phrasal verbs

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Phrasal verbs along with their meanings

Break down – stop functioning

Bring up – mention

Call off – cancel

Carry on – continue

Cut down – reduce

Deal with – manage or handle

Do away with – get rid of

Draw up – make or draft

Fill in – complete or provide information

Get along with – have a good relationship with

Get back – return

Get over – recover from

Give in – surrender

Give up – quit

Go ahead – proceed

Go on – continue

Hang on – wait

Hold on – wait

Keep on – continue

Let down – disappoint

Look after – take care of

Look for – search for

Look up – search for information

Make up – create or invent

Pick up – lift or collect

Put away – store

Put off – postpone

Put on – wear or perform

Put out – extinguish

Run into – encounter unexpectedly

Set up – establish or arrange

Take off – remove

Take on – accept or start

Take over – assume control

Talk over – discuss

Tear down – destroy

Turn off – stop

Turn on – start

Turn up – increase volume or appear

Use up – consume

Wake up – become conscious

Wear off – diminish

Work out – exercise or solve

Write down – record

Zero in – focus

Look up to – admire

Come across – find or meet

Carry out – perform

Get together – meet

Put up with – tolerate

Cheer up – become happier or more cheerful

Clear up – become clearer or cleaner

Count on – depend on or trust

Cut out – remove or eliminate

Dress up – wear formal or fancy clothing

End up – finally be in a certain situation

Face up to – confront or accept

Figure out – solve or understand

Find out – discover or learn

Get away – escape or leave

Get back at – seek revenge against

Get by – manage or survive

Get off – leave or exit

Give away – reveal or surrender

Give back – return or repay

Grow up – mature or become an adult

Hand in – submit or surrender

Hold back – restrain or conceal

Keep away – avoid or prevent

Keep out – prevent from entering

Knock out – defeat or stun

Let out – release or divulge

Make out – kiss or distinguish

Pass away – die or pass on

Pass out – faint or distribute

Pick out – select or choose

Pull out – withdraw or extract

Put up – raise or support

Reach out – extend or offer help

Ring up – telephone or total

Roll up – arrive or gather

Rope in – involve or persuade

Rule out – exclude or eliminate

Show up – arrive or appear

Stand up – rise or resist

Start off – begin or depart

Step up – increase or improve

Stick with – remain loyal to or continue

Take in – absorb or deceive

Tear up – destroy or break apart

Try out – test or audition

Turn down – reject or reduce

Turn up – increase volume or appear

Warm up – prepare or become warmer

Wear out – become exhausted or worn

Wind up – end up or finish

Work out – exercise or solve

Write off – dismiss or declare a loss

Zero in – focus

Zone out – daydream or become unaware.


Note that phrasal verbs can have multiple meanings and usage can vary depending on the context in which they are used. It’s a good idea to learn phrasal verbs in context, by reading and listening to native speakers, as well as studying examples from reputable English language sources.



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