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Question 2] Write a blog in proper format on “Trees are our best friends”  with the help of the following points. (Write in about 100 to 150 words)

1) Introduction

2) Any quote of great personality.

3) Significance of Trees

4) Over-exploitation of Trees.

5) add your own points.

  Trees are our best friends 

             As it is quite evident (clear), there are numerous similarities between a best friend and trees. We see how trees do the same things for us, as our best friends. Our friends are always there when we need them. Trees protect us from everything just like our friends. They benefit us in several ways and enhance (बेहतर बनानासुधारना) our lives by their presence, similar to best friends.

    It is correctly said that “when you plant a tree, you plant a life”. Trees are one of the greatest blessings for humans from mother earth. They always give us everything without expecting a single thing in return. Trees are longer than humans; however, but humans forget this fact. They fail to recognize their significance and continue to exploit (ग़लत फायदा उठाना) them endlessly for short-term benefits.

        A friend always does a good to us even if we do harm to him. Similarly, a tree gives us fruits when we throw stones at it. So the tree is our friend. Not only human beings but also animals, insects and trees live on this earth. All these living beings are dependent upon one another. Among them tree is our best friend, because whatever livings being we find on the earth, they depend on tree. We get water, food, air, shelter etc. due to only tree. Great Saint Tukaram Maharaj in his era (period) realized the importance of tree hence He says, 

“ Rukshwalli amha soyare, wanchare”

        It is impossible for human life to function without trees as their principal source is of oxygen on earth. They even help in preventing natural calamities like droughts and floods. In other words, trees play the role of a best friend in every human being’s life.

                Despite holding such a great significance in our lives, humans have been overexploiting trees for the longest time. This constant practice is devastating for the earth and human life, both. For instance, the industrial sector is cutting down trees rapidly for attaining raw materials in bulk. Subsequently, even governments are contributing to deforestation by clear-cutting in order to build huge buildings, dams and roads. Without trees, this planet will turn into a desert.

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