Spot the errors

Spot the errors and rewrite the sentence

1. The news are not fake.

Ans: The news is not fake.

2. My hairs are black.

Ans: My hair is black

3. Politics are my chief interest.

Ans:  Politics is my chief interest

4. Our sheep are on the field.

Ans: Our sheep are in the field

5. There are a lot of fishes in this tank.

Ans: There are a lot of fish in this tank.

6. The sceneries of Vidarbha are wonderful.

Ans: The scenery of Vidarbha is wonderful.

7. My brother bought some stationeries.

Ans: My brother bought some stationery.

8. Rajan gave his daughter ten-rupee note.

Ans: Rajan gave his daughter a ten-rupee note.

9. I take pain over my work.

Ans: I take pains over my work.

10. The officer issued orders to released him.

Ans:  the officer issued orders to release him.

11. I was lost my trousers.

Ans: I lost my trousers.

12. The students have written many poetries.

Ans:  The students have written many poems.

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13. Radha has given up her study.

Ans: . Radha has given up her studies

14. This room has no furnitures.

Ans: This room has no furniture.

15. Twenty miles are a long distance.

Ans: Twenty miles is a long distance.

17. The United Nations have done nothing for the people.

Ans: The United Nations has done nothing for the people.

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