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    Q.4.D (1) Review – 4 Marks.

    Important things about writing a Film Review.

    1) In the examination the specific name of the film is not given. .

    2) Students can write review of any film under the given category.

    3) Students can use any points to write the review of the film, If the points are not given,

    4) Here students have a freedom to express their own views on the movie

    General Contains to write the Review

    – Film genre (Type)

    – Producer

    – Film director

    – Music director

    – Cast

    – Story lines 

    – best Dialogue 

    – Powerful scene

    – Film Message  


    Review - 1

    Write the review of any biographical film that you have seen recently on the following points.

    1] Director, 2]  Music, 3] Writer, 4] Genre, 5] Review Rating, 6] Release Date, 7] Cast, 8] Best dialogue:, 9] Story line /Theme:, 10] The most powerful scene:

    Answer: Movie Review: Super 30  

     Review Rating  : 4.5/5 stars

    Release Date    : July 12, 2019

    Director           : Vikas Bahl

    Music               : Ajay-Atul

    Writer               : Sanjeev Datta

    Genre              : The film is Biopic (Biographical picture), based on the life of Anand Kumar, who started the tuition with his Super 30 programme for talented but poor children who wished to crack IIT.


    Hritik Roshan as Anand Kumar, a mathematician.

    Mrunal Thakur as Supriya, a professional dancer.

    Virendra Saxena as Rajendra Kumar, Anand’s father. 

    Nandish Singh as Pranav Kumar, Anand’s brother who supported Anand in his work.

    Aditya Srivastava as Lallan Singh, an evil man who considers education only as a mean of business.

    Sadhana Singh as Jayanti Kumar, Anand’s hardworking mother.

    Vijay Varma as Fugga Kumar, one of Anand’s Student. 

    Best dialogue:

    The king’s heir doesn’t rule, the one who’s fit for the throne does. (अरे अब राजा का बेटा राजा नही बनेगा,राजा वही बनेगा जो  हकदार होगा)

    Story line /Theme:

    Anand Kumar is a nerdy mathematician with a thirst for learning. He wants to prove to the world that anyone can succeed, no matter their social or financial status. He gives free tutorials to the students, instead of continuing to teach at an academy. Be its poverty, lack of money or criminal attack, nothing disturb  (विचलित होना) Anand Kumar from its path. He is able to continue teaching and his students are able to crack the exam.

    The most powerful scene:

    The most powerful scene is when he inspires the students by saying the rich build beautiful roads for themselves and the poor left with roads full of holes. But those people don’t realise they gave us a gift. A gift to find out how to leap those holes.”

    Film Message: (Reason for your likeness)

    The film ‘Super 30’ taught everyone that one should remain hungry for success facing many problems and difficulties like Anand Kumar.  Really I like this film It is a meaningful and inspiring movie for all audiences.   

    Review - 2

    You have recently seen a ‘Short Film’ Write a Review’ on the same with the help of the following points:

    -Title of the film

    -Subject / story / plot 

    -Presentation /photography / music


    Title of the film: “We Are Indian”


    “We Are Indian” is a powerful short film that focuses on the Hindu-Muslim unity. The story moves around the lives of Indian people from different backgrounds, the struggling with their own challenges and aspirations, but united by their common identity as Indians. The film beautifully describes different cultures of the Indian society.


    The film shows the beautiful colours of India through the effective cinematography of different locations and natural landscapes. The director connected the story skillfully to the places and shows the difference between rural and urban life, traditional customs and modernity. The background music of the film is very melodies as well as traditional, which makes the story emotional and effective.

    The message: 

    “We Are Indian” conveys a powerful message about unity in diversity. It shows the diversity of cultures, languages and traditions that is the real identity of India. The film reminds us of the Indian strength when Hindu and Muslim come together as an Indian.

    Review - 3

    Write the review of any Family/Educational /children film that you have seen recently.

