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Success Story of Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg was born  in Dobbs Ferry, New York on May 14, 1984. His father’s name is Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist and mother’s name is Karen Zuckerberg who is a psychiatrist.

Mark Zuckerberg was very promising since childhood. From the time he was in school, he started getting more interested in programming. Mark had created a messenger named “ZuckNet” at the age of 12. By connecting all the computers together with this software, all the people of the house used to talk by transferring the messages inside the house and in the father’s dental clinic.

Mark’s father had installed this software in his computer system and used it in his clinic. Receptionist in the clinic used to inform Mark’s father about the arrival of new patients through that Messenger.

Seeing this ability of Mark Zuckerberg, his father called a computer teacher for Mark and that teacher taught him programming. Mark learned programming very quickly. His teachers were surprised to see Mark learning programming so fast at such a young age.

Mark Zuckerberg was counted among the talented students in his school. He made MP3 Media Player during his high school. He named it “Synapse”. It was such a player that used to prepare Playlist automatically.

Microsoft and AOL started showing interest in this Media Player and they offered more money to Mark to buy it but Mark did not accept the offer.

Invention of FaceMash:
After completing his schooling, Mark took admission in Harvard University for his further studies. There also Mark became popular because of his intelligence. He created a site in 2003 called “FaceMash”.

Mark had hacked the database of his university to create this site and stole the profile picture of all the students studying in the university from there to put it in his FaceMash.

Mark had created a program that selects the photo of any two girls and asks them to vote on who is the most beautiful and good looking. The students who came to this site of Mark were from that university only and those students used to vote.

Gradually the popularity of this site increased a lot and many students started accessing this site. Due to high traffic on the site, the university got severe crash. After this, Mark got a lot of scolding from the teachers and principal of the university and this site also had to be closed.

Beginning of Facebook:
Shortly before the FaceMash incident, a Harvard University student Divya Narendra came to Mark with the idea of a “Social Networking Site” and had two partners.

He told Mark that he wanted to make this site for the students of his university. Whose name would be “Harvard Connection” and later its name was changed to “ConnectU”. He said that all the members associated with this site can share their photos, personal information with each other through internet. Mark liked this idea and he immediately said yes and started working with him.

While working on this project, he got the idea of starting his own Social Networking Site. In 2004, Mark took over the domain “”. Facebook was used at that time only by the students of their university. Gradually, in 2005, students of all the universities of USA started using it.

Day by day the popularity of Facebook was increasing. Seeing this, Mark decided that now not only students but all people around the world will be able to use Facebook. For this, Mark left his graduation studies in half and gave his full attention towards this project.

People can also make new friends on Facebook and can also talk back to their separated friends and share everything. Because of this specialty, people keep getting drawn towards Facebook. For this reason, the popularity of Facebook has increased so much that today Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s life and his success, a film has also been made on him called “The Social Network”.

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