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How to solve activity Sheet?

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General Instructions :

1] Maintain the sequence of questions and activities means complete the same section first and then write another
2] Always start a new question on a new page.
2] Spelling, sentence structure must be correct.
3] There must be systematic and proper diagrams, legible and clear handwriting, brevity and clarity in expression, neat and clean paper .
4] Avoid the multiple answers to the same activity which will be treated as wrong.
5] Supplements are not recommended.
6] Write the answers in full and complete sentences.
7] Present the web diagram, flow chart, tree diagram , table exactly and neatly in answers.
8] Don’t use colour pens/pencils which are not allowed.
9] Do not write instructions of the activities or all given options.

Writing Instructions

1] Don’t write instructions in your answer sheet. It’s waste of time.
2] Write answers directly.
3] Write the Question number and activity number correctly.
4] Write the number of question in the box. Number of Activities in the margin
5] Choose correct two statements related to the theme of the extract and rewrite them.
6] Write down only two options. Don’t write three.
6] Don’t write in true or false form answer for the option type question.

How to write True or False

a] Don’t write only true or false as given below:
1) True
2) False
3) False
4) True

b) Rewrite the given sentences and then write whether the sentence is true or false.

Correct Method- 

1] Soapy was finally arrested. –  True

How to write Match the following Question

Que: Match the Following

Title Page
Que 111
Title Page (1)
Title Page (2)

Fill in the blanks/gaps

Write down the complete sentences and underline the answers with the same colour pen.  Only answers without sentence will not gain marks.
Question: Covid-19 is one of  —–most hazardous diseases witness by—–world. (Insert the correct articles)
Wrong method.
–  the, the
Correct method
Covid-19 is one of the   most hazardous diseases witness by the world.

MCQ/ Option

If options are given, don’t write all options. Write only correct option.

Example :

She has decided to write again.(Choose the correct Tense form)

a) Present perfect tense    

b) Past  progressive tense

c) Present progressive tense.

d)  Simple present tense

Wrong Method

a) Present perfect tense – answer

a) Present perfect tense    

b) Past  progressive tense

c) Present progressive tense.

d)  Simple present tense

Correct Method

Ans. He is doing it.

a) Present perfect tense –

Personal Response type Questions

There are total 6 marks on this question (which are in Que 1A– A4 /Que 2A–A4/ Que 3–A3)
Write the answer of personal response question only in 50 words. It should not be more than 50 words or five to 6 lines. You can write your response only related to the given point, but don’t spend time in writing long and lengthy answer. Don’t repeat the same idea again and again. 


Write down the summary also  only in 50 words. It should not be more than 50 words or five to 6 lines. 

Don’t add your idea write all the points from the passage

Write short and simple sentences in your language without changing the meaning.

Main important – Give a suitable title.

Time Management

     Section 1 : (Prose)

Question 1 & 2 A : Seen and Unseen Extract
Reading the extract. 10 min
Writing answers 15 min
Question 2 B : Summary (Title). 10 min
Question 2 C : Mind mapping. 10 min
Total 45 min
Question 2

Section 2 : (Poetry)

Question 3 A :
Reading a poem. 05 min
Writing answers 10 min

Question 3 B :
Appreciation in points 10 min
 Total. 25 min

Section 3 : (Writing Skill)

Question 4 A
Virtual message /SOP/Group discussion. 10 min

Question 4 B
Email/Report writing/ Interview questions. 10 min

Question 4 C :  Speech/ Compering/Expansion
of an Idea. 10 min

Question 4 D: Review on film or book /Blog/Appeal 10 min
Total Time. 40 min

Section 4 :

(Literary Genre- Novel)
Question 5A History of novel (Objective type)
1st question. 05 min
2nd question. 05 min

Question 5B To sir,with Love (Descriptive in 50 words)
1 st question. 05 min
2nd question 05 min

Question 5 C : Around the World in 80 Days (Descriptive in 50 words)
1st question 05 min
2nd question. 05 min

Question 5 D : Signs of Four ( Descriptive in 50 words)
1st question. 05 min
2nd question. 05 min
Total Time. 40 min

To sum up :

•Question 1 a+b. 16 marks. 30 minutes
•Question 2 a+b+c. 18 marks. 45 minutes
•Question 3 a+b. 14 marks. 25 minutes
•Question 4 a+b+c+d. 16 marks 40 minutes
•Question 5 a+b+c+d. 16 marks. 40 minutes
• Total. 80 marks. 180 min.

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