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Poetic Appreciation

About the poem and poet: ‘Money’ is a reflective poem written by W.H. Davies. He was a Welsh poet, known as the ‘Tramp poet’.  Through this poem, the Poet has described his self-experienced about money and personal happiness.

Poetic device and language:  The poem consists of five stanzas of four lines each. It has a simple narrative style. Alliteration, Antithesis, Inversion, Simile, Onomatopoeia and Repetition are the figures of speech used in this poem. The poet has made use of the lottery summary essay imagery. For example, ‘wives hum, like bees’ or ‘came knocking all day at my door’ and ‘Then felt I like a child that holds / A trumpet that he must not blow’, these lines effectively present the visuals. The rhyme scheme of the first four stanzas is a b c b and of the last stanza is a b a b.


The theme: The theme of the poem is the disadvantage of money. A rich man has many false friends and he lacks true happiness whereas a poor man has few friends, but they are true and real. Thus, he is full of goodness and happiness.

The message: The message of the poem is that to experience true joy and happiness one need not to be rich and wealthy. It is not necessary for the poor to become rich, but the rich must become poor to enjoy true happiness.

I like this poem: I like this poem because it shows the real value of money. It also describes the false and fake beliefs of being rich. This poem certainly teaches a valuable life-lesson to all that “prosperity makes friends and adversity tests them.”


Std. XII- Question Bank 2022-2023

Std. X (Marathi Medium) - Question Bank 2022-2023

Std. X (English Medium) - Question Bank 2022-2023

       The SSC Board Exam will be conducted from 2nd March to 25th March and HSC Board Exam will be held from 21st February to 1st March. for detail see the timetable provided by the board.

The provided question banks are only for the practice, but they are a golden opportunity for students to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the examinations.

Read this article to ensure you do not make any mistakes while filling the Board exam answer booklet: Maharashtra State Government Announces New Rules for SSC and HSC Exams.

With the Maharashtra Board Exams for Std. 10 and Std. 12 students just around the corner, the state government has released certain rules to write the answer paper.

The examinations will be conducted as per original pre-pandemic rules  in full swing.  Some of the rules highlighted by the Education Minister are as follows:

1. According to the latest circular released, students are instructed to write on both sides of each page of the answer booklet. None of the answer booklet pages or supplementary sheets should be left empty.

2. After receiving the barcode sticker, students can fill the subject, seat number and question paper set. Students must remember to sign their answer booklets and supplementary sheets.

3. Students must stick the barcode stickers given to them by exam supervisors are stuck properly in the allotted space.

4. Only blue or black pens can be used to write the answer papers. If any other coloured pen is used, the answer paper will not be checked.

5. Students should arrive at the exam centre 30 minutes before the exam time. If the exam slot is in the morning, students are expected to reach by 10:30 a.m. and if it is in the afternoon, then students should arrive at the exam centre by 2:30 p.m.

Students must strictly follow these rules while filling their answer booklets

For more information, visit the official website of the board: maa.ac.in

All the best for your upcoming examination!

As soon as the other subjects’ pdf will be released by the Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training, we will update it. So stay connected with Us. 

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