Film Review – Mission Mangal

Film Review - Mission Mangal


Write the review of any science fiction film that you have seen recently on the following points.

 1] Director    

 2] Music


4] Genre

5] Review Rating

6] Release Date 

7] Cast

8] Best dialogue:

9] Story line

10] The most powerful scene:

11] Film Message: (Reason for your likeness)

Ans: Science Film:  ‘Mission Mangal’

 1] Director and Writer: The movie Mission Mangal’ was directed and written by Jagan Shakti 

2]Music: Amit Trivedi has given the effective music to the film Mission Mangal.

3] Producer   : The film has been produced by R. Balki

4] Genre : It is a typical representative of the History, science fiction, drama,  and thriller genre

5] Review Rating : The rating of the film is 3.0/5

6] Release Date: The film Mission Mangal was released on August 15, 2019

7] Cast  :In Mission MangalAkshay Kumar plays Rakesh, the movie star-handsome Indian Space Research Organisation scientistIn Mission Mangal,Vidya Balan, Tara plays Mangalyaan project director .

 8] Best dialogue: Dialogues are melodramatic (उत्तेजनापूर्ण), catching and patriotic.  

a) A dream is not what you see in sleep … a dream is something which does not let you sleep.

b)There’s no science without experiments.

c) Mere scientist ban’ne ka koi matlab nahi hai … agar mera science mere desh ke kaam na aaye (There’s no use of me becoming a scientist … if my science isn’t going to help my country) 

d) Poori duniya se kaho copy that (Ask the entire world to copy us now)

 9] Story line /Theme: The story is about a team of Indian scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) take on the extraordinary task of successfully sending a satellite into the orbit of planet Mars in a country’s maiden (first) attempt. Here Rakesh is selected to head a mission to Mars. It’s a punishment posting, since nobody believes that India can reach there – not his superiors, not the government, and certainly not the supercilious (घमण्डी;) adviser from the NASA, but Rakesh assembles a ragtag (सामान्य लोक) team of five women and two men, and goes on to demonstrate, in his words, that there’s no difference between home science and rocket science. Tara (Vidya Balan) uses the frying of puris. A pattern on a cushion cover inspires another change in the rocket’s design. A team member’s pregnancy inspires the acronym (संक्षिप्त रूप), MOM, Mars Orbiter Mission.

10] The most powerful scene: The film contains many powerful scenes which take  our attention but the most thrilling scene is After an 8-day delay due to weather on the way to Mars, the satellite is hit by a solar radiation wave, heavily damaging the communication systems of the satellite. When the team manages to regain communications, their attempts were unbelievable. In the end, when you see India’s scientists celebrate their victory, you can’t help but cheer for its scientific success. Despite the ups and downs, this story does make you believe that dreams do come true.

11] Film Message: (Reason for your likeness) Great movie very inspiring for students, a movie also gives a message not to loose the hope, everything is possibleWe must watch the movie. It’s a good movie. Some scenes give you goose bumps while the remaining get you fascinated.

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