Activity sheet answers

Answers of Activity Sheet for 12th English

8 (1)

Section –I (Prose) (Reading for comprehension, Language study, Vocabulary, Summary, Note- Making or Mind Mapping)

Q. 1.A) Read the given extract and complete the activity given below (12 Marks)                                               

          On the most basic level, when I’m in Tibet, though not a real Buddhist, I spend days on end in temples, listening to the chants of sutras. I go to Iceland to visit the lunar spaces within me, and in the uncanny quietude and emptiness of that vast and treeless world, to tap parts of myself generally obscured by chatter and routine. 

We travel, then, in search of both self and anonymity – and, of course, in finding the one we apprehend the other. Abroad, we are wonderfully free of caste and job and standing; we are, as Hazlitt puts it, just the “gentlemen in the parlour,” and people cannot put a name or tag to us. And precisely because we are clarified in this way, and freed of inessential labels, we have the opportunity to come into contact with more essential parts of ourselves. 

Abroad is the  place  where  we  stay  up late,  follow impulse and find ourselves as wide open as when we are in love. We live without a past or future, for a moment at least, and are ourselves up for grabs and open to interpretation We even may become mysterious -to others, at first, and sometimes to ourselves -and, as no less a dignitary than Oliver Cromwell once noted, “A man never goes so far as when he doesn’t know where he is going.” 

A1. Match the following.         (2)



1) Buddhist

A)  Chants

2) Abroad

B) free of casts and jobs

3) Hazlitt

C) gentlemen in the parlour

4) Iceland

D) lunar spaces

A2. Write some advantages of traveling in abroad. (2)         

Ans: There are some advantages of traveling 

a] Opportunity for self-discovery: Traveling allows one to tap into parts of themselves that may be obscured by the daily routine and distractions of daily life. It provides the opportunity to engage in introspection and self-reflection.

b] Freedom from labels and expectations: When traveling, people are free from the societal labels and expectations associated with their job, caste, and standing. This allows them to be more open and receptive to new experiences and perspectives.

c] Fresh perspective: Traveling to new and unfamiliar places allows one to see the world with fresh eyes, and gain a new perspective on their lives and the world around them.

d] Cultivation of inner peace: Spending time in peaceful and quiet environments, such as temples and the emptiness of Iceland, can help cultivate a sense of inner peace and reflection.

e] Impulse-driven experiences: Traveling provides the opportunity to follow impulse and experience new things without being held back by the past or future.

f] Becoming mysterious: Traveling can make one appear mysterious, both to others and sometimes to themselves. This sense of mystery can lead to a greater sense of adventure and excitement in life.

g] Living in the present: Traveling allows one to live in the present moment, and to experience life without the constraints of time.

h] No limitations on where you’re going: As Oliver Cromwell once noted, “A man never goes so far as when he doesn’t know where he’s going.” The lack of a specific destination can lead to unexpected and enriching experiences.  

 (Note: Write only main points, Extra description is given only study or to write the answer if the question is askes on that point)  

A3.  Explain with examples from the passage that the writer would respect other religion. (2) 

Ans: The writer mentions spending “days on end in temples, listening to the chants of sutras” in Tibet, even though they are not a “real Buddhist.” This suggests the writer’s a certain level of respect for the other religion and its traditions.

A4. What are some popular Buddhist destination (2)

Ans: Some popular Buddhist destinations for travelers include Bodh Gaya (India), where the Buddha attained enlightenment; Lumbini (Nepal), where the Buddha was born; Sarnath (India), where the Buddha delivered his first sermon; and Dambulla (Sri Lanka), home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site of cave temples.

A5. Do as directed. (2)

1)    I spend days on end in temples (Choose the correct alternative to change the sentence of past perfect tense)

Ans: d) I had spent days on end in temples.

2) Abroad is the place where we stay up late (Choose the correct alternative of the simple sentence   )

Ans: b)  We stay up late at abroad

3) Though not a real Buddhist, I spend days on end in temples.  (Choose the correct alternative removing though)

Ans: d) I am not a real Buddhist, but I spend days on end in temples. A6. Pick out the similar of the following words from the passage. (2)


(i) Small room – parlour

(ii) foreign – Abroad

(iii) moon  – Lunar

(iv) forthcoming – Future

(B)Language Study: (4)

B1. Do as directed/ Transformation of the sentences.

