Tenses and Examples

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1] Present perfect tense –  Have/ has + V3

{I,we,you,they, plural- have ; He, she, it, singular- Has}

2] Present perfect continuous tense – Have/ has + been + ing

3] Past perfect tense-  Had + V3

4] Past perfect continuous tense – Had + been + ing

5] Future perfect tense – shall/will have +V3

   {I, We- shall/ for other – will }

1] We had designed it all into the Mac.  (Future Perfect Tense) (shall/will have +V3)

Ans: We shall have designed it all into the Mac.

2] I shall live with that diagnosis all day. (Past perfect continuous tense)

      Had + been + ing

Ans: I had been living with that diagnosis all day.

3] Adults  came to relax.  (come , Came, Come)

(Present perfect tense) Have/ has + V3

Ans: Adults have come to relaxay

4] The rain had divided Mumbai into two. (Present Perfect Tense)

Ans: The rain has divided Mumbai into two.

5] But it was raining. (Present perfect con. tense)

Ans:  But it has been raining.

6] It has been raining without any break.

(Past  perfect tense)

Ans: It had rained without any break. .

7] My nephew, Dinesh has lived in Kerala. (Future perfect tense)

Ans: My Nephew Dinesh will have lived in Kerala.

8] Rain water harvesting has helped to fill it. (Past perfect continuous tense)

Ans: Rain water harvesting had been helping to fill it.

9] You are consoling me. (Past perfect continuous tense)

Ans: You had been consoling me.

10] Contentment has acted as a barrier. (Future Perfect Tense)

Ans: Contentment will have acted as a barrier.

11] It helps me to imagine children exposed to such in humanity. (Future perfect tense)

Ans: It will have helped me to imagine children exposed to such in humanity.

12] People were crossing the water. (Present perfect continuous tense)

Ans: People have been crossing the water.

13] English is fading into younglish. (Present perfect tense)

Ans: English has faded into younglish.

14] He had been trying to achieve success. (Future perfect tense)

 Ans: He will have tried to achieve success.

15] Every major global company is formulating an Indian strategy. (Past perfect continuous tense)

Ans: Every major global company had been formulating Indian strategy.

16] I have broken a twenty thousand feet world record. (Present perfect continuous tense)

Ans: I have been breaking a twenty thousand feet world record.

17] All her colleagues had decided to stay back in the office. (Present perfect tense)

 Ans: All her colleagues have decided to stay back in the office.

18] We have built up a small arsenal of spray guns. (Past perfect continuous tense)

Ans: We had been building up a small arsenal of spray guns.

19] Diet plays a vital role. (Present perfect continuous tense)

Ans: Diet has been playing a vital role.

20] They put forward many interesting stories. (Past perfect tense)

Ans: They had put forward many interesting stories.

21] he had treated the gentleman. (Identify the  tense)

Ans: Past perfect tense

22] I have missed him  from  my  bus  route  of late. (Identify the  tense)


23] I shall have sat reading on the top of a bus. (Identify the  tense)


24] I had been booking for you. (Identify the  tense)


25] He had set his silk umbrella by the  door  on  entering. (Identify the  tense)

26] The man at the cigar light followed hastily.

[Present Perfect Continuous tense]

27] The  umbrella  owner  slowed  his  steps

[Past Perfect Continuous tense]

28] I picked it up this morning in a restaurant.

[Present Perfect tense]

29] People came running  round  the corner, a policeman  in  the lead. [Past Perfect tense]

30] But as he  set  foot  inside  the restaurant  door, the head-waiter’s  eye  fell  upon  his tattered trousers. [Future Perfect tense]

31] ] Over dinner his family will have teased young Michael (Identify the  tense)

32]You’re wasting your time. [Present Perfect Continuous tense]

33] Michael Dell has discovered the power of another good ideas.[Future perfect tense]

34] He has become the forth-largest manufacturers of personal computers in America. (Identify the  tense)

35] Eight-year–old Michael was explaining that he through it might be good ideas to get high school out of the way. [Past perfect tense]

36] He took the computer apart to figure out how it worked. [Present perfect tense]

37] He hired friends to copy the names and address of recipients of marriage licenses. [Past perfect continuous tense]

38] The next year Dell enrolled at the University of Taxes. [Future perfect tense]

39] Just about everyone on campus was talking about personal computers. [Past perfect tense]

40] Dealers were selling  personal computers. at a hefty mark-up. [Past perfect continuous tense]

41] One day his roommates heaped all his equipment into a pile, preventing him from entering his room. [Future perfect tense]

42] Constant telephone contact with customers kept the company close to the market. [Past Perfect Continuous tense]

43] His company was selling $70 million worth of computers a year.[Present perfect continuous tense]

44] Dell, his wife and their two-year-old daughter lead a pretty normal life.[Future Perfect tense]

45] Three hours later Mrs. Angus, the farmer’s wife called me to dinner.[Past perfect continuous tense]

46) These had become my special duties. (identify the tense)

47) I learnt by observing my children. (Present Perfect Con. Tense)

48) Every student in South had been planting a tree. (identify the tense)

49] I told the  conductor  with as honest a face .[Future perfect tense]

50] I had left  home  without any  money  in  my  pocket. (identify the tense)

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