In To The Wild -words

In to the wild -words/pictures


hide – (go in to shelter for protection and safety/ लपून निरीक्षण करायची जागा)

fruitful (useful)

edge (bank/ border)

wrapping (ending)

waterhole – lake / pond / pool

avifauna – (the birds of a particular region or period)  

field notes – (diary)

stationed – (stayed/ lived/ राहणे ).

camouflaged – (लपवणे/ covered/ made invisible by homework help genetics two trait cross of protective coloring)

essentials (necessary things/ equipment),

stretched out – To extend arms and legs as far as they will go.

heart’s content – one’s complete inner satisfaction.

familiar – known

trail (path/track)

Negotiating (talking/ discussing)

the webbed leaves of Teakwood (सागवान)


Minimal (minimum/ कम से कम)

treading (walking)

cautiously- Carefully

 woods (forest).

alertness (continuous attention)

companion (partner/ fellow).

Trail – path / रस्ता

 wide-open eyes – carefully

grasping – to understand something, especially something difficult:

stunned (astonished/चकित कर देना)

‘Khyak! Khyak! KhyakoSS Khyak!’ (ख्याक! ख्याक ! ख्याकोस ! ख्याक !)

Langur (slender long-tailed monkey of Asia)

alarm (signal/warning) call.

Rest- remaining

brigade (group/force)

continued raising – increasing (the sound)

petrified (frighten अत्यधिक भयभीत)

Langurs speeded (रफ़्तार बढ़ाना)

upheaval (turmoil / खलबली)

a Leopard (चीता)


Predator (An animal that lives on other animals/ नरभक्षक/ शिकारी) 

reliable (honest)

clues- hint / indication /sign/ signal  

apex – high.

(An apex predator, also known as an alpha predator or top predator, is a predator at the top of a food chain, without natural predators.)

elusive (skillful /चालाक)

lair (den/ छिपने की जगह).

prowl (walking about in a stealthy manner/ शिकार के लिये चुपके चुपके चलना).

Stealthily- in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard/ छिपकर

 spotted gold-black illustrative essay topics (hide under a false appearance/ a loose outer garment/ बुरखा)

spied (spotted)

legion (number/ group)

stayed put (stopped).

Gauged (guessed)

target sight (looking direction)

scanned- investigate carefully

 scat (गोबर)

hovering (flying/ मँडराना)


Chaos – confusion.

barely (only)

apparently (clearly)

sanctum sanctorum (a very private or highly secret place). (holy place)

miracle (amazing)

elusive (चालाक)

fading (decreasing)

instinctively (naturally)

spooked (scared/ feared)

logs (fire wood)

retreated (returned / मागे फिरणे)

amazed (surprised)

solitary (lonely)

the haven (a place of living आश्रय स्थान)

resumed (started to walk )

tiny (small) track that broke out of the main trail.

hillock (mound/टेकड़ी).

cement pillar

stones stacked (column)

compartment (department/ विभाग).


Dusky (shady/धुंधली)

Hastily (Hurriedly/जल्दबाजी से)

gorge (way) – a narrow valley between hills or mountains to an open field.

dry deciduous (shedding foliage/ पतझड़ी)

tropical (hot) forest.

Vanished – disappear.

 Good Heavens (हे भगवान)

dreadful (terrible/भयानक)

The sun was melting (setting/ disappear)

down like a fleeting runner.

Soaked (wet /पूरी तरह से भीगा हुआ)

sweat (body’s perspiring /पसीना),

soul (man)

wilderness (jungle).

The Shabnam bag

stuff (remained food),

blossoming (flowering)

Boxwood trees – small evergreen attractive  shrub / सदाहरित झुडूप किंवा लहान  गडद हिरवी पाने असलेले लहान झाड

alien – foreign / overseas / non-native / external (unknown)

dried- up droppings (dung/scat)

 sniffing (smell/ नाक से सुड़कना)

averting (preventing / avoiding /टालना)

eventuality (possible event/ संभाव्य घटना),

a frantic (wild/madly)

breeze – a gentle wind / हलकीशी हवा

 stomach – an organ in the body where food is digested / पोट

aching – paining /दुखणे


silver lining (bright side/ उम्मीद की किरण)

consolation (comfort /तसल्ली/दिलासा)

reassured (essay endings examples/आश्वस्त)

resurfaced (appear again/पुनः प्रकट होना)

human civilization (मानवी वस्ती).

trembling (थरकापने/ shaking).

a jiffy (instantly/ तत्काळ),

vigour (energy/ उत्साह; जोश).

 stumbled (ठोकर खाना)

droppings (dung/scat)

of Blue Bulls (नील-गाय)

Struggled (attempt to achieve something/संघर्ष)

civilization (people)

tiny – small

sleepy (peaceful)

woods. (forest)

 lantern – a lamp with a transparent case protecting the flame /कंदील

‘Suihudaki’(सुईहुडकी) name of the hillock. .

shaking of limbs (trembling legs / थरथरणारे पाय )

slumped (पडणे /झोपणे)

studded (ornamented/decorated)

exists (present)


Test Your knowledge

#1. Umbarzara is located in -------

#2. Avifauna is related to -------

#3. trail homework help genetics two trait cross-----

#4. Walking alone in a jungle needs more alertness than walking with a companion. (Change the degree)

#5. Which animal is called Big cat?

#6. The writer met in the forest with only one person named --------

#7. Select one of the following option.

#8. ‘I’d lost my way (Change the voice)

#9. Walked across a beautiful Mahua tree loaded with reddish-brown leaves. (what is the words redish- brown called)

#10. Turn back to the trail you left. (Add a question tag)

Check Your Results/ Marks


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Part – II

Cat, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Panther etc. belong to cat family.

(Nagarhole National Park, also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a wildlife reserve in the South Indian state of Karnataka.)


cinematographer (one who operates a movie camera),

man-animal conflict (struggle/clash/संघर्ष/ टकराव)

resolution (settlement

lodge (hotel)

safaris (journey)

showcasing (exhibiting/प्रदर्शन)

Art Galleries – big hall for exibitions

capital cities – the cities which are capital of any state or country

 conserving (protecting)

the planet’s riches – environment and wildlife

recalls (remembers)

clarity (clearly)

the incident – event/ घटना

 ultimately (finally)

leads to (cause)

felines (member of the cat family)

over (leaving)

junction (crossing).

ahead (before)

prime (the period of youthfulness /तरुनपण).

taken a toll on (to cause damage by hard living).

canines (pointed tooth/दांत).

sagging (drooping/कम होना).

prime (youthness).


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