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    Rewrite the sentence using If/Unless    – 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] Instead of Unless- Use if write not after the helping verb of the same sentence or do not (v1)/ does not (vs)/ did not (v2) and rewrite the remaining sentence as it is. 

    Unless + Sub + H.V. + M.V. +obj, ————- 

    If + Sub + H.V.  not+ M.V. +obj, ————-

    2] Instead of If- Use Unless; remove not from the same sentence or do not/ does not/ did not and rewrite the remaining sentence as it is. 

    If + Sub + H.V.  not+ M.V. +obj, ————-

    Unless + Sub + H.V. + M.V. +obj, ————- 

    3] Instead of If- Use Unless; remove/ Use (not) in the second sentence (if the first sentence is without not)

    If + Sub + H.V.  + M.V. +obj, ————-

    Unless + Sub + H.V. + M.V. +obj, —–(not)——– 

    Solve the examples of  If/ Unless

    1] Unless you study hard, you won’t achieve your academic goals.

    2] Unless you followed the recipe accurately, your cake would not turn out as delicious as expected.

    3] Unless he asks for help, he’ll struggle unnecessarily.

    4] Unless the roads are developed along with highways, traffic can not be regulated.

    5] If you did not take the time to understand your life difficulties, you would struggle to build empathy.

    6] If you do not communicate openly, misunderstandings will break the relationships.

    7] If he continues to neglect his health, he’ll face serious problems.

    8] If they have not written complaint against the crime, they will not get the relief.

    9] If it rains, we’ll stay indoors and watch a movie.

    10] If she studies diligently, she’ll pass the exam with flying colors.

    11] Unless we take care of our body, we’ll experience health issues in the future.

    12] Unless students plan ahead, they’ll find it challenging to meet deadlines.

    13] Unless the students listen attentively, they’ll miss out on important details and instructions.

    14] If the people buy organic product, they’ll support sustainable farming practices and protect the environment.

    15] Unless we believe in ourself, we won’t have the confidence to pursue our aspirations.

    16] If we practice yoga daily, we’ll improve our flexibility and achieve inner peace.

    17] Unless we set clear goals, we’ll lack direction and purpose in our endeavors.

    18] Unless we challenge ourself, we won’t grow and reach our full potential.

    19] If we prioritize self-care, we’ll maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    20] Unless the friends apologize sincerely, the rift in their friendship will never heal.

    21] If all of us carpool, we’ll contribute to environmental conservation.

    22] You’ll cultivate a sense of calm and improve your mental well-being, If you practice mindfulness.

    Fill in the Blanks

    Rule 1

    If/Unless+v1, shall/will+v1

    Rule 2

    If/Unless+v2, would+v1

    Rule 1

    If/Unless+ had+v3, would have+v3

    23] If you — (overcome) your fear, you would have been able to pursue new opportunities.

    24] If you –(listen) to constructive feedback, you would improve and excel in your chosen field.

    25]  If I had practiced gratitude daily, I — (cultivate) a positive mindset and appreciate life’s blessings.

    26] Unless you — (take) a leap of faith, you would never know what incredible experiences await you.

    27] Unless you — (invest) in your personal development, you’ll stagnate and fall behind in your career.

    28] If she follows a balanced diet, she — (nourish) her body and maintain good health.

    29] Unless you — (step) out of your comfort zone, you would have missed out on exciting opportunities for growth.

    30] If you — (have) a positive attitude, you would attract more positivity into your life.

    31] Unless you manage your time effectively, you — ( feel) overwhelmed and stressed.

    32] If we recycled, we — ( contribute) to reducing waste and protecting the planet.

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. Unless you listen carefully, you won't understand the instructions.

    #2. If you don't wear a coat, you will catch a cold.

    #3. Unless you pay the bill, they won't serve you.

    #4. If I am physically assaulted, it will permit me to retaliate with reasonable violence.

    #5. You would not be at all surprised if the conductor eyed you looked coldly.

    #6. It would never do if we were at liberty.

    #7. We must get those civilities back if we are to make life kindly and tolerable for each other.

    #8. If you have ordered something online you can track the location of your goods in transit.

    #9. Unless we handled efficiently, these disorders often transform to condition like anxiety and depression.

    #10. If you do not have, you can easily graduate to the magic of surrealism.

    #11. If I prove you are bluffing, you must return that anna to me with interest.

    #12. Indeed, which path would hard work follow if inspiration had not pointed the way!

    #13. You are likely to be punished, if you don’t express your regret.

    #14. Unless you take action, your dreams will not come true.

    #15. If we clean our classroom, we'll create a tidy and welcoming space.

    #16. If you invest in your education, you'll acquire valuable knowledge.

    #17. Unless the government took responsibility for the accident, people won't believe in any government.

    #18. If I win the lottery, I'll travel the world and fulfill all my dreams.

    #19. If he -- (apologize), I'll move forward in our relationship.

    #20. Unless you had saved money for emergencies, you --- (be) financially vulnerable in times of crisis.

    #21. If we -- (practice) forgiveness, we'll free ourselves from the burden of resentment.

    #22. You'll be afraid to take risks, unless you - (embrace) failure as a learning opportunity,

    #23. If you surrounded yourself with supportive people, you --- (have) a strong network to rely on.

    #24. Unless you -- (express) your feelings honestly, misunderstandings would arise in relationships.

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