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What is Noun/ Verb? Exercise

Nouns and verbs are the most important parts of speech in the English .  We use nouns to give name person, places, and things as well as we use verbs to describe activity.  it is unable to make sentence or express any activity  without nouns and verbs.  They both together built basic of the sentences. We need to  understand properly the nouns and verbs to improve writing as well as communication skills.  

  Use the following verb and verb + noun to understand it.

Verb – Verb+ Noun

Decide – Take a decision
Classify – Make a classification
Advise – Give an advice
Analyze – Conduct an analysis
Argue – Make an argument
Assemble – Put together an assembly
Calculate – Make a calculation
Clarify – Provide clarification
Communicate – Send/make a communication
Compose – Write a composition
Conclude – Reach a/ come to the conclusion
Connect – Make a connection
Construct – Build a construction
Contribute – Make a contribution
Control – Take control
Converse – Have a/ make conversation
Cooperate – Work in/ give/take a cooperation
Correct – Make a correction
Create – Make a creation
Critique – Give a critique
Debate – Hold/ make/ involve in a debate
Define – Give a definition
Delegate – Assign a delegation
Demonstrate – Give a demonstration
Depict – Make a depiction
Describe – Give a description
Design – Make a design
Detail – Provide a detail
Develop – Make a development

Provide –  make a provision
Differentiate – Make a differentiation
Direct – Give a direction
Discuss – Hold a/ make  discussion
Discover – Make a discovery
Dissect – Conduct a dissection
Distribute – Make a distribution
Edit – Make an edition
Educate – Provide education
Effect – Make an effect
Emphasize – Give emphasis
Encourage – Provide encouragement
Engineer – Make an engineering
Enhance – Make an enhancement
Evaluate – Conduct an evaluation
Examine – Conduct an/ give an examination
Explain – Give an explanation
Explore – Conduct an exploration
Express – Give an expression
Extract – Make an extraction
Facilitate – Provide a facilitation
Finalize – Make a finalization
Forecast – Make a forecast
Formulate – Make a formulation
Generate – Make a generation
Identify – Make an identification
Illustrate – Give an illustration
Implement – Make an implementation
Improve – Make an improvement
Include – Make an inclusion
Incorporate – Make an incorporation
Indicate – Give an indication
Influence – Have an influence
Innovate – Make an innovation
Inspire – Provide inspiration
Instruct – Give an instruction
Integrate – Make an integration
Interpret – Make an interpretation
Introduce – Make an introduction
Invent – Make an invention
Investigate – Conduct an investigation
Judge – Make a judgment
Justify – Give a justification
Learn – Obtain a learning
Lecture – Give a lecture
Locate – Make a location
Maintain – Make a maintenance
Manage – Make a management
Measure – Take a measurement
Modify – Make a modification
Monitor – Make a monitoring
Motivate – Provide motivation
Negotiate – Make a negotiation
Observe – Make an observation
Obtain – Make an obtaining
Operate – Make an operation
Organize – Make an organization
Outline – Make an outline
Oversee – Make an oversight
Participate – Make a participation
Perform – Make a performance
Persuade – Provide a persuasion.

Rewrite the sentence using noun / Verb form of the underlined word.  

1] They will conclude that the new project will get success.

Ans: –

2] We have clarified the instructions for this task.

Ans: –

3] My father advised me to take some time to think about my decision.

Ans: –

4] The government will construct this bridge across the Yanuna river.

Ans: –

5] All the students will get a chance to argue with the officers on the issue.

Ans: –

6] They must calculate the area of the ground.

Ans: –

7] The teacher described about a new project in detail.

Ans: –

8] The senior must communicate with his colleague about the new policy.

Ans: –

9] The music teacher will compose a new piece of music to perform on the Republic Day.

Ans: –

10] The team will investigate the problem.

Ans: –

11] They have differentiated between these two types of events. 

Ans: –

12] The manager will take a control of the meeting.

Ans: –

13]  The government should make correction of the errors.

Ans: –

14] The students will give a beautiful performance in the class.

Ans: –

15] The professor made a discussion on the history of modern India.

Ans: –

Std. X (Marathi Medium) - Question Bank 2022-2023

Std. X (English Medium) - Question Bank 2022-2023



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