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    Rewrite the sentence of Negative / affirmative - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] While making affirmative sentences, positive words or phrases are used.
    2] In negative sentences often contain words like “no”, “not”, “never”, “nobody”, “nothing”, “nowhere”, etc.
    3] So while making negative use not or affirmative use not without changing the meaning of the sentence.
    4] The are different topics of grammar which are asked to make negative and affirmative. 


    1] Sentences of  Only

    1] Only Rajan can solve our problems.
    2] The Prime Minister wanted only term paper proofreading service by his side.
    3] There was only silence in the hall.
    4] We heard only the sound of dripping water in the cave.
    5] Yamunotri is only 13 km from Hanumanchoti..

    More Examples of only

    6] He asked for only a glass of water to the people.
    7] There were nothing but stars in the sky when I lost in the forest.
    8] We carried nothing but our schoolbag on the trip.
    9] The doctor advised him to use not more than one teaspoon of salt.
    10] Our school garden was decorated with nothing but roses.
    11] Rajan creates nothing but trouble for others.
    12] This hotel did not offer more than three vegetarian options.
    13] The political person contains only empty promises.
    14] I shall invite none but my college friends at the party.
    15] The umpire did not allow for more than five players on the field at once.
    16] You should accept only her apologies.
    17] The school has nothing but extra facilities.
    18] There were not more than 5 members for the meeting.
    19] We must accept only the most challenging job.
    20] The hotel was decorated with only antique furniture.

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    2] Sentences of  fail to

    Points to Remember:

    1] Fail to is used in both negative and affirmative sentence.
    2] In the sentence of any tense, we can use “fail to” make negative and affirmative.
    3] Write not after the helping verb or do not/ did not / does not + fail to + infinitive (V1)
    4] Write fail to as main verb means as in given tense.
    5]Instead of -do not use fail to/ Instead of -did not use failed to/Instead of -does not – fails to. 
    6] You have to use fail to or remove fail to and write ( Helping verb + not) 
    7] Remove not (do not/ did not / does not) + fail to and write the main verb in proper form.
    8] Use Always instead of never. 

    Fail ToExamples

    1] The Prime Minister has reached on the time.
    Ans :
    2 ] The space scientist has done experiment in the space.
    Ans :
    3 ] I have never visited my country farm.
    Ans :
    4 ] John will write an application to the Government.
    Ans :
    5 ] I have always condemned these practices.
    Ans :

    More Examples of Fail to


    6] I have failed to submit my project today.
    Ans :
    7] The students did not follow the instructions.
    Ans :
    8] The government did not fail to announce the result.
    Ans :
    9] Her mother does not understand her.
    Ans :
    10] She did not find anyone misbehaving.
    Ans :
    11] You do not study hard.
    Ans :
    12] Diet plays a vital role.
    Ans :
    13] We make them into goddesses.
    Ans :
    14] We inherited the British system of management.
    Ans :
    15] it has provided an example of economy.
    Ans :
    16] Modern Engineering has not solved the problem
    Ans :
    17] They have always made the protected market.
    18] They did not give power to the radio sets.
    19] You wouldn’t stay there in that case.
    20] She performs her job with zeal and enthusiasm.
    21] David got his medical degree.
    Ans :
    22] Active people become heroes.

    Ans :

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    3] Sentences of Opposite Words

    Points to Remember:

    1] Opposite word is used in both negative and affirmative sentence.
    2] While making negative or affirmative, Remove or write “not” after helping verb and make opposite of the possible word.
    3] Write not after the helping verb or do not/ did not / does not
    4] Remove- no, never, not, nobody, none etc. to make affirmative.
    5] Use always instead of never. 


    1] The is not possible. (Make negative)
    Ans :
    2] I remembered an anecdote.
    Ans :
    3] It is convenient for the purpose of vocational guidance.
    Ans :
    4] Business followed the same pattern.
    Ans :
    5] It was never heard of in the history of Mumbai.
    Ans :

    More Examples


    6]The damage is reparable.

