difficult words and Related Pictures

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Midday – (12 noon)

Equipment (instruments), which

Obscure – difficult to understand

Resplendent – glowing

Sacred – holy,पवित्र

Vermilion – a brilliant red colour, कुंकू,

Sparkled – shine

Abnormal gleam-  attractive glow

Outcome -result/effect

Prophetic – accurately predicting/telling what will happen in the future.

Comforted – relaxed

Enhanced – increase/add to

Whiskers (मूंछ)

Half-wit’s eyes – half open

Sparkle – glitter/blink


Cosmos & dahlia – Name of the Flowers

Boughs – branches

Tamarind tree – (इमली/चिंच)

Flanked – bordered/near

a path – way  

Remarkable – Significant

Surging – increasing

junk –  (भंगार),

Cheap cloth – low cost

Din -noise

Vociferousness – crying/loud sound

Vendor – seller

Ware – product

 Flocked to – attracted to

Dallied – stop/ gather

Transacted – perform / carry out

Flare – bright flame or light

Crackled – making hiss sound

 Heap – Pile

Enchantment – attraction

Municipal lighting – street light

Bewildering – surprising

crisscross – crossing of lights

Intended – aim.

blew  out – turn off

bundle up – Pack up

Shaft – beam, ray

strayed in- move away aimlessly

paraphernalia (पाराफेनेलीया) – things/ equipment/ साहित्य  

shaft (ray) 

blotted out – Dimmed/ become obscure(कमी होणे   

Sensed – come to know/ feeling

careworn – worried

chat – discussed

Grumbled – complain /mutter

Reply –answer

vaguely – roughly

pressed (force) his invitation – forcefully called  

Thrust – press/push

Tilting – bending/ to move into a sloping position  

worthwhile – important

Piqued (पिक्ड)- annoyed/upset/ angry/ feel irritated

Pies  – old indian currency- equal to one twelfth of an anna.

withdrew – took back

flung – throw

bluffing – deceive/mislead/ झांसा देना)

provided – if/ on the condition

stranger – Unknown person.

This pact – deal/agreement

heaven – god

cheroot – a cigar

glimpse – partial view

hooted – sound of the horn

jutka – टांगा

Swore – using bad language/ cursing

babble – talking/twitter

 semidarkness – not complete darkness

puffing – smoking

ruthlessly -without pity

shivered – trembled

disgorge – give/hand over

muttered – speak slowly

incantations – magic spell/मंत्र

convincing – sound/proper

haggling – bargaining

bared – open

 scar – mark

Chanced -came across

to peep – to look)

enthusiasm -interest

clenching – gripping

groaned – complain

proceeded –continued

taken aback. – surprisingly

 go from – leave

gratified – delighted/ happily

 deserted -empty  

shaft – light

“The swine – pig

Pyol – a kind of bed (खटीया)  

blood –murder

gambled – playing cards

yawning – जम्हाई

The end 

(these words are for two marks)




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