Summary unseen passage

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    Q.2 ( A & B) Unseen Passage and Summary      – 15 Marks

    A] Questions on unseen passage- (12 Marks)

    B] Summary Writing on the same unseen passage– (3 Marks)

    How to Write Summary

    1] Write a short passage nearly in 40 words /  3/5  lines

    2] Give suitable title 

    3] Read two times the passage and understand.

    3] Find exactly what you need to summarize.

    4] Write in a single paragraph.

    5] Write short sentences in your own language.

    6] Make grammatical changes 

    7] Avoid the story or make it short

    8] Remove useless words and sentences from the passage.       

    9] Don’t add your idea or example.

    10]  Read the instructions, find out the topic on which you have to write the summary. Underline 4 to 5 sentences related to topic. pick up them and rewrite them in your own language, connecting with coordinating conjunctions like and…. Don’t xerox them. 


    Passage- 1

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12) 

       Joycee is not only beautiful, but bold too. A bright eyed, slim and smart, she is the first woman in the city to work at the petrol pump! With a warm and welcoming smile on her pretty face, she performs her job with zeal and enthusiasm.

      One after another vehicles stop in front of her …… “ kitna dalna hai”? She asks very confidently and then……on goes the pump meter. Her eyes reverted on the meter, she is quick and careful enough to stop it as soon as it reaches the right figure. Simple though it may seem, the job needs both strength and courage especially for a woman; strength for it is a continuous and tiring job without any rest, except for a short lunch break and courage because she is working in an exclusively male dominated domain!

    I   t was her husband who encouraged her to take up the job, after reading an advertisement in a local daily for a woman petrol pump worker. Even during those days when Joycee was disappointed, he motivated her to continue. “Ignore them and continue your work”, was his gentle advice. Joycee remembers these encouraging words of her husband, to whom she owes a lot of her success.

    A1. Choose the correct alternatives.

    1] A strong passion, desire or faith in a cause.

    a) Zeal    b) Slim      c) courage     d) motivated

    2] An area or place that usually belong to someone .

    a) Job   b) domain c) local         d) work

    3] Controlled or ruled by superior authority or power .

    a) encouraged b) husband c) dominated   d) strength.

    4] A machine used for transportation.

    a) Owes b) petrol pump c) pump meter d) Vehicle.

    B] Arrange the following ideas in order to occurrence as given in the passage.

    1. Her husband encouraged her when she would be nervous.

    2. The job needs both strength and courage especially for a woman.

    3. She owes a lot of her success to her husband

    4. Joycee would handle the pump meter very carefully.

    3] Write True or False

    a) Joycee left her job at last. (Ans: False)

    b) She would work at the petrol pump very enthusiastically. (Ans: True)     

    c) Joycee had both strength and courage. (Ans: True)

    d) Her brother encouraged her to take up this job. (Ans: False)

    A2. Complete the following web-diagram to show the qualities of Joycee.

    Screenshot (298)

    A3. “Ignore them and continue your work.” This statement of Joycee’s husband concludes ……… (Complete it in a short paragraph in 50 words) 2

    Ans: It is the best example of support and determination. Despite social problems, his words gives a strong message of focusing on the work. Due to which Joycee could pursue her passion and work  in a different profession which inspire others. 

    A4. Sculpt the message conveyed through the passage.

      Ans: The Extract shows that women can also work in the male dominated profession although they have to face difficulties.  They need only a support of their family members. If the family members are with them they will not be behind to men. This story of Joycee proves it and inspires women.

     A5. Contextual Grammar:  2                                                           

    1] She is quick and careful enough to stop it as soon as it reaches the right figure. (“No sooner …….. than”)

    Ans: No sooner does it reach the right figure than she is quick and careful enough to stop it. 

    2] She performs her job with zeal and enthusiasm. ( Wh- question)

    Ans: How does she perform her job?                                              

    A6. Vocabulary:    2

    1.Complete the following sentence by selecting proper words from the passage.         

    a) Children need to be……. for doing the household jobs.

    Ans: Children need to be encouraged for doing the household jobs.

    b) In the world, weak are usually ……. by the strong.

    Ans: In the world, weak are usually dominated by the strong.

    2] Find out the words from the passage which mean. 

    1) Physically attractive in the face. (Ans: pretty)

    2) Strong belief.    (Ans: confident)

    3)went back to previous stage.  (Ans: Reverted)

     4) Stamina/ might.  (Ans: strength)

    (B) Summary: 3

    Write the summary of the above passage pointing out the qualities of Joycee, her work and the difficulties involved. Suggest a suitable title.


    Joycee: The first petrol pump worker woman

     The first petrol pump worker, Joycee is an attractive and bold woman. She has both strength and courage. She performs her male dominated job joyfully and interestingly. Her husband motivated her for this job and in her difficulties that’s why she owes lot of her success to him.


    Passage- 2

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12)  

    The great advantage of early rising is the good start it gives us in our day’s work. The early riser can do a large amount of work before other men get out of bed. In morning, the mind is fresh and there are hardly any distractions. As such, the work done at this time is generally well done. 