    Ans :
    7] He was not often seen in the village.
    Ans :
    8] His product is not inferior.
    Ans :
    9] I wasn’t a bad doctor.
    Ans :
    10] I loved the old Dhobi Talao market.
    Ans :
    11] I am not ungrateful to you.
    Ans :
    12] Yet the cockroach population has not decreased.
    Ans :
    13] I don’t see darkness.
    Ans :
    14] It might be a good idea to get high school out of the way.
    Ans :
    15] His business was not growing more than rupees 50,000 a month.
    Ans :
    16] The distance for the bus was not different for both of us.
    Ans :
    17] She did not unwrap it carelessly.
    18] Maharashtra will never forget the divine message given by Mahatma Gandhi.
    19] Some people can always wake up late.
    20] The word bog is not insignificant.

    List of Opposite Words

    Opposite Words – A

    Above x Below
    Absent x Present
    Accept x Reject
    Accurate x Inaccurate
    Achieve – Fail
    Add x Subtract
    Admit x Deny
    Advance x Retreat
    Afraid – Brave
    Afraid x Confident
    After x Before
    Against x For
    Agree x Disagree
    Alive x Dead
    All x None
    Always x Never
    amateur x professional
    Ample x Scarce
    Ancient – Modern
    Angel x Devil
    Angry – Calm
    Answer x Question
    Anterior – Posterior
    Antonym x Synonym
    Apart x Together
    Apparent x Obscure
    Appear – Disappear
    Approve x Disapprove
    Arrive x Depart
    Ascend x Descend
    ask x reply
    Attack x Defend
    Attract x Repel
    Awake x Asleep
    awful x excellent 

    Opposite Words – B

    Back x Front
    Backward – Forward
    Bad x Good
    Beautiful x Ugly
    Before x After
    Begin x End
    Belief – Doubt
    Believe x Doubt
    Best x Worst
    Better x Worse
    Big x Small
    Birth x Death
    Bitter – Sweet
    Black x White
    blank x completed
    Bless x Curse
    Blunt x Sharp
    Bold x Timid
    Borrow x Lend
    Bottom x Top
    Boy x Girl
    Brave x Cowardly
    Break – Mend
    brief x long
    Bright – Dark
    Bright x Dim
    Build x Destroy
    Buy x Sell 

    Opposite Words – C

    Calm – Stormy
    Careful – Careless
    Catch – Release
    Cautious x Reckless
    cheap x expensive
    Cheerful – Gloomy
    Cheerful x Sad
    child x adult
    Clean – Dirty
    Clear x Cloudy
    Clear – Unclear
    clever x foolish
    Close x Open
    convenient x inconvenient
    Cold x Hot
    Comedy x Tragedy
    Comfort – Discomfort
    Common – Rare
    Common x Uncommon
    Complete x Incomplete
    Confident x Unsure
    Connect x Disconnect
    Construct – Deconstruct
    Construct x Destruct
    Contract x Expand
    Contribute – Withhold
    Cool x Warm
    Correct x Incorrect
    Courageous – Cowardly
    Courageous x Fearful
    Create x Destroy
    Cruel x Kind
    Cry x Laugh
    Cursed – Blessed 

    Opposite Words – D

    Dangerous x Safe
    Dark x Light
    Day x night
    Dead – Alive
    Deaf x Hearing
    Deep x Shallow
    Defeat – Victory
    Defend x Attack
    Delay – Hasten
    Delicious x Disgusting
    Demand – Supply
    Dense – Sparse
    Depart x Arrive
    Depend – Rely
    Depressed x Happy
    Descend x Ascend
    Despair – Hope
    Destroy x Create
    Die x Live
    Difficult x Easy
    dim x bright
    Dirty x Clean
    Disappear x Appear
    Discourage x Encourage
    Discover – Conceal
    Dislike – Like
    Dissolve x Solidify
    Divide x Unite
    Doctor x Patient
    Dry – Wet
    Dull x Lively 

    Opposite Words – E

    Early x Late
    Earn – Spend
    Easily x Difficultly
    Easy x Difficult
    employed x unemployed
    Empty x Full
    End x Begin
    Endless x Limited
    Enemy x Friend
    Enjoy x Suffer
    Enter – Exit
    Entrance x Exit
    Equal x Unequal
    Escape x Capture
    Even x Odd
    Evil x Good
    Expand x Contract
    Export x Import
    Expose x Conceal 

