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    Rewrite the sentence using enough - to - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] Here ‘enough’ is the adverb of sufficiency, that means sufficient. it comes after an adjective and it has positive meaning.
    2] Remove ‘so’ from the sentence and instead of ‘that + Sub + can/could ’ use ‘enough to’ and rewrite the remaining sentence as it is.
    3] Use ‘So’ before an adjective and instead of ‘enough to’ use – ‘that + Sub + can/could’ and rewrite the remaining sentence as it is.
    4] If there is ‘for + subject’, use it as the second subject.

    5] there may be “very” instead of  “so”.

    Enough (1)

    Examples of  enough – to

    1) Nikita is so brilliant that she can get a rank in the merit list.
    2) Children are so smart that they can learn any number of languages.
    3) This shirt is so beautiful that I can wear it in my sister’s merriage.
    4) This flat is comfortable enough for me to live with my family.
    5) Dr. Deshmukh is clever enough to operate the patients carefully.
    6) Mr. Kale was rich enough to help the poor and needy farmers.
    7) The dog was sensitive enough to find out the hiding place of the criminals.

    👉 More Examples

    8) You are good enough to start a conversation in English.
    9) He is entertaining enough to perform on stage.
    10) My brother is so old that he can take care of himself.
    11) The coffee is hot enough for me to drink now.
    12) Mr. Mohan is rich enough to pay the fee of poor children.
    13) Rohit is mature enough to take care of himself without constant supervision.
    14) He is so brilliant that he can solve all the problems without needing constant support.
    15) Shubham is active enough to handle his own responsibilities without difficulty.
    16) These medicinees were perfect enough for my grandfather to alleviate his pain.
    17) The sunlight was bright enough to remove the darkness of the entire room.
    18) The cake sweet enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.
    19) She had so knowledge that she could pass the exam with flying colors.
    20) The players had so spirit that they could compete in the tournament.

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    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. She is old enough to drive a car..

    #2. Rajan worked so hard that he could get first class.

    #3. The policeman ran very fast that he could catch the thief.

    #4. He follows my instructions so properly that he can do it without mistakes.

    #5. The teacher teaches easily enough to improve students' marks.

    #6. These stories strange enough for us to read it again and again.

    #7. I read very fast that I can understand.

    #8. He climbed the tree quickly enough to cut it.

    #9. The weather was fine enough for us to go out.

    #10. We drove fast enough to arrive on time to the airport.

    #11. The law can only protect us against material attack. [Make- Negative]

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    1] Children like chocolate cake.
    2] The policeman would turn towards a new voice.
    3] Let’s take another example.
    4] Understand the meaning of your education.
    5] The mother never received such a costly gift in her life.
    6] Diet plays avital role in tha maintenance of good health.
    7] I am always with our society for it’s development.
    8] My sister didn’t finish her homework before the given time.
    9] You won’t know the way to get there.
    10] The company will give a good salary to all of us.
    11] Copying the West is not the answer to our problem.
    12] There is no room for secrecy or hiding under Bapuji’s leadership.
    13] A poverty-tree world would be economically much more stronger than this.
    14] Speak politely to your customers.
    15] The book society will chose the novel.
    16] Farmers carry cellphone.
    17] She performs her duty with zeal and enthusiasm.
    18] They were perfect, even circles, without lumps or thick edges.
    19] Let us aim for a civilized India.
    20] Rohan quickly became the star attraction of the district.

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