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Success Story Of Dhirubhai Ambani

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Who doesn’t know Dhirubhai Ambani today? He is famous all over the world today because of his business. His full name is Dhirajlal Hiralal Ambani. His name came in the list of successful businessmen.

He dreamed and turned those dreams into reality. The result of this is that today Reliance Industries, which has been built by his hard work, is one of the largest companies in the country. His family comes in the list of the richest family in the country.
Dhirubhai Ambani proved with his success that if we believe in ourselves, then we can do anything and he did it. Those who dare to dream are those people who succeed in fulfilling those dreams. Dhirubhai Ambani was born on December 28, 1932, in Junagadh, Gujarat. His father’s name was Hiralal Ambani and mother’s name was Jamnaben Ambani.

Dhirubhai Ambani’s journey from a small businessman to a successful businessman was completed after facing a lot of struggles. He started his career with a salary of just Rs 300 per month. Going forward, he one day became the owner of billions and billions of rupees.

If we talk about his studies, he studied only up to 10th class. But his hard work and his intentions were higher than those who had obtained a master’s degree. He turned his small business into a big company in a very short time.

We can never imagine that a person selling a pakoda will one day become such a big businessman. Dhirubhai Ambani started his career by selling chaat-pakodas to pilgrims visiting Girnar Mountain on holidays. Earlier, he used to sell fruits and snacks, but he did not get much profit in that work, so he started selling chaat-pakodas.

His business was completely dependent on tourists. Therefore, this business used to run well at some time of the year, but in the rest of the time, profits were less, due to which Dhirubhai left this business.

He did not get much success in both these businesses, so his father advised him to do a job. Following his father’s advice, he went to work when he was only 16 years old.

Dhirubhai joined his first job in ‘A. Besse’ company in Aden city with a salary of just Rs 300 per month. That company became a distributor of ‘Shell Products’ after about 2 years and Dhirubhai was promoted.

Dhirubhai was business-minded from the beginning. Even when he was working, he was interested in business. He always thought about doing business and always looking for new opportunities for business. He used to spend 1 rupee to drink tea to listen to big businessmen and understand the nuances of the business, where tea was available for only 25 paise in the company where he worked.

When Dhirubhai lived in Yemen, after some time the movement for independence started in Yemen. Because of this, all the doors of business were closed for the Indians living there. After this, Dhirubhai had to return to India from Yemen in the year 1962. This time was such that he neither had a job nor any business to do.

Dhirubhai Ambani, along with his cousin Champaklal Damani, started the work of importing and exporting polyester yarn and spices. After this, he started Reliance Commercial Corporation by depositing an amount of just Rs 15000. He did that with a small office on Narasimha Street in Masjid Bunder.

This office was in just 350 square feet and this office had 1 telephone, 1 table and 3 chairs. Initially, he had only two colleagues. Dhirubhai and his cousin Champaklal Damani had a completely different way of doing business, so Dhirubhai started the business on his own and left the partnership with Champaklal Damani in the year 1965.

He expanded Reliance’s business to different areas. This includes telecom, energy, electricity, textiles/textiles, basic services, capital markets and etc. Now his two sons Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani are making full use of the new opportunity to steer Reliance Industries forward.

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Dhirubhai was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai on June 24, 2002 due to heart disorders. Where he also had a second disorder, his first shock came in February 1986. For this reason, his right heart was not working.

At that time he was in a coma for more than a week. Many doctors also treated him. He finally died on 6 July 2002.

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