(1) We can accept our life gracefully. (Rewrite using modal auxiliary showing ‘compulsion’)  

Ans: We must accept our life gracefully.     

(ii) As I entered the post office, the Post Master presented me with a telegram. (Begin the sentence with “No sooner……. 

Ans: No sooner did I enter the post office than the Post Master presented me with a telegram.

(iii) The mother looks after her child. (Make it a rhetorical question)

Ans: Doesn’t the mother look after her child? or Does the mother not look after her child?

B2. Spot the error in the given sentence and rewrite the correct sentence.

Summers in Delhi are extreme hot.

Ans: Summers in Delhi are extremely hot.

Que.2 (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below:(12)      
Today, the craze of advertisement of manufactured goods is on the increase. The art of advertisement is, in fact, a modern development. It has revolutionized the modern trade. Modern life is highly complex and mechanical. People have no time to go into the soul of things. They want to buy largely advertised goods. The manufacturer, in his turn, wants to popularize his goods before these are manufactured. Such is the craze for advertised goods.

       We are living in the age of advertisement. No wonder, one sees shining and multi-colored bill-boards hung on poles displaying goods advertised. The city walls are found lettered with eye- catching advertisements of products that are manufactured today. There is a spate of magazines and journals which spare pages for latest variety of goods manufactured. Radio and Television are humming with advertisements of new products. In fact, many a time, one gets sick of these advertisements repeated hundreds of times on the radio or TV screen.

    There are various methods of advertisement. The most popular and useful method is to send advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Television is no less powerful a medium for advertising goods. There is always a great demand for advertisement space of footage and much money flows to the advertising medial. In certain cases the advertisement cost runs into thousands of rupees for products advertised. Advertisements are sometimes so scientifically and intelligently planned that they change the entire psychology of the consumers. Rapid telecast of advertisement makes psychological attachment with product. Consumer tries to connect the relation of products with his needs and stands firmly to get the product. Advertisements thus hold the sway and no manufacturer can do without it. A thing may not have an intrinsic value but it must be well advertised. We live in a glamorous world of advertisement. 

A1. Complete the web chart.



1] City walls

2] Magazines and journals

3] Radio/Radio advertisements.

4] Television/Television commercials

5] Newspapers/ Advertisements in magazines and newspapers


A2) Find out the reason: (02)

In modern age people want to buy largely advertised goods.  Because

Ans: a] modern life is highly complex and people have no time to go into the details of a product. They rely on advertisements to make informed purchasing decisions. 

b] Advertisements create a psychological attachment with the product, and as a result, people tend to trust and prefer advertised goods.

A3) Explain the psychological impact of advertisement on consumers. (02)

Ans: Advertisements are often scientifically and intelligently planned, influencing consumer behavior and changing the consumer’s psychology towards a product. So, people tend to buy largely advertised goods due to the convenience, influence, and trust they provide.

A4) Suggest any four benefits of advertisement according to you.(02)

Ans: a) Information: Advertisements provide customers with information about new products, services, and promotions. They can help customers make informed purchasing decisions by learning about the features, benefits, and pricing of different offerings.

b) Convenience: Advertisements can make it easier for customers to find the products and services they need. By providing information about the availability and location of products and services, advertisements can save customers time and effort in searching for what they want.

c) Comparison: Advertisements can help customers compare different products and services and make informed purchasing decisions. This is particularly useful for complex or expensive products that require careful consideration.

d) Entertainment: Advertisements can also provide entertainment value for customers. Many advertisements are creative, imaginative, and entertaining, providing customers with a break from their routine and a chance to enjoy something new and different.

A5. Do as directed.(02)  

1] The most popular and useful method is to send advertisements in newspapers and magazines. (Choose the correct transformation of given sentence of comparative degree from given alternatives.)

Ans; b) to send advertisements in newspapers and magazines is more popular and useful than any other method.

2] Rapid telecast of advertisement makes psychological attachment with product. (Choose the correct passive voice from given alternatives.)

Ans: b) Psychological attachment with product is made by rapid telecast of advertisement.