       In many cases, the early riser finds time to take some exercise when the fresh morning breeze is blowing and this exercise supplies him with a fund of energy until the evening. By beginning early, he knows that he has plenty of time to do thoroughly all the work that he is expected to do, and is not tempted to hurry over any part of it. 

        All his work being finished in good time, he has a long interval of rest in the evening before the timely hour comes for going to bed. He gets sleep when sleep is most refreshing, and after a sound sleep rises early next morning in good health and spirits for the labors of a new day.

    A1. Write True or False

    1. Early rising is advantageous for us. (Ans: True)

    2. The exercise done early in the morning is harmful. (Ans: False) 

    3. by beginning early there is no distraction in our day’s work. (Ans: True)

    4. Early riser can get refreshing sleep.(Ans: True)

    A2. Explain: As such, the work done at this time is generally well done.  2

    Ans: The work that is done in the morning is usually perfect and without any mistake because in the morning the mind is fresh and one can concentrate without distractions. When a person starts early, he has mental clarity, resulting in better completed work.

    A3. Give reason:  There are hardly any distractions.”

    Ans: There are hardly distractions in the morning because there are no people around you at this time. In such a calm atmosphere and without any disturbance, you can concentrate better on your work for the expected result. 

    A4. How will you motivate the late riser to rise early in the morning?

    Ans: I will motivate the late risers to get up early by telling him the advantages of early rising and disadvantages of late rising. I will tell him in the calm morning hours, there is freshness, we get the extra time to complete our work. 

    A5. Contextual Grammar;

    a) The early riser can do a large amount of work before other men get out of bed. (Use – be able to)

    Ans: The early riser is able to do a large amount of work before other men get out of bed . 

    b) Early rising is good. (Make negative)

    Ans: Early rising is not bad.

    Q.6 1. Find out from the passage which mean.

    a) confusion _______ 

    b) the light wave of air_________

    Write the summary of the above passage pointing out the main points about advantages of early rising.


     Advantages of Early Rising.

      Getting up early gives us a good start to the day’s work, without distractions and with a fresh mind. He can complete more work than a late riser, without haste and without mistakes. He has time for exercise, which gives him energy throughout the day. He goes to bed early and gets up the next morning fresh for the next day work.

    Passage- 3

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12) 

    A great part of Arabia is desert. Here there is nothing but sand and rock. The sand is so hot that you cannot walk over it with your bare feet in the day time. Here and there in the desert are springs of water that come from deep down under the ground so deep that the sun cannot dry them. These springs are few and far apart, but wherever there is a one, green grass very soon covers the ground all around it. Soon Fig trees and palm trees grow tall and graceful; making a cool green shady place around the spring such a place is called an

     The Arabs who are not in the cities live in the desert all the year round. They live in tents that can be put up and taken down very easily and quickly. So that they can move from one Oasis to another seeking grass and water for their sheep, goats, camels and horses. These desert Arabs eat ripe sweet figs and also the dates that grow upon the palm trees, they dry them too and use them as food all the year round.

     The camel is much more useful to the Arab than his beautiful horses, however, for he is much larger and stronger. One camel can carry as much as or more than two horses. The Arabs loads the camel with goods and rides him too for miles across the desert, just as if he were really the ‘Ship of the Desert’ which he is often called.Oasis (2)


    B) Write a summary of the above passage pointing out the main facts regarding the Arabs suggests a suitable title.

    Ans:  The Lifestyle of The Desert Arabs

    The Desert Arabs live in tents and move from one Oasis to another in search of grass and water for their animals. They dry ripe sweet figs and the dates and eat them as food the whole year.

    Passage- 4

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12) 

    Mother Teresa was awarded the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her good work in bringing hope and help to suffering humanity. The winner, chosen from among fifty-six nominees, including US president Jimmy Carter, is a 69 years old Roman Catholic nun. She is the sixth woman in the world and first citizen of India to get this highly esteemed prize since it was instituted in 1901.

    Born of Albanian parents in what is now Yugoslavia, Mother Teresa came to India fifty years ago. There she taught geography in a convent school. In 1947. she gave up her teaching career and moved into the slums of Calcutta to serve God among the poorest of the poor. Later she became an Indian citizen. In 1950, she founded a religious order, the Missionaries of Charity, and set herself to relieve the distressed. It was indeed a challenging job for her and her followers, but strong determination made for success. Today, after thirty years of sustained efforts, the order which is best known for its home for the dying destitute has grown up to be a very big organization, running schools, hospitals, youth centers and orphanages around the world.

                Mother Teresa is a frail-looking but energetic woman who talks little of herself, only letting her charisma and works of charity to which she has dedicated her life do all the talking. Though virtually she is regarded as a saint by her followers, she always tells them humbly what she does is actually God’s work.

    B) Write a summary of the above passage pointing out the main facts regarding Mother Teresa. Suggest a suitable title.


