Direct and Indirect Speech

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    Rewrite the sentence of Direct and Indirect Speech - 01 Mark

    Points to Remember

    Types of sentences
    1] Assertive Sentences
    2] Interrogative Sentences
    3] Imperative Sentences
    4] Exclamation Sentences
    5] Sentences Of Let’s

    Rules for changing Direct into indirect:
    About verbs (Change the sentence -present to past tense)

    Screenshot (318)

    About Time and place showing words

    Screenshot (319)
    About personal pronoun

    Screenshot (320)

    Screenshot (321)

    Screenshot (322)
    we –    we/ they
    our –   our/ their
    us  –    us/them

    1] Assertive Sentences

    Reporting Verb – Said 
    said to

    I said to Mohan, “ we can write”

    1] Reporting verb
    Said – said
    Said to – told
    2] conjunction – that

    1] “You’re wasting your time,” the rest of the family said to him
    2] He said, ”My father ditched this bog all his days and never made a pasture.”
    3] He said to the people, “I have called you here to ask you a very important question.”
    4] SDM Harbir Singh said, “It appears that suffocation in the area due to smoke emanating from the yagya fire – places, but the exact cause of the incident can be confirmed only after an inquiry.”
    5] Another violet said, “We are small, and live close to the earth, but we are safe from the wrath of the skies.”
    He said, “I am no different from anybody else, it is true I can’t see but everybody has some kind of disability”.
    7] She said to me, “we have to create a bloom in a desert and wherever I am given a new place, I must leave it more beautiful than what I had inherited.” They write they wrote
    8) He said “ The teacher will call me as the wisest – Athenian.”
    9) Dr. Martin declared, “Hartman’s not normal, he’s super normal.”
    10] “There was not any breathing space”, said Saraswati Devi.

    2] Interrogative Sentences

    There are two types of Interrogative Sentences
    a) Verbal Type / Yes –no Type …
    b) Wh –Type/ Informative

    Reporting Verb – Said / said to
    Conjunction (Yes/no)
    Conjunction (Wh-type)
    Wh- word

    3] after conjunction write SUB then VERB and the remaining ..
    …… , “ (wh) Helping verb + Sub+ main verb+ remaining sentence…
    ……if/wh + Sub+ Helping verb+ …………………………..

    1] Father said to the teacher, “Is my son doing well now?”
    2] I said to my sister, “ Do you know anyone who is not happy
    about anything?”
    3] She said to the violet, ” Has greed entered your heart and numbed your senses ?”

    4] “I am ready to confess my guilt”, he said to Gandhiji “ Is not my confession before you enough”

    5] Dell said, “Why should dealers get such a big mark-up for so little added value?”
    6] I asked myself:” Why am I wearing myself out with this toil for which I am so ill-prepared?”
    7] Mother would ask, “Reuben, where were you? We were waiting for you.” Playing, Mum. Sorry.”
    8] The sack buyer said to Reuben. “Why do you need this money today?” ”.
    9] Socrates would turn towards new voice and ask, “ shall we agree then that courage is steadfast good judgment, ?”
    Ans: Socrates would turn towards new voice and ask if they would agree then that courage was steadfast good judgment.
    10) I asked “Have they time to play with friends to meet interesting people to explore the world and follow their curiosity?”
    Ans: I asked if they had time to play with friends to meet interesting people to explore the world and follow their curiosity.
    11) “Did you visit the Tower when you were in Paris last year?” I said to my friend, “We have to visit this place now.”
    Ans: I asked my friend if he visited the Tower when he was in Paris last year and added that we had to visit that place then.
    12] “Can you see the light today?” I asked my mother. “Yes, I can see this world even my eyes are closed.”
    Ans: I asked my mother if she could see the light that day. She replied positively that she could see that world even her eyes were closed.
    13] “Is there anyone who is not happy in my kingdom?” Said the king, “ I am ready to help all of my citizens.?
    Ans: The king asked if there was anyone who was not happy in his kingdom and added that he was ready to help all of his citizens.
    14] “Will you keep this gift for me? Said the boy to the shopkeeper. “ Yes, I will keep it for you today.”
    Ans: The boy asked the shopkeeper if he would keep that gift for him and the shopkeeper replied positively that he would keep it for him that day.
    15] Dell said, “Why should dealers get such a big mark-up for so little added value? I must start my new business.”
    Ans: Dell asked why dealers should get such a big mark-up for so little added value and added that he must start his new business.
    16] He told the shopkeeper, “but I don’t have the money now. Can you hold it for me?” “Why should I hold it?
    Ans: He told the shopkeeper that but he didn’t have the money then and asked if he could hold it for him. The shopkeeper asked him why he should hold it.
    17] “What exactly you want to do?” asked the father to me. “Is there any idea in your mind to start a new business this year? “I shall continue my study now.”
    Ans: The father asked me what exactly I wanted to do and if there was any idea in my mind to start a new business that year. I replied that I would continue my study then.
    18] The officer said to the man, “Who are you and what are you doing here without my permission?” “I am a plumber. I came here to change this pipeline.”
    Ans: The officer asked the man who he was and what he was doing there without his permission. The man replied that he was a plumber and added that he came there to change that pipeline.

