Modal Auxiliary

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    Points to Remember

    1] There are two types of Helping verbs 
    a) Primary helping verbs which are used in tense like am, is, are, have, has, had, etc. 
    b) Modal Auxiliary which are not used in tense like can, could, may, should etc. 
    3] According to the following table different modal auxiliaries have different functions which we have to remember while using modal auxiliary as per instructions.
    4] Without making any other change in the given sentence only replace the Modal Auxiliary according to the instruction.

    Modal Auxiliaries





    Obligation /Compulsion


    advice/ suggestion


    Habitual action in the past


    Request (?)


    Certainty/(More- certain/ more-definite / More- formal)


    Permission(?) / possibility, less formal / less definite / less certain   

    Need to


    Ought to



    less possibility

    May not




    Rewrite the sentence Using another Modal Auxiliary.

    1] They need to follow the instructions. (Use another modal auxiliary to make the sentence of Compulsion)


    2] It would leave him filled and happy for the journey to his winter island. (More certain)


    3] Some other way of entering the limbo must be devised. (Necessity)


    4] The luck would again run against him. (Prohibition)


    5] The nuts vendor will blow out  his lamp . (Habitual action in the past)


    6] The massive data can work wonders. (less certain)


    7] The huge the data might be useful. (More definite)


    8] Big data can be petabytes or Exabyte’s.  (compulsion)


    9] You must plan your own route. (Make the sentence of advice)


    10] They will also track the condition . (Habitual action in the past)


    Examples of imperative sentences .

    Note: If the given sentence is of imperative begin the answer with You then write Modal auxiliary and the remaining sentence

    11] Switch off the light when you leave the room. (Make the sentence of compulsion)


    12] Work hard to achieve success. (Make the sentence of compulsion)


    13] Yoke the bullock. (Make the sentence of ability) 


    14] Speak politely to your customers. (Habitual action in the past)


    15] Realize your responsibility. (Obligation)


    16] Understand the meaning of your education. (Necessity)


    17]  Be ashamed of yourself. (Make the sentence of Duty)


    Identify the modal auxiliary and write its function.

    18] Could I have your number?

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


    19] May I help you?

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


    20] The proposal must finish on time.

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


    21] You ought to have your bike serviced before the winter.

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


    22] You should get your teeth cleaned at least once a year.

    Ans: Modal auxiliary –


    23] Tom will write poetry very well.

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


     24] Can you lead me ten dollars ?

    Ans: Modal auxiliary—


    Rewrite using proper form of modal auxiliary.

    Use the following table while using proper modal auxiliary


    ought to


    have to/has to (need to)




    used to

    25] You should avoid smoking here. (Use another modal auxiliary)


    26] They must call the teacher. (Use another modal auxiliary)


    27] People may use public transport.  (Use another modal auxiliary)


    28] He used to linger in the coconut tree. (Use another modal auxiliary)


    29] But that ought to be updated regularly. (Use another modal auxiliary)


    30]  Socrates would turn to a new voice . (Use another modal auxiliary)


    Solve the sentences according to the meaning. 

    31] People will park their cars in front of the gates. (Make sentence of compulsion


    32] My friends can encourage us. (Necessity)


    33] The book society chose the novel. (More certain)


    34] People should work always sincerely to build up our nation. (Make the duty)


    35] Your brother do not take a breakfast early in the morning. (Give your brother a suggestion)


    List of 1000 Verbs forms - Click here

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. The polite man may college board essay the material advantage. (Habitual action in the past)

    #2. The law will acquit me. (obligation)

    #3. Legal system could not attempt to legislate against bad manners. (prohibition)

    #4. We must admit that the law is reasonable. (Use another modal auxiliary)

    #5. I may be as uncivil. (Use another modal auxiliary)

    #6. The gutters of the city would run with blood all day. (Use another modal auxiliary)

    #7. We ought to love our parents. (Use another modal auxiliary)

    #8. Will you please shut the door? (Request)

    #9. It might rain today. (Identify modal auxiliary and function)

    #10. His products may be cheap. (Identify modal auxiliary and function)

    #11. His products may be cheap. (Identify modal auxiliary and function)

    #12. Teacher may not neglect their duties now a days. (Advice)

    #13. I have to recount the story many times. (Habitual action in the past)

    #14. He used to turn towards a new voice. (Use proper modal auxiliary)

    #15. Farmers will carry cellphone. (Necessity)

    #16. You should get your teeth cleaned at least once a year.

    #17. You ought to have your bike serviced before the winter.

    #18. The proposal must finish on time.

    #19. May I help you?

    #20. Could I have your number?

    #21. You have to go to school today. (Use another modal auxiliary)

    #22. Don’t leave medicine where children can get to them. (Write as if doctor is advising you)

    #23. Can I call you later? (Permission)

    #24. Drive carefully on the highway. (Make the sentence of Advice)

    #25. Turn the people to the literacy mission. (ability)

    #26. Take a breakfast early in the morning. (Give your brother a suggestion)

    #27. The students need to buy textbook, by earning money. (Habitual action in past)

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