HSC Board Activity Sheet July 2023


July 2023 activity sheet

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Question 2 & 3 : Mind Map and Poems

HSC Board July 2023 Activity Sheet

Q. 2. (C) Mind Mapping: (3)

Develop a mind map on ‘My Future Goals’. Frame / designs using your ideas/thoughts/concepts to illustrate.

_Mind Map

HSC Board July 2023 Activity Sheet

SECTION –II:  (Poetry and appreciation).

Q.3 (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (10)

No stir in the air, no stir in the sea,
The ship was as still as she could be,
Her sails from heaven received no motion,
Her keel was steady in the ocean.

Without either sign or sound of their shock
The waves flow’d over Inchcape Rock;
So little they rose, so little they fell,
They did not move the Inchcape Bell.

The Abbot of Aberbrothok
Had placed that bell on the Inchcape Rock;
On a buoy in the storm it floated and swung.
And over the waves its warning rung.  

When the Rock was hid by the surge’s swell,
The mariners heard the warning bell;
And then they knew the perilous Rock,
And blest the Abbot of Aberbrothok.

Q.3 (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below: (10)

A1. Describe the scene in the beginning of the poem. (2)

Ans.: In the beginning of the poem the poet depicts the scene of ocean. The air, the sea and the ship were peaceful and calm essay write an apa paper for me motionless. And keel of the ship was also steady.

      The waves were rising and falling so little that they did not make any sound. The waves were gently flowing over the Inchcape Rock without moving or ringing the bell.

A2. Give reasons: (2)

(i) The ship was still at sea because —————-

Ans.: The waves were small and there was no stir in the air or sea therefore they did not move the ship.

(ii) The Abbot of Aberbrothok had placed the bell on the Inchcape Rock so ———————

Ans.: His bell will ring during the storms and alert about the hidden rock and avoid the danger of an accident.

A3. Write two incidents/occasions on which you helped other people. (2)

Ans: 1] In the first incident, I had helped a small child crying on the road who had separated from his mother.   When I encountered a lost child.  I approached him searched out his address with help of social media and police and handed over to his family. 

2] Another instance of assisting others occurred in my 10th class when my friend, Rohan was struggling to pay the board examination fee.  I could not bear his stress and I decided to pay his fee for that my father helped me.

A4. Give the rhyming pairs and rhyme scheme from stanza 2 from the extract. (2)

Ans: Rhyming pairs-

Shock – Rock   ,  Fell – bell

Rhyme scheme-  a a b b

A5. Compose four lines of your own on ‘Sea’. (2)

I like the blue Arabian sea
I give more time to see the sea;
In Mumbai, I meet her everywhere,

Enjoying the tea, sitting on shore. 


Q.3 (B) Read the extract and write the appreciation of the poem:: (04)

When I had money, money,
O! I knew no joy till I went poor;
For many a false man as a friend
Came knocking all day at my door.  

Then felt I like a child that holds
A trumpet that he must not blow
Because a man is dead; I dared
Not speak to let this false world know.  

Much have I thought of life, and seen
How poor men’s hearts are ever light;
And how their wives do hum like bees.
About their work from morn till night.  

So, when I hear these poor ones laugh,
And see the rich ones coldly frown
Poor men, think I, need not go up
So much as rich men should come down.

Ans. About the poem/poet and the title:

 ‘The Inchcape Rock’ by Robert Southey is a ballad of seventeen stanzas. The poem is about some dangerous rocks near the coast of Scotland. The title of the poem is very suitable because the rock is a central point of the whole poem.

The theme:

 The theme of the poem is on the proverb ‘ Evil digs a pit for others but falls into the same‘. It is about the evil feeling of jealousy. The Abbot installed a bell on the dangerous Inchcape rock to save the ships from the dangerous rock during the storms. So, the seamen blessed the Abbot for his good work.

       But Rove felt jealous at the fame of the Abbot and cut down the bell from the Inchcape rock. But finally he himself was the victim of the Inchcape rock.

Poetic style:

The poem is a ballad type. It has a, a, b, b rhyme scheme. There are total seventeen stanzas and each stanza consist four lines. There are some archaic (old) words used in the poem, such as quoth, canst, blest, hath etc.

The language/ poetic devices used in the poem:

The language of the poem is very simple and easy to understand. The poem consists of different figures of speech such as personification, Transferred Epithet, simile, repetition, paradox, alliteration, onomatopoeia, apostrophe, inversion etc. The poem consists vivid imagery of the ‘bright, shining sun’, ‘hazy sky’, the ‘steady ship’, ‘green ocean’, ‘birds wheeling around’, ‘sinking ship’. etc. The use of symbolism also adds to the beauty of the poem where the Abbot is the symbol of good, while Sir Ralph symbolizes the evil.

Special features:

  The poem is didactic in nature, meaning that it conveys a moral through the story depicted in it. The moral of this poem is ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.


      In my opinion the poem is the best moral for all the human being. It is applicable for the current society to stop crimes and evil deeds.


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