Novel 4.4

Describe in brief the importance of the places

(a) London

Ans: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Miss Mary Morstan, and the sender of the letter − all live in London. Though there are references about India in the extract, but most of the events happen in London where two different sides of London have been shown first is fashionable like Lyceum Theatre frequented by the wealthy crowd and the unfashionable suburban Landon, lined with dull brick houses and third rate two-storied villas. Finally the story ends up in London.


 (B) Lyceum Theatre

Ans: The Lyceum Theatre is important in the extract because the sender of the pearls requests Miss Mary Morstan to meet with him at the third pillar from the left outside the Lyceum Theatre. This is the place that promises to unfold the mystery of the sender and reveal the story of how Mary is a “wronged woman”. It is a fashionable area of London where wealthy people frequently visit.


 (C) Edinburgh

Ans: Mary Morstan’s father was an officer in an Indian regiment. He sent Mary to England when she was still a child. As a motherless
child who had no relatives in England, Mary was placed in a comfortable boarding establishment in Edinburgh, where she lived till she was seventeen. This place is important because Mary Morstan, one of the major characters in the story, spent her childhood there.


(D) Agra

Ans: Though there is no direct mention of Agra in this particular extract, but the treasure due to which all the actions occurs in the story comes from Agra. The pearls that Mary receives, are from a chaplet that was a part of the Agra treasure and the piece of paper that Mary gives to Holmes is the blueprint of the Agra Fort, where the treasure had been hidden.


 (E) Andaman Islands


Ans: The Andaman Islands are referred twice in the given extract − once when Mary reveals that her father, Captain Morstan, was one of the officers in Andaman Islands; and the second time when she discloses that Major Sholto, her father’s friend, was also in the Andaman Islands. In the context of the novel, the Andaman Islands are vital to the story.

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