The Interview Question

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2. Imagine, you have to conduct an interview of a distinguished personality in the field of your own choice. With the help of the points given in table. Draft questions on the given fields associated with the personality. 

Ans. Good morning, friends, There is no need of Introduction to this personality. you know Dr. Prakash Amte, the son of Baba Amte who has carried forward his legacy. Sir, first of all I welcome you here. Let me ask you some questions. We are much excited to listen you.

l) How do you feel being inheritor of Amate and Sadhanatai?
(वारसदार; उत्तराधिकारी)?
2) What is their role in molding you from a doctor to a dedicated social worker?
3) Would you tell us something about the ‘Lok Biradari Prakalp’?
4) You just told that you run hospitals for the tribal (आददवासी). Do they come to the hospital or believe in black magic?
5) You might have lived a happy life in the city, but you didn’t. What was the motivation behind going to Hemalkasa?
6) You got Padma Shri in 2002, Ramon Magsaysay in 2008 and Mother Teresa Award in 2014. What is the importance of these awards for you?
7) How would you evaluate the sacrifice , which your wife, Dr. Mandatai Amate, made for you?
8) What message do you have for the youth as they are pillars of the nation?
I am very thankful to you for coming here and sharing life experiences with us. Have a nice day. 

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