Mastering Question Tags

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    Rewrite the sentence using Question Tag - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    1] Rewrite the given sentence as it is. Then give comma, write helping verb (not) + Sub at last give question mark. (?)

    2] Write the second helping verb in short and pronoun of the subject as follows.

    3] If the question is positive- tag will be negative and if the question is negative– tag will be positive

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    Examples of Question Tag.

    1] I am ready to work here.

    Ans. I am ready to work here, 

    2] Everyone can help him.

    Ans. Everyone can help him,  

    3] Her mother understands her.

    Ans: Her mother understands her,

    4] We get the real-time Data about traffic.

    Ans: We get the real-time Data about traffic,

    5] Rohan leaves his location.

    Ans:  Rohan leaves his location,

    6] The astrologer shivered in his grip.

    Ans: The astrologer shivered in his grip,

    7] This colour scheme never failed.

    Ans: This colour scheme never failed.

    8] Money does not mean everything in life.

    Ans: Money does not mean everything in life,

    9] I will speak to you tomorrow.

    Ans: I will speak to you tomorrow,

    10] You will never see any more of him.

    Ans: You will never see any more of him.

    11] Rub it on your forehead and go home.

    Ans: Rub it on your forehead and go home.

    12] Leave me today. 

    Ans: Leave me today. 

    13] His wife was waiting for him at the door. 

    Ans: His wife was waiting for him at the door,

    14] These problems were not a part of the curriculum.

    Ans: These problems were not a part of the curriculum,

    15] I am not used to such challenges.

    Ans:  I am not used to such challenges.

    16] You can’t get out of it now.

    Ans:  You can’t get out of it now,

    17] There was a pause as cars hooted on the road.

    Ans: There was a pause as cars hooted on the road,

    # More Examples -Click here

    How to remember poems and their poets.

    1. Walt Whitman sang on the open road.

    2. Sarojini Naidu meets the Indian Weavers .
    3. Robert Southey sat on the Inchcape Rock.
    4. Edgar Guest asks the question, “Have You Earned Your Tomorrow?”
    5. Dilip Chitre’s father is returning home.
    6. William H Davies does not like Money.
    7.George Gorden Byron spoke when she walks in Beauty.
    8. Mamang Dai describes about Small Towns and Rivers. 

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. You’re coming to the party.

    #2. Rajmohan is not going to the concert.

    #3. My all friends and I don’t like to eat pizza or other fast food.

    #4. Lata Mangeshkar was one of the greatest singers.

    #5. All the Students’re going to visit to the Fort Raigad tomorrow.

    #6. I’ve seen the movie, Bera Aghori.

    #7. Reuben can speak French fluently.

    #8. I am going to be late for the class again.

    #9. Suhana has never been to Mumbai before.

    #10. A fresh scat was lying before me on the trail.

    #11. The young blind man strode briskly around campus.

    #12. Bird-watchers gathered to count the increasing numbers of native birds,

    #13. Let's take another example to understand it.

    #14. Use kitchen water for the garden.

    #15. Everybody can help me in my difficult time,

    #16. My mother will help me to complete my assignment,

    #17. Yesterday was so much fun,

    #18. The Foreign universities have opened recently in India,

    #19. Shops close at 9 p.m.,

    #20. We won the match,

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    Needs to pay attention to the proper use of Question Tag. Arsod Sir

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