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1] What is the definition of courtesy?

Ans: Courtesy is a form of polite behavior that involves being kind, considerate, and respectful to others.

2] What are some examples of courtesy?

Ans: Examples of courtesy include holding the door open for someone, saying “please” and “thank you,” listening actively to others, and being respectful of people’s opinions and feelings.

3] Why is it important to be courteous?

Ans: Being courteous is important because it helps to create a positive and respectful environment, promotes good relationships with others, and can lead to better communication and understanding.

4] How can we show courtesy to others?

Ans: Ways to show courtesy to others include using polite language, being respectful of personal space, offering help when needed, and being empathetic and understanding.

5] What happens if we are not courteous to others?

Ans: If we are not courteous to others, it can lead to conflicts, hurt feelings, and a breakdown in relationships. It can also create a negative and unpleasant environment.

6] What is the difference between courtesy and good behavior?

Ans: Courtesy refers to polite and respectful behavior towards others, while good behavior encompasses a broader range of actions that follow social norms and expectations in various situations. Good behavior can include being courteous, but also encompasses other actions like following rules and exhibiting self-control.

7] What are some benefits of having good manners and being courteous?

Ans: Some benefits of having good manners and being courteous include making a positive impression, building better relationships, promoting respect and understanding, and creating a more pleasant environment for oneself and others.

8] How can one improve their manners and show more courtesy?

Ans: One can improve their manners and show more courtesy by being aware of social norms and expectations, practicing active listening, using polite language, being considerate of others, and seeking feedback and improvement.

9] How does one deal with people who are not courteous?

Ans: Dealing with people who are not courteous can be challenging. It’s important to stay calm and not let their behavior affect one’s own behavior. One can try to address the situation politely, seek clarification, and set boundaries if necessary.

10] How can parents teach their children good manners and courtesy?

Ans: Parents can teach their children good manners and courtesy by modeling the behavior themselves, discussing the importance of manners and courtesy, and providing opportunities for children to practice good behavior in different situations. Praise and positive reinforcement can also be effective in encouraging good behavior.


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