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Students and their Subjects

Students and their Subjects

Potter — Arithmetic (Math)

Sapiano — Nature Study

Miss Pegg and Jackson — Geography

Miss Dare and Fernman — Physiology (the branch of biology that deals with the
normal functions of living organisms and their parts.)

Miss Dodd — History

Denham — P.T. and Games

Miss Joseph — Domestic Science

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Give a brief character-sketch of


Ans:  Denham is one of the rude and disrespectful boys in Braithwaite’s class. But Braithwaite’s politeness and patience changed Denham into a responsible, respectful, mature, young man. This can be seen from his ability to host the Students’ Council and giving respect to the senior girls as ‘Miss’. He is a trained boxer. When he criticized the P.T and games, he receives the support from the other boys who cheer him from the audience. He confidently and respectfully questions on the need for the P.T. class. to Miss Phillips.

Miss Joseph

Ans:  Miss Joseph is one of the senior girls in Braithwaite’s class. A natural leader. Miss Joseph, along with Denham. is in charge of hosting the half-yearly report of the Students’ Council. Besides helping in the organization of the event, Miss Joseph assigned the other students. She also delivers a short address outlining the purpose of the Students’ Council activities. Miss Joseph also introduces her class’ theme of the brotherhood and delivers her report on Domestic Science. with the utmost ease.

The Narrator

Ans: The narrator of the novel is the author, E.R. Braithwaite, himself. The novel is based on his real-life experiences, which particularly focuses on his life in England and his job as a teacher at Greenslade School after the Second World War. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as an engineer and even served in the Royal British Air Force during the war. Though he is British, he is a victim of racial discrimination because he is a black man. Because of his race, he has trouble finding employment as a teacher at Greenslade School, London. The school is famous for its badly behaved students, but he changes them by taking extra effort to improve his teaching skills and makes successful students. He is the perfect example of a good teacher.

Miss Dare

Ans: Miss Pamela Dare is one of the senior girls in Braithwaite’s class. She presents a report on the subject of Physiology on the day of the half-yearly report with Fernman. Her report has no any such dramatic elements like Fernman, She outlines the problems of humanity of sickness and disease and states the benefits of exchanging knowledge. advice, and assistance among countries.

Miss Phillips

Ans: Miss Phillips is a teacher at Greenslade School and is one of three teachers to be chosen on the panel. The narrator describes her as an unintelligent woman. However, as the questioning begins, Miss Phillips proves that she is the best informed of the three. Despite being unprepared, she handles the questions with honesty She even helps the other teachers when she finds them struggling with the questions very skillfully. She answers carefully Denham and Fernman’s blunt criticisms with her clever arguments and sweet tone. Her debate with Denham impressed students and the narrator who finally admires Miss Phillips.

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