    Ans: Family/Educational /children movie Taare zameen par

    The movie Taare zameen par was directed by Aamir Khan and Amol Gupte and also was written by Amol Gupte. Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy gave beautiful music to the film. The songs of the film are beautifully worded and capture the emotions of the characters perfectly. “Kya itna  pata hai ma” is very famous song. 

     Taare zameen par’ was released on 21 December 2007 which is a typical Family/ Educational/ children movie. It has a best rating that is 4.5/5 stars.

    Cast :

    Amir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh, an art teacher

    Darsheel Safary as Ishaan Awasthi, who is an eight-year-old child.

    Tisca Chopra as Maya Awasthi, Mother of Ishaan Awasthi

    Vipin Sharma as Nandkishore Awasthi father of Ishaan Awasthi.

    Best dialogue: All the dialogues are melodramatic, inspirational and famous in Taare zameen par’.

    1] Aaj meri paghdi bhi kesari … joh bahega mera lahu bhi kesari … aur mera jawab bhi kesari

    Duniya mein aaise aaise heere paida huye hai, jinhone sari duniya ka naksha hi badal diya … kyun ki yeh duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekh paaye

    (There are various diamonds that have been born in this world, who have changed the map of this whole world … because they were able to see this world from a different angle)

    2] Har bachche ki apni khoobi hoti hai, apni kaabiliyat hoti hai, apni chahat hoti hai

    (Every child has their own speciality, their own potential, their own likings)

    3] Apni ambitions ka wajan apne bachcho ke nazuk kandhon pe daalna … it’s worse than child labour

    (Putting the weight of your ambitions on the delicate shoulders of your child … it’s worse than child labour)

    4 ] Bahar ek beraham competitive duniya basi hai … aur is duniya mein sabhi ko apne apne gharon mein toppers aur rankers ughaane hai

    (There is a ruthless competitive world outside … and in this world everyone wants to grow toppers and rankers in their house)

    Story line /Theme:

    Taare zameen par is a story about a child who suffers from dyslexia. Everything about him is negative. He failed twice in his third standard and hides his report card from his parents, He also makes mischief with other students. His teachers always complain to the principal and suggest to throw him out. Even at home in his neighborhood he fights with other children. Finally his parents enroll him into, “The New Era” boarding school, Panchgani, where a teacher, Aamir khan improves his life.

    The most powerful scene:

    when ishaans parents start to leave the school, then a song starts “Main Kabhi diklatha nahi…par andhere se Darta hu main maa..” Every bodies heart felt heavy during this scene and felt tears in the  eyes at the Flip Book Moment.

    Film Message: (Reason for your likeness)

    Taare Zameen Par movie gives lesson that every kid has a different and unique potential. They need only encouragement from the teachers at every step. The Parents should not ridicule them in front of everyone. I like this move because it teaches me how to deal with such children.

    Review- 4

    Write the review of any historical, war, action, drama and patriotic film that you have seen recently.

     Ans: Historical, war, action, drama and patriotic Film: Kesari.

    The movie, Kesari was directed and written by Anurag Singh. The music of Kesari is of Punjabi tradition given by A. P.  Mukherjee. It was released on Mar 21, 2019  which is a Historical, war, action, drama and patriotic movie. It has a best rating that is 4.5/5 stars.

    Cast     :

    Akshay Kumar as Havildar Ishar Singh. and Parineeti Chopra as Jeevani Kaur, Akshay Kumar’s dead wife.

    Best dialogue: 

    Dialogues of the movie are melodramatic, catching and patriotic. 

    1] Aaj meri paghdi bhi kesari … joh bahega mera lahu bhi kesari … aur mera jawab bhi kesari

    (Today my turban is saffron, I will bleed saffron And my comeback will also be saffron.)

    2] Ladne se sirf dushman khatam hota hai … aur pani pilane se dushmani

    (By fighting we can end enemy and by quenching the thirst we can end the hostility. )

     Story line /Theme:

    The action-war film tells the story of Havaldar Ishar Singh, who participated in the Battle of Saragarhi in 1897. The movie celebrates the bravery of 21 Sikhs, who fought against 10,000 Afghans, keeping them at bay for hours. They felt that they could not succeed to take over the Saragarhi fort. 