    Opposite Words – F

    Fail x Succeed
    Fair x Unfair
    Fall – Rise
    False x True
    Familiar x Unfamiliar
    Famous x Unknown
    fancy x plain
    far x near
    Fast x Slow
    Fat x Thin
    Father x Mother
    Fearless x Fearful
    Few x Many
    Find x Lose
    Finish x Start
    Fire – Water
    First x Last
    Float x Sink
    Follow x Lead
    Folly x Wisdom
    Foolish x Wise
    For x Against
    Forget – Remember
    Forward x Backward
    Free – Bound
    Free x Restricted
    Fresh x Stale
    Friend x Enemy
    Friend/ ally x enemy
    Front x Back
    Full x Empty
    funny x serious
    Future x Past 

    Opposite Words – G

    Gain x Loss
    Generous – Stingy
    Gentle x Rough
    Gift – Curse
    Give x Take
    Glad x Sad
    Glass x Plastic
    Global x Local
    Glorious – Humble
    God – Devil
    Gold – Silver
    Good x Bad
    Grace – Disgrace
    Gradual x Sudden
    Grant – Deny
    Gratitude x ingratitude
    Great – Small
    Great x Terrible
    Grow – Shrink
    Guest – Host
    Guilty – Innocent 

    Opposite Words – H

    Happy x Sad
    Hard x Soft
    hard x easy
    Harmful x Beneficial
    Harmony x Discord
    Hate – Love
    Hatred x Love
    Healthy – Sick
    Healthy x Unhealthy
    healthy x sick
    Heaven x Hell
    Heavy x Light
    Helpless x Capable
    Here – There
    Hero x Villain
    High x Low
    Honest x Dishonest
    Honor – Dishonor
    Hope – Despair
    Hopeless x Hopeful
    Hot x Cold
    Huge – Tiny
    Humble – Proud
    Humid x Dry
    Husband x Wife 

    Opposite Words – I

    Identify – Misidentify
    Idle – Active
    Ignorant x Knowledgeable
    Ill x Well
    Illegal – Legal
    Illusion – Reality
    Imbalance x Balance
    Immaculately x Messily
    Immaterial x Material
    Immature x Mature
    Immediately x Gradually
    Immensely x Minutely
    Immoral x Moral
    Impatient x Patient
    Implode x Explode
    import x export
    Importantly x Unimportantly
    Impossible x Possible
    Impossibly x Possibly
    Impractical x Practical
    Impressively x Unimpressively
    Improper x Proper
    Improperly x Properly
    Impure x Pure
    In x Out
    Inaccurate x Accurate
    Inactive x Active
    Inadequate x Adequate
    Inappropriate x Appropriate
    Incapable x Capable
    Incessantly x Occasionally
    Include x Exclude
    Incomplete x Complete
    Inconvenient x Convenient
    Increase x Decrease
    Indecisive x Decisive
    Individual – Collective
    Inefficient x Efficient
    Inevitably x Avoidably
    Inferior – Superior
    Inhale – Exhale
    Innocent – Guilty
    Insecure x Secure
    Inside x Outside
    Insignificant x Significant
    Intense – Mild
    Intentional – Accidental
    Intentional x Unintentional
    Interesting x Boring
    Interior – Exterior
    Invincible x Vulnerable
    Invite – Repel
    Irritate – Soothe

    Opposite Words – J

    Join x Separate
    Joy x Sorrow
    Junior x Senior
    Justice – Injustice

    Opposite Words – K

    Keep x Release
    Keep – Release
    Kind x Cruel
    Kind – Cruel
    King – Subject
    Knowledge – Ignorance
    Known x Unknown 

    Opposite Words – L

    Large x Small
    Last x First
    Late x Early
    Laugh x Cry
    Law – Chaos
    Lazy – Industrious
    Lead – Follow
    Left x Right
    Lengthen – Shorten
    Less x More
    Light x Dark
    Light – Heavy
    Like x Dislike
    Limited – Unlimited
    liquid x solid
    Little x Big
    Little – Much
    Live x Die
    Long x Short
    Loose x Tight
    Lose – Gain
    Lose – Win
    Loud x Quiet
    Love x Hate
    Low x High 