A6) Match the column A with group B to match the antonym of the words.



i) Modern

a) Ancient 

ii) Complex

b) Lucid

iii) Useful

c) Useless

iv) Largely

d) Shortly

B] Write the summary of the above extract with a suitable title with the help of given points/ hints. (3)

 Advertisement and modern trade manufacturer popularize his things various methods of advertisement—–cost——- attracts the customers  value of advertisement.

Title: The Value of Advertisement in Modern Trade

In modern times, Manufacturers seek to popularize their goods before they are manufactured, and advertisements play a crucial role in this process. There are various methods of advertisement including billboards, magazines, television, radio, and newspapers. Advertisements can be so scientifically and intelligently planned that they change the consumer’s psychology towards a product, making it a powerful tool for manufacturers. Advertisements provide customers with information, convenience, comparison, and entertainment, making them a valuable aspect of modern trade.

 (B) Mind Mapping: (03)

Using the provided activities in bracket, complete the web diagram to show what to do and what not to do while using vehicle. (use helmet, stop at red signal, overtake in market area, watch on your speed, drink and drive, neglect the symbol of road, use reflectors and mirrors, increase your speed on speed breaker, decrease the speed at zebra crossing, use mobile while driving, use dipper light at night, cross the speed limit.) 



A) What to do     

1] Use Helmet 

2] Stop at Red Signal 

3] Watch on your Speed 

4] Use Reflectors and Mirrors 

5] Use Dipper Light at Night —>  (Safe Driving)

B) What not to do   

1] Drink and drive 

2] Neglect the Symbol of Road 

3] Increase your Speed on Speed Breaker 

4] Decrease the Speed at Zebra Crossing 

5] Use Mobile while Driving 

6] Cross the Speed Limit 



Que.3 (A) Read the extract
and complete the activities given below:          (10)

 Much have I thought of life, and seen

How poor men’s hearts are ever light;

And how their wives do hum like bees

About their work from morn till night.


So, when I hear these poor ones laugh,

And see the rich ones coldly frown

Poor men, think I, need not go up

So much as rich men should come down.


When I had money, money, O!

My many friends proved all untrue;

But now I have no money, O!

My friends are real, though very few.


A1) State whether the given sentences true or false according to theme of given extract. (02)

 1) Poet, when he was rich had many true friends. -False

2) Poor man is happy with their earning. – True

3) Rich person celebrate the happiness with bottom of heart.- False

4) In poverty, poet gained true friends.- True

A2) Describe the life of poor man depicted in the given extract (02)

Ans: The life of the poor man depicted in this poem seems to be one of hardship and hard work, but they are happy Their wives work tirelessly from morning to night, but they hum happily.  The speaker also reflects that when they hear the poor man laugh, they realize that they are happier than the rich.

A3) ‘Real happiness is connected with satisfaction, not with money.’ Justify the given sentence in your words with proper example. (02)

Ans: The statement “real happiness is connected with satisfaction, not with money” is based on the idea that real happiness is a state of mind that stems from feeling satisfied with one’s life and experiences and cannot be bought or obtained through money. Money may provide temporary pleasures, but true happiness comes from within.

A4) Find out the rhyming pairs of given extract and frame the rhyme scheme of first stanza.  (02)

Ans: The rhyming pairs of the given extract are:

“light” and “night”

“laugh” and  up

“frown” and down

“O” and “O”

The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is ABAB.

A5) Poetic Creativity : (02)

Complete the blank lines to frame a poem of four lines describing happiness of life.

 Real happiness dwells in mind,

………………………one can find.

Money can’t give us true happiness,

………………… message of kindness.


Real happiness dwells in mind,

A treasure one can find.

Money can’t give us true happiness,

It’s a message of kindness.


Write a poetic appreciation of above extract with the help of given points.

1] Theme of poem                     

2] Language/poetic devices used in poem.

3] Message or moral in poem.  

4] Your opinion about the poem.

 His eye was on the Inchcape float;

Quoth he, “My men, put out the boat,

And row me to the Inchcape Rock,

And I’ll plague the Abbot of Aberbrothok’.


The boat is lower’d, the boatmen row,

And to the Inchcape Rock they go;

Sir Ralph bent over from the boat,

And he cut the Bell from the Inchcape float.

Down sunk the bell with a gurgling sound.

