Chandrayaan-3 Mission Soft-landing LIVE Telecast

Live Telecast on 23 August at 5.20 PM (countdown)


Stay Tuned for Something Super Amazing! (Live Landing)

Chandrayaan 3 is going land on moon's south pole on Aug 23

at 6:04pm, live stream available on ISRO YouTube,. By clicking above YouTube button, you can watch live stream on 23 August from 5.20 pm. 

Chandrayaan 3 will land on the south pole of the moon on August 23 at around 6:04pm, announced Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). 

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Journey of Chandrayaan 3 mission: Important Dates.

• July 6: ISRO announces the launch date for Mission Chandrayaan-3 as July 14 from Sriharikota’s second pad.

• July 7: Successful completion of vehicle electrical tests.

• July 11: Completion of a comprehensive 24-hour ‘Launch Rehearsal’ simulating the entire launch process.

• July 14: LVM3 M4 vehicle launches Chandrayaan-3 into its designated orbit.

Read more about launching click here.

• July 15: Successful execution of the first orbit-raising manoeuvre, achieving a 41762 km x 173 km orbit.

• July 17: Second orbit-raising maneuver places Chandrayaan-3 in a 41603 km x 226 km orbit.

• July 22: Fourth orbit-raising manoeuvre establishes the spacecraft in a 71351 km x 233 km orbit.

• July 25: Successful execution of another orbit-raising manoeuvre.

• August 1: Chandrayaan-3 inserted into translunar orbit (288 km x 369328 km).

• August 5: Successful lunar orbit insertion (164 km x 18074 km).

• August 6: Lowering of lunar orbit to 170 km x 4,313 km.

• August 9: ISRO carefully adjusts the spacecraft’s path to achieve a lunar orbit of 174 km x 1437 km.

• August 14: Chandrayaan-3 approaches the moon’s surface, reaching an orbit of 150 km x 177 km.

• August 16: The spacecraft performs its fifth and final Moon-bound manoeuvre, positioning itself in a near-circular Lunar orbit of 163 km x 153 km.

• August 17: Separation of the landing module, consisting of the Vikram lander and Pragyan rover, from its propulsion system.

• August 18: Successful completion of a ‘deboosting’ operation, reducing the orbit to 113 km x 157 km.

• August 20: Planned final orbit adjustment is undertaken to achieve an orbit of 134 km x 25 km, representing the farthest and nearest points from the moon respectively.

• August 23: Chandrayaan-3 will land on moon between 5.30 to 6.30 pm at 5:47 pm.

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