    Opposite Words – M

    Major x Minor
    Male x Female
    Man – Woman
    many x few
    married x single
    Master – Servant
    Maximum x Minimum
    Meek x Bold
    Mend – Break
    Mercy x Cruelty
    Messy x Neat
    Middle – Edge
    Mind – Body
    Minor x Major
    Minority – Majority
    Misery – Happiness
    Moderate – Extreme
    Modern x Ancient
    Moist – Dry
    Monster – Angel
    More x Less
    Morning x Evening
    Mother x Father
    much x less 

    Opposite Words – N

    Narrow x Wide
    natural x artificial
    Near x Far
    Necessary x Unnecessary
    Negative x Positive
    Never x Always
    New x Old
    Night x Day
    No – Yes
    Noise – Silence
    Noisy x Quiet
    Normal – Abnormal
    normal x strange
    North x South
    Nothing x Everything 

    Opposite Words – O

    Obey – Defy
    Objective – Subjective
    Obscure – Clear
    Obtain – Lose
    Off x On
    Offend – Please
    Offer – Refuse
    Often x Rarely
    on x off
    Open – Close
    Open x Closed
    Opponent – Ally
    opposite x same
    Optimism x Pessimism
    Order x Chaos
    Ordinary x Extraordinary
    Organize – Disorganize
    Original x Copy
    Out x In
    Over x Under 

    Opposite Words – P

    Pain x Pleasure
    Painlessly x Painfully
    Palatable – Unpalatable
    Pale x Dark
    Parallel – Perpendicular
    Parent – Child
    Part x Whole
    Partial – Complete
    Passive x Active
    Past x Future
    Patient x Impatient
    Peace x War
    Permanent x Temporary
    Permission x Prohibition
    Permit x Forbid
    Pessimist – Optimist
    Plain – Fancy
    Pleasant x Unpleasant
    Please – Offend
    Plentiful – Scarce
    Plenty x Scarcity
    Plus – Minus
    Polite x Rude
    Poor x Rich
    Positive x Negative
    Possible x Impossible
    Post x Pre
    Potential – Actual
    Poverty – Wealth
    Power – Weakness
    Powerful x Weak
    Practical x Impractical
    Precious x Worthless
    Predictable x Unpredictable
    Present x Absent
    Pretty x Ugly
    Pride – Humility
    Primary – Secondary
    Prime – Worst
    Principal – Subordinate
    Prior – Later
    Private – Public
    Problem – Solution
    Profane – Sacred
    Profit – Loss
    Progress – Regression
    Promise – Break
    Proper – Improper
    Protect – Endanger
    Proud – Ashamed
    Pull – Push
    Pure – Impure 

    Opposite Words – Q

    Quiet – Noisy 

    Opposite Words – R

    Rare – Common
    Rational – Irrational
    Raw – Cooked
    Read – Write
    Real – Fake
    Reality – Illusion
    Recede – Advance
    Receive – Send
    Recklessly x Carefully
    Recognize – Ignore
    Reconcile – Conflict
    Reduce – Increase
    Reflect – Absorb
    Refuse – Accept
    regret x satisfaction
    Regular – Irregular
    Release – Detain
    Relevant – Irrelevant
    remember x forget
    Remove – Insert
    Repair – Damage
    Reply – Ignore
    Require – Dispense
    Resilient – Fragile
    Resist – Submit
    Responsible – Irresponsible
    Rest – Work
    Restlessly x Calmly
    Restrict – Free
    Return – Depart
    Reverse – Forward
    rich x poor
    rich x wealthy
    Right – Wrong
    Rise – Fall
    Rough – Smooth
    rude x polite 