    Nobel Peace Prize winner: Indian Woman

       A frail-looking, but energetic, Albanian born woman, Mother Teresa is 69 years old Roman Catholic nun who was felicitated with highly reputed, Nobel Peace Prize in1979 for serving the poorest of the poor. She founded a religious order, the Missionaries of Charity. Her followers would consider her a saint.

    Passage- 5

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12) 

    “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions, I take decisions and then make them right.” One of them make them right. One of the Ratan Tata’s inspiring words which made me dream beyond shadows. I feel fortunate that I discovered him in the early stage of my life and now I am using his teachings to mould my future the way I want.
    Even though Ratan Tata was born in a very posh family of India, he never took money and power for granted. He graduated from Riverdale country from New York, Ratan Tata began his career in the Tata Group working on the shop floor of Tata Steel. After working for almost 10 years he was appointed as the director-in-charge of the National Radio and Electronics Company Limited (NEL.CO) in order to help its struggling finances. He worked hard building a better consumer electronics division but the economic recession and union strikes prevented him from achieving success and this success helped Tata to be appointed as the chairman of the Tata Group of companies. He started with a very basic job in his father’s company and today he owns a billion dollar company.
    The tag of greatness does not come without making any sacrifices and this tag on Ratan Tata suits to its best.
    Tata group launched its passenger car Tata Indica in the year 1998 but Tata Indica was a failure in its first year and the experiment seemed to be failing. Many people started
    advising Ratan Tata that he should sell the passenger car business. Ratan Tata also agreed to this, and a proposal was given to Ford, they showed interest too. The three-hour meeting at Ford headquarters in Detroit, chairman of Ford (Bill Ford) said to Ratan Tata, “Why did you enter in the passenger car business when you were not knowing of it. It will be a favour if we buy this business from you.”
    Ratan Tata decided to move back home. While travelling he was very tense as the feeling of being insulted was on his mind. After earlier failures, Tata Motors did well with its business of passenger cars but in the same period, Ford did very bad. In 2008 when Ford was on its way of bankruptcy, Tata Group offered Ford to buy its luxury car brand, Jaguar Land Rover. Ford arrived in Mumbai for the meeting. In the meeting, Bill Ford said to Ratan Tata, you are doing a big favour for us by buying- Jaguar-Land Rover is now owned by Tata Group and is currently making profits.

    (B) Summary Writing :
    Write a summary of the above extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints.
    Ratan Tata’s early career – early setback in passenger car business – his meeting with Bill Ford – his success in passenger car business – purchase of Ford’s Land Rover and Jaguar.


    Ratan Tata’s Journey From Failure to Success.

    Ratan Tata started his career as a shop floor in his father’s company. Then was appointed as the director-in-charge of NEL.CO. achieving success there finally he became the chairman of the Tata Group of companies. Despite initial failures with the Tata Indica, Bill Fords’ insulting words motivated him not to sell the car unit and finally Tata bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford. 

    Passage- 6

    Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12)

        The government of India is encouraging medical tourism in the country by offering tax benefits and export incentives to the participating hospitals. Medical visas are being cleared quickly without any hassles. With a view to facilitating the growth of medical tourism industry, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with the Ministry of Tourism has set up a task force to evaluate the opportunities in the industry. Efforts are being made to standardise procedures and to guide foreign patients to select the hospitals most suited to their needs. Meanwhile, several private hospitals are seeking to take advantage of the booming medical tourism industry and are investing hugely in acquiring equipment and skills.

       However, medical tourism carries some risks that locally provided medical care does not. Some countries like India, Malaysia and Thailand have very different infectious diseases rarely found in Europe and North America. Exposure to diseases without having built-up natural immunity can be a hazard for weak individuals specially with respect to gastrointestinal diseases like Hepatitis A, amoebic dysentery etc., which could slow down the recovery process. Also, medical tourists may be at risk from mosquito-transmitted diseases, influenza and tuberculosis. The quality of post- operative care can also vary dramatically depending on the hospital and the country. Finally, after returning home, a patient has a limited contact with their surgeon. This may make it difficult to deal with any complications that may arise later, such as a delayed infection.

       The concept of medical tourism raises some important questions regarding accessibility, affordability and ethics in medical care. It is unfortunate that a large section of the Indian population has little or no access to private health care. Public health care system is inadequate and lacks proper infrastructure and facilities. One wonders if it is sensible to make provisions for medical tourism in a democratic country like India, which has failed to provide nourishment, sanitation and health care to its masses. (Read in Marathi)

    B) Write a summary of the above passage pointing out the main facts. Suggest a suitable title. with the help of the following points.

    1] Government of India promoting medical tourism—–

    2] Side effects of medical tourism—– Response of the Indian population—— Prospect of medical tourism in India


    “Medical Tourism in India: Opportunities, Risks, and Societal Concerns”

       The Indian government is actively promoting medical tourism by offering tax benefits and incentives to hospitals and simplifying visa procedures. Through the task force the efforts are taken to plan the procedures and guide foreign patients to suitable hospitals. However, medical tourism also involves risks such as infection with various diseases, post-operative care and limited contact with doctors after surgery. But India cannot provide basic healthcare, food and sanitation to its people.

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