Difference between See, Look and Watch


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-HSC Board Activity Sheet – July 2023*
Expected answers/ download board paper

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July 2023 activity sheet

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Shubham student

Arsod Sir's teaching at Arsod English Classes has been transformative for my 12th-grade English journey. His insightful approach, clear explanations, and engaging teaching style made complex concepts feel easy. Thanks Sir, I've gained confidence in English and achieved remarkable progress. Grateful for your exceptional guidance!

Sanjay Student

I owe my success in 12th-grade English to Arsod Sir at Arsod English Classes. His dedication to teaching, in-depth subject knowledge, and unique teaching methods truly set him apart. Under his guidance, I not only improved my English skills but also developed a genuine love for the subject. Highly recommended!

Rohit Student

Arsod Sir from Arsod English Classes is the ultimate 12th-grade English mentor. His passion for teaching, personalized attention, and ability to simplify complex concepts are unparalleled. With his guidance, my confidence soared, leading to academic excellence. Grateful for his unwavering support on this learning journey. Thank you, Arsod Sir!

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