The bubbles rose and burst around;

Quoth Sir Ralph, ‘The next who comes to the Rock

Won’t bless the Abbot of Aberbrothok.’


Ans:  About the poem/poet and the title:

The Inchcape Rock’ by Robert Southey is a ballad of seventeen stanzas. The poem is about some dangerous rocks near the coast of Scotland. The title of the poem is very suitable because the rock is a central point of the whole poem.

The theme:

The theme of the poem is on the proverb ‘ Evil digs a pit for others but falls into the same (बुराई दूसरों के लिए एक गड्ढा खोदती है लेकिन उसी में गिर जाती है) ‘. It is about the evil feeling of jealousy. The Abbot installed a bell on the dangerous Inchcape rock to save the ships from the dangerous rock during the storms. So, the seamen blessed the Abbot for his good work. But Rove felt jealous at the fame of the Abbot and cut down the bell from the Inchcape rock. But finally he himself was the victim of the Inchcape rock.

Poetic style:

The poem is a ballad type. It has a, a, b, b rhyme scheme. There are total seventeen stanzas and each stanza consist four lines. There are some archaic (old) words used in the poem, such as quoth, canst, blest, hath etc.

The language/ poetic devices used in the poem

The language of the poem is very simple and easy to understand. The poem consists of different figures of speech such as personification, Transferred Epithet, simile, repetition, paradox, alliteration, onomatopoeia, apostrophe, inversion etc. The poem consists vivid imagery of the ‘bright, shining sun’, ‘hazy sky’, the ‘steady ship’, ‘green ocean’, ‘birds wheeling around’, ‘sinking ship’. etc. The use of symbolism also adds to the beauty of the poem where the Abbot is the symbol of good, while Sir Ralph symbolizes the evil.

Special features:

  The poem is didactic in nature, meaning that it conveys a moral through the story depicted in it. The moral of this poem is “As you sow, so shall you reap’.


      In my opinion the poem is the best moral for all the human being. It is applicable for the current society to stop crimes and evil deeds.



Q.4. Complete the activities as per instructions given below:

A] Attempt any ONE of the following : (4)

  1] Drafting Virtual Message :

Read the following conversation between Aarti and Sanjana’s father. and Drafting Virtual Message

 Aarti                    : Hello, I am Aarti. May I talk with saniana.

Sanjana’s Father  : Hi, I am Sanjana’s father. Sanjana went to
market with her 
 mother. Do you have any message for her?

Aarti                   : Yes Uncle, Borkar sir has decided to take an extra class of  English subject on this Sunday. Class timing is 8.00 am to 10.00 am. He told us to carry the note book of writing skill. He also said that he would take a test of 20 marks on taught portion. Will you convey this message to Sanjana?

Saniana’s Father   : Sure Aarti, I will do this. Is any more suggestions from your  teacher?

Aarti                     :No Uncle but tell her to complete the home work. Sir decided to check it.

Sanjana’s Father  : Yes, I will take care of your suggestion.

Aarti:                   : Thank you Uncle


Ans: Virtual Message:

11 Feb,2023

7.15 am

Dear Sanjana,

Your friend, Aarti, called up to say that Borkar sir has decided to take an extra class of English subject this Sunday. The class timing is 8.00 am to 10.00 am and he has asked us to carry our writing skills notebook. He also mentioned that he will be conducting a test of 20 marks on the taught portion. I just wanted to remind you to complete your homework as well as Sir has decided to check it.

Your Dad



2] Statement of Purpose :  (04 Marks)

Read the personal details given below and prepare a suitable Statement of Purpose.

Sant Gadgebaba University, Amravati is oneof the leading University for competitive exam study. You have passed your H.S.C exam recently and now you want to take an admission in this university to seek the competitive exam. You are well in faculty of arts, you are aware about current affairs and government policies. To crack the competitive exam with leading numbers is you dream. Reading and taking part in discussion on various topics regarding government policies is your hobby. Now you want to pursue your goal by taking an admission in this university. You get along well with people.


Ans: Statement of Purpose:

I am writing this statement to express my interest in seeking admission to Sant Gadgebaba University, Amravati. I have recently passed my H.S.C exam and I believe that this university will provide me with the necessary resources and support to achieve my dream of cracking competitive exams with leading numbers.