    3] Imperative Sentences
    Reporting Verb
    Said to
    Advised (Mother/Doctor)
    Warned (Father/ Teacher)
    Requested (Please)
    Ordered (Senior/king)
    Asked/ Told
    To / not to (Don’t)

    1] Reuben said to him “Please, don’t close up now.”
    2] Mrs. Goel said to her son, “Don’t argue with your father otherwise I shall punish you tomorrow.”
    3] The teacher said to Josh, “Don’t move from here without my permission. Why haven’t you done your homework today?”
    4] My mother said to me, “Why do you love only me? Go, love the world.”
    5] “Don’t worry, we’ll learn when we have to “ she said to Radha.
    6] “Don’t groan, I want to talk to you about a topic you detest,” She said to her daughters. “we shall do as you wish”
    Ans. She advised her daughters not to groan and added that she
    wanted to talk to them about a topic they detested.
    Her daughters told that they would do as she wished.
    7) She said to me, “Get it yourself. Why are you late for the
    class today?”
    Ans. She told me to get it myself and asked why I was late for
    the class that day.
    8) She said, “Don’t be anxious. I shall do for my society as I can
    now ”
    Ans. She said not to be anxious and added that she would do for
    her society as she could then.
    9] “Come back tomorrow, boy”. The sack buyer said. (Rewrite
    as an indirect.

     Exclamatory Sentences

    Reporting Verb – Said / said to
    Conjunction (Yes/no)
    How/ what a
    Very / a very

    Ravi said, “What/how + obj +sub + Verb” 

    Ravi exclaimed that sub+ verb + (a) very + obj.

    How -very /What a – a very

    1) The violet said, “What an unfortunate am I among these flower!


    2) The violet said, “How humble I am!


    3) The rose commented, “How strange is your talk!”


    4) He said, “What a foolish job he has done!”


    5) “How amazing it is!” I said.

    Sentences Of Let’s

    Reporting Verb – Said / said to
    Suggested (to)
    Let’s (Let us)
    They should

    1) He said to his friends, “Let us go out for a walk.”


    2) She said, “Let us have some fun”


    3] “Let us call Birbal,” he said.


    4)   She said to her brother, “Let’s take another example.”


    5) Guymon said to his teammates and skinner, “Let’s go”.



    Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech.

    1) Dr. Martin declared, “Hartman’s not normal .he’s supernormal.

    Ans.  Dr. Martin declared that Hartman was not normal and added that he was supernormal.

    2) He said, “I am no different from anybody else, it is true I can’t see but everybody has some kind of Disability”.

    Ans. He said that he was not different from anybody else and added that it was true he could not see but everybody had some kind of disability.

    3) Cheri said to him, “I would see you and run to get in your path, Do you remember those our school days?”

    Ans. Cheri told him that, “she would see him and run to get in his path and asked he remember I those their school days.

    4) Mother said Dave have you hearted the news? You have been accepted by Temple my son.”

    Ans. Mother asked her son Dave if he had heard the news and added that he had been accepted by Temple.

    5) “Dave” said the other senior gripping his shoulder,” I can see like an eagle”. But you now something I feel just as scared as you do “

    Ans.  The other senior told David gripping his shoulder that he could see like an eagle and added that but he know something he felt just as scared as he did.

    6) ‘Who is there?’ the violet said, “I have lived one hour as a proud rose”

    Ans. The violet said that who there was and added that she had lived one hour as a proud rose.

    7) “What are we going to do about that bloody eagle?”

    Ans. “He demanded what they were going to do about that body eagle.”

    8) ‘Professor Cavalier said to Dave, “Why do you not settle for something within your capabilities?”

    Ans. Professor Cavalier asked Dave why he did not settle for something within his capabilities.

    9) She said to the violet.” Has greed entered your heart and numbed your senses? It is not proper to behave like that”

    Ans. She asked the violet if greed had her heart and numbed her sense and added negatively that it was not proper to behave like that.

    10) I am ready to winless my guilt “he said to Gandhiji Is not my infusion before you enough.”     

    Ans. He told Gandhiji that he was ready to confess his guilt and asked if his wineskin was not before him enough.

    11) I asked, “Hare our children time to play with friend to meet interesting people and to fouow their curiosity?

    Ans. I asked if our children had time to play with friends, to meet interesting people and to follow their curiosity.

    12) Mother said to me. “How far is your challenge form the hostel?”

    Ans. Mother asked me how for my colleague was form the hostels.

    13) The teacher said to me. “Are you nosy tar what you what you have done? Other wise I shall punish you”.

    Ans. The teacher asked me if I was sorry for what I had done and added that she would punish me”.

    14) He said to Radar” Why do you want to get computer education?

    Ans. He asked Radar “why she wanted computer education.

    15) The custom officer said. “I like the old pars”.

    Ans. The custom officer said that he liked the old pars.

    Solve the following online Test.

    #1. The thought instantly flashed in my mind- ‘I’d lost my way’.

    #2. There must be a village nearby,” I reassured myself.

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    Direct and Indirect.


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