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There are many Hindi, Marathi or other indian words that are commonly used in English, especially in the areas of food, culture, and spirituality. Here are some examples:

1] Chutney: A type of condiment made from spices, herbs, and fruits that is popular in South Asian cuisine.

2] Guru: A spiritual teacher or mentor in Hinduism and Buddhism.

3] Karma: The concept of cause and effect in Hinduism and Buddhism, where actions in this life determine one’s future in the next life.

4] Mantra: A word or phrase repeated as a form of meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism.

5] Namaste: A traditional Hindu greeting used as a sign of respect, often accompanied by the placing of the palms together in front of the chest.

6] Puja: A Hindu religious ritual performed to honor a deity.

7] Roti: A type of flatbread that is commonly eaten in South Asia.

8] Samosa: A popular snack food in South Asia, consisting of a triangular-shaped pastry filled with spices and vegetables.

9] Shanti: A Sanskrit word meaning “peace” that is commonly used in Hindu and Buddhist practices.

10] Yoga: A physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating in ancient India, aimed at promoting health and well-being.

11] Bhel: A popular snack food in India, made from puffed rice, vegetables, and spices.

12] Chana Masala: A spicy dish made from chickpeas that is popular in Indian cuisine.

13] Dosa: A type of thin, crispy pancake made from fermented batter and typically served with chutney and sambar.

14] Koli: A fishing community native to the state of Maharashtra in India, known for their traditional dances and music.

15] Malvani: A regional cuisine from the Konkan region of India, known for its use of coconut, fish, and spice.

16] Pithla: A thick, spicy dish made from gram flour that is popular in Maharashtra.

17] Thali: A traditional Indian meal served on a large plate, consisting of a variety of dishes, including rice, lentils, vegetables, and bread.

18] Udupi: A region in the state of Karnataka in India, known for its vegetarian cuisine and the Udupi style of cooking.

19] Vada: A popular snack food in India, made from a doughnut-shaped patty of lentils or potatoes, deep-fried and served with chutney.

20] Zunka: A spicy dish made from chickpea flour that is popular in Maharashtra. 


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