I have always been passionate about the faculty of arts, and I have a keen interest in current affairs and government policies. This is why I enjoy reading and participating in discussions on various topics related to government policies. I believe that this background will be beneficial for my future academic and professional growth.

I am confident that my passion and commitment to my field of study will enable me to contribute to the university community. I am a strong communicator and I get along well with people, which I believe will be an asset in the university environment.

I believe that Sant Gadgebaba University is the best place for me to pursue my goals. I am eager to learn from the knowledgeable faculty and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the university. I am confident that I will be able to make the most of my time at the university and emerge as a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the Sant Gadgebaba University community.


3] Group discussion:(04 Marks)

After a long break due to Covid-19, schools and colleges are opened. Suppose your friends are discussing the matter on school opening and precautions to take against covid -19.Compose the group discussion in 8 to 10 statements with the hints given below. 


1] School is opened after long break.

2] Everyone should keep social distancing.

3] Students must keep sanitizer and mask.

3] Uniform should not compulsory.

5] Students should take individual desk and bench.

Group Discussion:

Evaluator : You’ve all been given a few minutes to think on your topic for today’s group discussion, which is school opening and precautions to take against covid -19. Compose You may now begin the discussion. Who would like to start?

Manisha : I think the topic of this discussion is very relevant (closely connected) to all of us here. “Guys, schools are finally opened after such a long break due to Covid-19”

Mohan: “Yes, but we need to be extra cautious and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Ravi: “I heard that students must carry their own sanitizer and wear masks at all times in the school premises.”

Mohan: “And it’s great that the school has relaxed the rules and made the uniform optional, so that students can feel more comfortable.”

Nitin: “But I think it’s important that we follow the guidelines set by the school to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Ravi: “Yes, I agree. And I heard that students will be given individual desks and benches instead of shared ones, which is a good step.”

Manisha: “But we also need to be responsible and follow good hygiene practices like frequent hand washing and avoiding close contact with others.”

Evaluator : All right, everyone. Your time’s nearly up. Could someone conclude, please?

Nitin: “Overall, it’s good to be back in school, but we need to be mindful of the precautions and work together to keep everyone safe.”

B] Attempt any ONE of the following :(4)

1] E-Mail

:You are the student of JJC college, you want to fill the scholarship form to get concession in educational fees. Due to unhealthiness you were unable to submit the form now it is the last chance to submit it. Prepare an email to the principal of your college to get Bonafide Certificate for filling scholarship form. Use the following template to prepare an Email.














Subject: Request for Bonafide
Certificate for Scholarship Application



The Principal,

JJC College,


Dear Sir,

   I am
writing this email to request your assistance in obtaining a Bonafide
Certificate from JJC College. I am a student of 12th  in the college and I am in dire need of the
certificate to apply for a scholarship.

   Due to my unhealthiness, I was unable to
submit the scholarship form within the deadline. Now, I have been informed
that this is my last chance to submit the form and avail the concession in my
educational fees.

   I kindly request you to issue me a
Bonafide Certificate, which is one of the crucial documents required for the
scholarship application. The certificate would act as a proof of my enrolment
in the college and will be used to determine my eligibility for the

    I would be highly obliged if you could
process my request and issue the certificate as soon as possible.

   Thank you for considering my request. I
look forward to your favorable response.

Best regards,

Amol Palekar

 (write date 11 feb 2023)



2] Report Writing :

Compose a report on blood donation camp arranged recently in your college with the help of following headline and hints.

a)     Blood donation camp is organized: 60 Donators participated

b)    Blood donation camp on 26th Jan.

c)     Blood collection team from Nagpur medical college is invited.

d)    Chief Doctor of medical college has explained the importance of Blood Donation.

e)     50 students and 10 teaching – non teaching staff have donated blood.

f)      Principal of your college was very thankful to the donator and team.


Report on Blood Donation Camp Organized in JJC College

(by Ravish Rane, Class Representative)

    A blood donation camp was organized in JJC College on 26th January with the aim of creating awareness about the importance of blood donation and encouraging students to become blood donors. The blood collection team from Nagpur Medical College was invited to conduct the camp.

      The Principal of JJC College expressed his gratitude to all the donors and the blood collection team for their efforts in making the camp a success. He emphasized that blood donation is a noble cause and should be encouraged among the youth. The Principal also thanked the Nagpur Medical College for their cooperation and support in organizing the camp.

