Speech Writing 2

Write a speech in 120 words on “Courtesy” to be delivered by you as a class representative in the morning assembly.

Good Morning, honourable Chief guest, Respected teachers and my dear friends, today, as a class representative, I am going to speak on an important and useful aspect of our lives “courtesy”. 

     Friends, let us imagine a situation when you board a bus, very tired and you get a place to sit. You are delighted but in the next stop, a lady boards the bus with a baby in her arms. What will you do? Courtesy demands that you get up and offer the seat to the lady. This is a small gesture. You may get a place to sit in the next stop only, but your decision to consider the need of the lady more acute (smart) that gives you a sense of satisfaction. Using polite words like please and thank you is also courtesy. When you pass this courtesy to others and it becomes a circle. We have seen it in our lesson, “On saying please.”

  Friends, I strongly believe that it is possible to ignore unpleasant situation by practicing restraint. Keeping one cool is the only way to be happy. It is not a herculean task but one needs to work for it. The great thinker, Roosevelt truly said, “Courtesy” is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.” May be, it is one selfish need to maintain peace and small gestures of kindness, politeness, good man. So friends, be polite in life.

Thank you very much friends. Jai Hind!

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