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What is a Resume?

Resume comes from the French word, resume, meaning to sum up. This is usually crisp and focuses on your skills. Resume is job oriented and highlights your skills for that particular job. This makes it easy to scan through and get an idea of your skills.

What is a CV?

CV comes from the Latin phrase, curriculum vitae meaning the course of life. CV represents a detailed chronological overview that lists out your career. Let us look at some factors that you can use to differentiate between these two.

Difference in format & content

Resumes are short & crisp A resume is a precise description of your career that can be covered in under 2 pages. It is always concise and talks only the specifics as necessary. It is about your work experience and showcases your proficiency. Once the recruiter goes through it, the recruiter knows what you bring to the table in terms of employable skills. CV’s are much longer A CV is prepared with details that can go beyond 2-3 pages. 2. Difference in content A Resume talks about skills Resume provides you the flexibility to present only the most important skills, in the best light. Resume allows you to show the skills a recruiter is looking for and not bog them down with unnecessary chitter chatter. Related: 21 powerful resume keywords to use in your resume. CV talks about entire educational and professional career CV consists information about your educational background including achievements, projects, research papers and publications. CV also covers any recognition & awards you received throughout your career.

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