Noun and Verb

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    Rewrite the sentence using noun / verb - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] Convert Only underlined word noun to verb or verb to noun as per instruction.

    2] If the underlined word is verb, to make it noun- pronounce the word in our own language.

    3] Suppose the word is inform- in Marathi it will be – सूचना देणे – the first word – सूचना information is a noun and the second word देणे give is a new verb.

    3] Instead of underlined verb – write new verb+ (a/an) + noun the write preposition to for the person or of for other (according to meaning) and write object. Don’t use the preposion if there is already any other.

    Verb +bj.

    Examples of noun and verb.

    1] These internet giants provide a great deal of data about people  (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: These internet giants make a provision of a great deal of data about people
    Explanation : provide-(पुरवठा करणे ) – make(करणे ) a provision (पुरवठा )

    2] Shaaz provides locals with vocational training,  (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: Shaaz makes a provision to locals with vocational training,
    Explanation : provide-(पुरवठा करणे ) – make(करणे ) a provision (पुरवठा )

    3] Next morning we advertised in all the papers.  (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: Next morning we gave an advertisement in all the papers.
    Explanation : advertise-(जाहिरात देणे ) – give(देणे ) an advertisement (जाहिरात)

    4] The teacher will give me advice for my mistake.  (Rewrite as a verb form of underlined word)
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    Ans: The teacher will advise mefor my mistake.
    Explanation : advise-(सल्ला देणे ) – give(देणे ) an advice (सल्ला )

    5] Robert Haydon gave an answer to him something. (Rewrite as a verb form of underlined word)
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    Ans: Robert Haydon answered him something..
    Explanation : answer-(उत्तर देणे ) – give(देणे ) an answer (उत्तर )

    6] She made a conclusion with innocent eyes. (Rewrite as a verb form of underlined word)
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    Ans: She concluded with innocent eyes.
    Explanation : conclude -(उत्तर देणे ) – make(करणे ) a conclusion (निष्कर्ष, अनुमान. )

    7] You have taken care of orphan animals. (Rewrite as a verb form of underlined word)
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    Ans: You have cared orphan animals.
    Explanation : care-(काळजी घेणे ) – take (घेणे ) care (काळजी )

    8] He decided to decline the job offer. (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: He took the decision to decline the job
    Explanation : decide-(निर्णय घेणे ) – take (घेणे ) decision (निर्णय )

    9] The film impacted the students.  (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: The film had an impact on the students.”
    Explanation : impact-(प्रभाव असणे ) – have (असणे ) impact (प्रभाव )

    10] I developed my interest in literature and music during my school days. (Rewrite as a noun form of underlined word)
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    Ans: I made development in my interest in literature and music during my school days. – is it correct or I experienced development in my interest in literature and music during my school days.”
    Explanation : develop-(विकास करणे ) – make (करणे)/ experience(अनुभवणे) development (विकास )

    11] Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam gave an inspiration to me.(Rewrite as a verb form of underlined word)
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    Ans: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspired me “
    Explanation : inspire -(प्रेरणा देणे ) – give(देणे ) – inspiration(प्रेरणा )

    Extra Examples 

    1] The coach motivated the team before the competition. (noun)
    2] My father gave an encouragement to me in my difficult times. (verb)
    3] The government should give empowerment to the youth to pursue their dreams. (Verb)
    4] This movie educated the peoples about the impact of climate change. (noun)
    5] Regular exercise provides strength to the body and mind. (noun)
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    6] A supportive word of my friend can provide comfort through the challenging period. (verb)

    7] My family and friends gave support to me in times of sorrow. (verb)
    8] A sound sleep of eight hour will energize you for the next day labour. (noun)
    9] A balanced diet nourishes the body with all kinds of essential nutritional factors. (noun)
    10] The tour guide guided us through the historical landmarks of the forts of Shivaji Maharaj. (noun)
    11] Reading and writing make cultivation of a deeper connection with knowledge of the students. (verb)
    12] Creative activities keep engage to students in the classroom. (verb)
    13] The success stories of my seniors motivated me to start my own business. (noun)
    14] The wise words of the elder inspire the young generation to strive for greatness. (noun)
    15] The upcoming concert made an excitement in fans all around the city. (verb)
    16] Her passionate speech changed the life of the community. (noun)
    17] Traveling brings awareness in a sense of wonder and curiosity within us. (verb)
    18] His determination and hard work gave him inspiration towards achieving goals. (verb)
    19] Engaging in intellectual discussions make stimulation to develop the mind. (verb)
    20] Music has the power to activate to any inactive person. (noun) 


    List of Verb = New verb + Noun

     Encourage = give + encouragement

    Empower = give empowerment
    Educate = provide education
    Enrich = give enrichment
    Comfort = give comfort

    Read more the list

    Support = provide/give support
    Uplift = give upliftment
    Energize = provide energy
    Nourish = give nourishment
    Foster = provide fostering
    Guide = give guidance
    Cultivate = provide cultivation
    Instigate = provide instigation
    Decide = take/make decision
    Engage = provide engagement
    Sustain = provide sustenance
    Refresh = give refreshment
    Motivate = give motivation
    Inspirit = give inspiration
    Excite = provide excitement
    Ignite = give ignition
    Effect = have an effect
    Fire = give fire
    impact have an impact (on)
    Stimulate = provide stimulation
    Exhilarate = give exhilaration
    Activate = provide activation
    Rally = give rally
    Invigorate = give invigoration
    Enliven = give enlivenment
    Drive = give drive
    Move = give movement
    Motivate = provide/give motivation
    Inspire = provide inspiration
    Arouse = give arousal
    Prompt = provide prompt
    Influence = provide influence
    Persuade = provide persuasion
    Galvanize = give galvanization
    Inflame = give inflammation
    Propel = give propulsion
    Spur = give spurring
    Stimulate = provide stimulation
    Stir = give stirring
    Encourage = give encouragement
    Energize = provide energy

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