    The most powerful scene: The film contains two powerful scenes which take our attention.

    1] The Masjid scene : Akshay Kumar showed us his humanity by building a masjid despite refusal from his team. When they said, “Koi fauji wala kaam hai toh batao saab ji. Hum yahan pathano se ladhne aaye hai, inke masjidein banane nahi,” Akshay responded saying, “Jab ladhne ka waqt aayega tab ladhenge. Abhi toh rab ka ghar banane ka waqt hai, aur rab se kaisi ladhaai?”

    2] The last scene of putting on fire :. It is a very thrilling scene when a soldier Bhagt Singh put himself on fire and to see it the enemies started to run away from there. 

     Message: (Reason for your likeness) The movie gives a message that If we decided to fight till the last breath, we can achieve success weather there are unlimited hardships.   

    Review- 5

    Write the review of any science fiction film that you have seen recently.

    Ans:  Science Film: ‘Mission Mangal’

    The movie Mission Mangal’ was directed and written by Jagan Shakti and the effective music has been given by Amit Trivedi. It is a typical science fiction, drama and thriller movie which was released on August 15, 2019. The rating of the film is 4.5/5 stars

    Cast     :

    Akshay Kumar as Rakesh, who is an Indian Space Research scientist. Vidya Balan, as Tara who is a project director of Mangalyaan. 

    Best dialogues : Dialogues of the movie are melodramatic, catching and patriotic. 

    1] A dream is not what you see in sleep … a dream is something which does not let you sleep.

    2] There’s no science without experiments.

    3] Mere scientist ban’ne ka koi matlab nahi hai … agar mera science mere desh ke kaam na aaye (There’s no use of me becoming a scientist … if my science isn’t going to help my country)

    4] Poori duniya se kaho copy that (Ask the entire world to copy us now)

    5] Hamari har samasya ki marramat NASA se karvane jayenge … toh hum satyanasa ho jayenge (If we try to solve all our problems using the help of NASA … then we’ll be destroyed)

    9] Story line /Theme:  

    The story is about a team of Indian scientists from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) who take on the extraordinary task of successfully sending a satellite into orbit of Mars in their first attempt. Rakesh is appointed the leader of this mission. It is a punishing post as no one believes that India can reach Mars, but Rakesh collected a ragtag team of five women and two men and proves, as he says, that there is no difference between home science and rocket science. To prove this, Tara (Vidya Balan) gives an example of frying puris. 

    The most powerful scene: The film contains many powerful scenes which take our attention but the most thrilling scene is when the satellite is affected with a solar radiation wave, and heavily damaging the communication systems, the team attempt to regain communications, their attempts were unbelievable. 

    Film Message: (Reason for your likeness)

    This movie is very inspiring for the students which gives a message not to loose the hope, because everything is possible. We must watch the movie because It’s a good movie.

    Book Review- 6

    Wings Of Fire

    You have recently read a book. Write a ‘Review’ on the same with the help of the following points:
    (1) Title of the book
    (2) Subject/Story/information
    (3) Language/Style/Presentation
    (4) Benefits/Message

    Book Review: Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    Subject/Story/information :
    Wings of Fire is an autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam; It is the story of a boy from a humble background who became the head of Indian missile programs and later became the president of India. Dr. Kalam was born in Rameswaram, a religious town in Tamilnadu where we see a religious harmony. The book also provides a lot of information and technical details about India’s satellite and missile program.

    Language/Style/Presentation :
    The book itself is written jointly by Arun Tiwari and Abdul Kalam in simple English and it seems as if the author is speaking out to the reader directly to create positive thinking. 

    This book gives us message that how great things can be achieved through simple thoughts as well as how to face life and keep the feet firmly in ground. I like most in the book is the Leadership lesson which is very inspiring. I strongly suggest that one read this book. My Rating: 8/10 stars.

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