An Interview

essay conclusion ideas for the three branches of government

Frame a set of 8 to 10 questions  to take an interview of a great person who has worked in the education field.

Ans. Good morning, sir. We have a very special Guest in front of us Mr. Matin Bhosle, who runs a “Question Mark School”. Let me question to a well-known social worker. 1. How did you turn to social work? 

2.Who inspired you to start this “Question Mark School”? 

3. Why did you name “Question Mark School”? Isn‟t it different? 

4. How did you raise the fund for your school? 

5. Are you happy with the present situation in your field? 

6.What are your future plans about the development of the society? 

7. What problems do you face when you work actually on the ground? 

8.  Would you like to share any remarkable experience with us?

9. One last question: What message would you give to us?

Thank you very much sir for giving your valuable time.

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