    In conclusion, the blood donation camp was a step towards creating awareness about the importance of blood donation and encouraging individuals to donate blood and save lives. The college is committed to organizing similar camps in the future to promote the cause of blood donation.

     It was a huge success as 60 individuals participated and donated blood. Out of these, 50 were students and 10 were teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. The Chief Doctor of the Nagpur Medical College was present at the camp and explained the significance of blood donation to the participants.


 3] Interview :

From your village, a teacher from Zilla Parishad school, has been awarded with a global teacher award. Suppose you have given a chance to take the interview of him. Prepare a set of 8 to 10 interview questions which can be asked to the global award winner teacher. Use the following points.

1] Teaching methods.

2] Innovative ideas in teaching field.

3] Responses of students.

 4] Dedication and nature of award.

5] Inspiring message to the students and teachers.

Ans: Typing————

C] Attempt any ONE of the following :(4)

  1] Speech :

Your college has arranged the speech completion on ‘Online education and its importance’. You are a representative of your class and you decided to take participation in speech competition. Prepare a speech to deliver in your college. Take the help of following hints.

1] Salutation to the guest and teachers.

2]  Being online is a need of present age.

3] Online education is completely new way of education.

4] Benefits of online education.

5] Precautions to take while being online.

6] Thanking notes to the organizer of program.


   2] Compering:

        Imagine that you are appended to compare the program of Inaugural function of Annual Day in your college. Prepare a script for the program as a compare in 100 words with the help of points given below.

1] Introduction of program. 

2] Welcome of Guest.

3] Inauguration ceremony of Annual -Day function by chief guest.

4] Speech of Principal and chief guest.

5] Vote of thank.


3] Expansion of an Idea:

 Expand the given idea with the help of points given below.

 “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

• Clothes a first impression of man.

• People are judged by clothes.

• Behavior must be generous according to clothes.

• Value of people should be evaluated by behavior and attitude

D] Attempt any ONE of the following : (4)

1] Review :                                                                                             

        Write a review of the film that you’ve seen recently. Give details about the movie     

 using following supporting points

• Title of movie.

• Main character and supporting characters.

• Theme / story of movie.

• Turning point of movie.

• Favorite Songs and actions.

• Why did you like / dislike the movie.


2] Blog Writing : :                                                                             

      Write a blog in a proper format on ‘Tree Plantation: A need to live’ in 100 words by taking the help of   following guidelines.

1] Man becomes selfish with nature.

2] Tree plantation a need of Industrial Age

3] People duty against nature.

4] Need of such program in large scale.


  3] Appeal:                                                                                                   

     Prepare an appeal for the general awareness about the problems and acute Economical condition of farmers of India. Write an appeal of 100 words with the help of following points.

1] Give persuasive title.

 2] Appeal the people to be generous with farmers.

3] Condition of farmers due to drought and government policies.

4] Rally organized for donation.

5] Use some appealing words.



Q.5 (A). Answer the following questions:                                                      (4)

1. Complete the table by choosing correct alternatives from given bracket.(02)                                            

(First Indian novel, Don Quixote, Tale of Genji, Frankenstein.)

World’s first novel



First novel based on science

European novel



Rajmohan’s wife



2. State whether given statements true or false. (02)

1] Story or course of events in novel is known as theme of the novel.

2] Readers fallow the action of main character in novel is called ‘Protagonist’.

3] Realistic novel is based on the life history of the writer.

4] Word Picaresque is originated from Spanish word ‘Picaro’ which means a picture.

(B) Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below:(04 Marks)

1] Explain the purpose of organizing the half yearly report program of student council.  (02)

2] Illustrate the relationship between teacher and students highlighted in novel ‘to sir with love’. (02)

(C)Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below:(04 Marks)

1] Describe the Pileas Foss as a protagonist character of novel ‘around the world in eighty days.’ (02)

2] ‘Time is fickle, no one can control the time’. Justify the given statement as one of the theme of novel around the world in eighty days. (02)

D] Answer in about 50 words to the questions given below:           (04 Marks)

1] Describe in brief the significance of the place of London and Agra.

2] Narrate the meeting of Miss Morstan with Holmes in sigh of four.


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