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Summary of the new dress

The New Dress by Virginia Woolf In The New Dress by Virginia Woolf, describes about insecurity, appearance, inferiority, individuality, alienation, connection, class, escape and change. The whole story is written in the third person here Woolf is using stream of consciousness, in which she explores the theme of appearance and insecurity. Mabel feels no comfort […]

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The New Dress – words

The New Dress- Difficult words, pictures and others Today's Test Today's Test QUIZ START Characters of the story1] Mable (मेबल ) – Protagonist2] Mrs. Barnet (बार्नेट ) –Maid / servant3] Clarissa Dalloway (क्लेरिसा डॅलोवे ) – host of the party4] Rose Shaw – highly fashionable5] Robert Haydon -guest Serious – strongSuspicion(a belief or idea that […]

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