    Opposite Words – S

    Safe – Dangerous
    Same – Different
    Save – Spend
    Scatter – Gather
    Scold – Praise
    Sealed – Open
    Search – Find
    Second – First
    Secure – Insecure
    Sedentary – Active
    See – Blind
    Seize – Release
    Selfish – Selfless
    Sell – Buy
    Senior – Junior
    Sense – Nonsense
    Separate – Unite
    Serious – Playful
    Settle – Stir
    Sharp – Dull
    sharp x blunt
    shiny x dull
    Short – Tall
    Shrink – Expand
    Shy – Bold
    Sick – Healthy
    Significant x insignificant
    Silence – Noise
    Simple – Complex
    Sincere – Insincere
    single x married
    Sink – Float
    Sinner – Saint
    Sit – Stand
    Skillful – Clumsy
    skinny x fat
    Slave – Master
    Sleeplessly x Peacefully
    Slow – Fast
    Small – Big
    Smart – Stupid
    Smooth – Rough
    Sober – Drunk
    Soft – Hard
    Solid – Liquid
    Some – None
    Soon – Later
    Sorry – Unapologetic
    Sour – Sweet
    Specific x General
    Spend – Save
    Spite – Kindness
    start x finish
    Stay – Leave
    Steal – Return
    Sticky – Slippery
    Stop – Go
    Straight – Curved
    Strange – Familiar
    Strength – Weakness
    Stress – Relax
    Strict – Lenient
    Strike – Spare
    Strong – Weak
    Stubborn – Flexible
    Stupid – Smart
    Subject – Object
    Subtract – Add
    Success – Failure
    sunny x cloudy
    Superior – Inferior
    Supply – Demand
    Support – Oppose
    supporter x opponent
    Sweet – Bitter
    sweet x sour
    Synchronize – Desynchronize 

    Opposite Words – T

    Tall x short
    Tame – Wild
    Teacher – Student
    Temporary – Permanent
    Tender – Tough
    Terrible – Wonderful
    Test – Trust
    Thick x Thin
    Thoughtlessly x Thoughtfully
    Tight x Loose
    Timid – Bold
    tiny x huge
    Tired – Energetic
    Tirelessly x Tiredly
    Together – Apart
    together x separate
    Top – Bottom
    Total – Partial
    Touch – Avoid
    Toward – Away
    Traditional – Modern
    Transparent – Opaque
    Trash – Treasure
    True – False
    Trust – Doubt
    truth x lie 

    Opposite Words – U

    Ugly – Beautiful
    Unaware – Conscious
    Uncomfortable x Comfortable
    Uncommon x Common
    Uneducated x Educated
    Unemployed – Employed
    Unfair x Fair
    Unfriendly x Friendly
    Unhappy x Happy
    Unhealthy x Healthy
    Unique – Common
    United – Divided
    unity x division
    Unkind x Kind
    Unknown – Known
    Unlucky x Lucky
    Unnecessary x Necessary
    Unpleasant x Pleasant
    Unpopular x Popular
    Unskilled x Skilled
    Unstable x Stable
    Unsuccessful x Successful
    Unusual x Normal
    up x down
    useful x useless
    Useless x Useful 

    Opposite Words – V

    Vacation – Work
    Valuable – Worthless
    Vanish – Appear
    Vast – Limited
    Victory – Defeat
    Vigorous – Weak
    Virtue – Vice
    visible x invisible
    Visit – Depart
    visitor x host
    Vital – Irrelevant
    Vocal – Silent
    Voluntary – Involuntary
    Volunteer – Recruit 

    Opposite Words – W

    Wait – Proceed
    Walk – Run
    Warm – Cold
    Waste – Conserve
    Weak – Strong
    Wealth – Poverty
    Well – Ill
    Wet x Dry
    Whole – Part
    wide x narrow
    Wild – Tame
    willing x unwilling
    Win – Lose
    Wisdom – Folly
    Wise – Foolish
    Withdraw – Advance
    Worry – Relax
    Worse – Better
    Worst – Best
    Worthless – Valuable
    Wrong – Right 

    Opposite Words – Y

    Yes – No
    Yesterday – Tomorrow
    Yield – Resist
    Young – Old
    Youth – Elderly
    youth x adulthood
    Zeal – Apathy
    Zenith – Nadir
    Zero – Infinity
    Zest – Apathy
    Zigzag – Straight
    Zip – Unzip 


    Sentences of Meanings

    Points to Remember

    1] W
    2] In 
    3] So 
    4] T


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