Test on In to the Wild

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Test on In to the Wild -
Marks 12 (Page - 60 & 61)

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1 : Give the names of the following.  

a] The winner leopard-Scarface. 

b] The black panther-Saya.

c] The old leopard-Pardus.

d] The local agriculturist and guide-Madegowda.

 2: How does the forest communicate with us? 

Answer: According to the speaker, in the passage, the forest communicates with us, primarily, through the voices of birds and animals. But, to listen it carefully, we must switch off the vehicle and sit silently. Listening is a vital sense for understanding this communication, which is a constant dialogue happening in the natural world.

3: Write the functions of B.C.R.T.I. 

Answer: The B.C.R.T.I. serves two important functions. 

1] It provides vocational training to local people to teach them conservation principles and enable them to profit from tourists’ money. 

2] It encourages visitors to the resort to volunteer and teach courses. This allows locals to gain skills that can lead to employment at wildlife resorts in the region, rather than having to seek work in distant cities.

4: Why should we protect the wild life?

Answer: Wildlife protection is important for several reasons. First, it helps maintain biodiversity and ensure the balance of ecosystems. Wildlife also plays an important role in pollination and seed dispersal, which is essential for agriculture. In addition, many species contribute to scientific research and potential medical discoveries. Finally, wildlife tourism and sustainable management can provide economic benefits to communities. Overall, wildlife conservation is important for ecological, economic, and scientific reasons.

5: Do as directed.

1] “I’ve lost almost 80 percent of a season’s yield” said he. (Indirect Speech).

Answer:  He said that he had lost almost 80 percent of a season’s yield.

2] You have to switch off your vehicle and listen. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ,” Switching off—–“).

Answer:   Switching off your vehicle, you have to listen,

6: Write the words from the passage which mean.

1] For example – for instance.

2] Talking – communicating.

3] Foes / enemy – nemeses.

4] dwelling place – habitat.

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