Test three – History of Novel

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    History of Novel

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. Find Odd

    #2. Find Odd

    #3. The setting is the background in which the story takes place.

    #4. A realistic novel is a fiction based on realism.

    #5. The word ‘picaresque’ originated from the Spanish word ‘picaro’.

    #6. The word ‘picaresque’ originated from the Italian word.

    #7. The opposite forces in the story are called ‘conflict’.

    #8. The readers do not follow the actions of one main character throughout the novel, it is called the protagonist.

    #9. The plot is only simple (one plot).

    #10. There are six elements essential to the novel.

    #11. ……..is essentially the story or the course of events that make up the theme.

    #12. The------- word ‘bildungsroman’ indicates growth.

    #13. Stream of consciousness is a phrase coined by --------

    #14. ---------- novel is the work of fiction that treats the internal life of the protagonist

    #15. ------- is a story that bears more than one level of meaning.

    #16. The autobiographical novel is the novel based on the life of -------

    #17. The word ‘epistolary’ derives from the Latin word ‘epistola,’ which means-------.

    #18. A picaresque novel narrates the adventures of ----------

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    l Next Paper Will be on Monday At 6 pm l

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