Grammar The New Dress


 Do As directed

1] Mabel had her first serious suspicion. (Past Perfect tense)

Ans: Mabel had had her first serious suspicion

2] It was not right. (Make Affirmative)

Ans: It was wrong.

3] She could not beat off (Be unable to)

Ans: She was unable to beat off

4] What a fright she looks! (Assertive sentence)

Ans: She looks a very fright.

5] Their eyelids flickering as they came up. (No sooner – than)

Ans: No sooner did they come up than their eyelids flickering.

6] It was her own appalling inadequacy; her cowardice; her mean, water-sprinkled blood that depressed her. (Simple)

Ans: Her own appalling inadequacy; her cowardice; her mean, water-sprinkled blood depressed her.

7] She touched the letters on the hall table and said: “How dull!” (Indirect)

Ans: Touching the letters on the hall table, she exclaimed that it was very dull.

8] All this had been absolutely destroyed. (Begin with “They—“)

Ans: They had absolutely destroyed all this.

9] All this had been absolutely destroyed, the moment she came into Mrs. Dalloway’s drawing-room. (Hardly –when/ No sooner – than)

Ans: Hardly had she come into Mrs. Dalloway’s drawing-room when all this had been absolutely destroyed.

Ans: No sooner did she comeinto Mrs. Dalloway’s drawing-room than all this had been absolutely destroyed.

10] It was absurd to pretend it. (gerund)

Ans: It was absurd for pretending it.

  11] She had taken that old fashion book of her mother’s, a Paris fashion book of the time of the Empire. (Present perfect tense)

Ans: She has taken that oldfashion book of her mother’s, a Paris fashion book of the time of the Empire. 

12] She felt like a dressmaker’s dummy standing there, for young people to stick pins into. (Make Complex)

Ans: She felt like a dressmaker’s dummy that stood there, for young people to stick pins into.

13] We are all like flies trying to crawl over the edge of the saucer. (Use that)

Ans: We are all like flies that try to crawl over the edge of the saucer.

14] Now she could see flies crawling slowly out of a saucer of milk with their wings stuck together. (Use which)

Ans: Now she could see flies which crawl slowly out of a saucer of milk with their wings stuck together.   

15] She strained and strained to make herself see Rose Shaw. (Not only—— but also)

Ans: She not only strainedbut also strained to make herself see Rose Shaw.

16) She was a fly, but the others were dragonflies. (Use – Though)

Ans: Though she was a fly, but the others were dragonflies.

17) The most detestable of the vices were her chief faults. (Change the degree)

Ans: Com:  Her chief faults were more detestable than any other vices.

Posi: No other vices were as detestable as her chief faults.

18)  “I feel like some dowdy, decrepit, horribly dingy old fly,” she said.(Reported Speech)

Ans: She said that she felt like some dowdy, decrepit, horribly dingy old fly.

19) She did not feel in the least out of anything. (Rhetorical Question) 

Ans: Did she feel in the least out of anything?

20) She saw the truth. (Rewrite as a negative sentence without changing  the meaning)

Ans: She didn’t see the false.  

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